Advantages Of Trekking: Why You Should Go Trekking Regularly

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Well, in this trekking guide, I will share my experiences on trekking. Hope these will help you to do a trekking. So let see what’s my advantages trekking guide?

I remember, at school, one of my teachers used to say, “Life isn’t merely about surviving, but living.” I couldn’t get the meaning wholly until I made the first time trekking in my life. I can still feel the Adrenalin rush on the day I headed off for the trip after passing several months in monotony.

Advantages Trekking

In that 14 days’ trip, I felt like a free bird who wouldn’t have to worry about anything except flying. But as I started trekking regularly, I gradually discovered other advantages of trekking.

Then I started encouraging my friends also, why they should trek frequently. I found it obvious to tell you what I learned after making 50+ trekking.

So here’s my article about the advantages of trekking. Let’s explore it.


Regular exercise is bothersome for many of us. Waking up early in the morning, going for a walk or to a gymnasium, many are unwilling.

But what if exercise comes with the thrill as well as entertainment at the same time? If you are one of them, then know, while trekking you are also exercising without being concerned. In a trek, you may have to climb a mountain, walk for miles or even swim. In fact, your whole body works out.

Sound Health

Sound health building is probably one of the best advantages of trekking. It improves your health in many ways.

A robust heart:

While you are climbing a hill or jumping now and then, your heart needs more oxygen. That’s why it starts pumping fast. Thus it maintains a steady rate of heart beat and increases blood circulation. It also strengthens cardiac muscles.

Clean lunge:

Most of the Trekking sites are away from metropolitan areas. It’s an opportunity to expose yourself to a pollution free environment and inhale the fresh air.

Healthy bones:

Trekking requires jumping, climbing, crawling, dodging after several intervals. Such small exercises do a great job in making your bone stronger. Again you have to carry a good amount of weight with you in trekking. It put pressure on your shoulder and spine. If you can bear them properly, it’ll add on your bone density.

Agile muscles:

Achieving an excellent muscle strength is surely going to happen in trekking. Trekking, especially in the mountains, requires each and every muscle to work. Thus from the interior of abdominal muscle to the calves, your body exercises. It makes your body flexible and muscles strong.

A Backpack

There is no alternate of a good backpack in a trekking. If you choose a wrong backpack, you must be suffered in your trekking. Read these common mistakes we make in backpack buying before buy a backpack and go the trekking.


By improving different parts of your body, it also reduces the risks of many other diseases.

  • It cuts the risk of heart attack or other heart diseases a great extent.
  • It prevents high blood pressure and type-2 diabetes.
  • It lowers risks of cancers in colon, lung, endometrial, etc.
  • It also improves your physical endurance

Sound Mind

After a sound health comes sound mind. How much trekking serves your mental health, is beyond description. Your mind opens up observing the vastness of nature. It reduces stress and depression releasing endorphins, known to make us happy. Breathing in the fresh air refreshes your mind. It’s like you are doing meditation when you sense the calmness of nature.

Stress Reduction

As I mentioned above, my first trekking was completely for stress relieving. Suppose you are a banker or do any other serious job where you have to maintain very hard and fast rules. But our life demands a break before it gets stressful. And to me, trekking is the best relaxation provider. Nothing can heal your tired soul as much as a trekking does.


Trekking is an excellent source of knowledge as nature is the greatest school. You learn a lot of things while trekking. Geography, ecology, weather, biodiversity, culture, religion, what not!! Who knows, you may discover a new territory!


Trekking is undoubtedly challenging. These challenges develop many survival skills. For instance,

  • Climbing
  • Navigation
  • Food collection from nature and cooking them under open air
  • Fire starting without matches
  • Tent building
  • Learning to tie different knots
  • Photography
  • Fishing
  • Swimming etc.


Modern technologies nowadays do most of our works. You can’t take a washing machine, refrigerator, stove, oven, bed or other heavy things while you are on a trek. You have to build a fire without matches, cook your food without a stove, and store it without a refrigerator. All these needs skills and creativity.

When you don’t have access to the required product, you have to create one. You have to use the things around you on your purpose. Thus trekking develops creativity.

Different Culture Acquaintance

And last but not the least, culture acquaintance. International trekking creates an excellent opportunity to mix up with different cultures. You’ll meet people of different caste creed and color.

Every culture has its lifestyle, language, food habit, and cooking, festivals and rituals. It scopes you learning them, thus widening your sense of humanity. It also broadens your mentality and develops adjusting capacity.

Final Verdict of Advantages Trekking

Communing with nature, curbing depression, sound health, all can be attained through trekking. But what overwhelms me the most, you’ll get all these advantages of trekking through fun. And that’s probably the greatest advantage.

You don’t have to trek to escape from life. Rather trekking will escape your fear and obstacle. If you haven’t made a trek yet, I suggest you have one. I am sure you will catch up the change and be an adventure fanatic very soon!

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