Babrit Newer Racing Car RC Cars Review in 2021

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Are you a fan of little RC car? Want to enjoy speedy driving and quick brakes? Then you can definitely choose Babrit Newer Racing Car for the RC fun! In addition, you’ll love the remote control system which can control the powerful monster truck fast at a longer distance.

Besides, the rubber wheel with anti-skid performance, shock absorber, SUV design, powerful motor, steering engine and explosion – proof PVC shell, etc. made the RC car exceptional and unique. So we can say, if you are looking for a best toys racing car, this is the best rc car. You can read for more in details.

Whom is This Babrit Newer Racing Car For?

Those who love to play with the racing car can buy this product. Though this is for all age, all kind of people, specifically, it’s for-

  • Little kids
  • RC Car loving people
  • Racing game lover

Babrit Newer Racing Car Specification

  • Truck Dimension: 24.5 x 17.5 x 9.5cm
  • Materials: 100% plastic and electronic components
  • Packaging Size: 310 x 220 x 235cm
  • Product Weight: 530gm
  • Playing Duration: 10-12 minutes
  • Charging: 100-150 minutes
  • Controlling Range: More than 100M
  • Power Motor: up to 50KM/H speed
  • Applicable Area: grass, ground or sand land

Features and Benefits

Shock Absorber for Reducing Vibration

You can notice shock absorbers two at the front side and two at the back side. They are for absorbing the sudden shock while the car is moving on the street. When the Babrit Racing Car receives a sudden shock, it can overcome the harm caused by the vibration. So from here, you can ensure the durability and longevity of the car.

Rubber Wheels for Avoiding Unnecessary Slip

The Babrit Newer Racing Car has rubber wheels which help it to run on the slippery road. The car is of SUV design. It means designed with sports utility vehicle. So you can easily control this racing car in the on-road and at the same time off-road. Finally, the rubber wheels help to move the car in any tough road.

Fashionable and Cool Design

This Babrit Racing Car is fashionable and shows elite design. Moreover, you’ll love the color shade of the car. On the other hand, it’s equipped with modern technology. Moreover, SUV design makes the car realistic.

Radio Technology

This is a radio-controlled car. It covers wide control range up to 150M. Besides, 2.4GHz radio technology is used in this monster truck. So you can control the car from the longer distance up to what extend it covers. It makes the usability easier, comfortable and enjoyable too. Hence, the kid will love to play with this R/C racing car.

Applicable for the Multiple Areas

You can use this play with this racing car on the ground, sand land or grassland. Because of its rigid design of the car, you can make it run in the toughest place without any damage. Hence, it ensures the longer lifespan of the car.

Powerful Motor Ensures High Speed

The Babrit Newer Racing Car accommodates the powerful motor. Hence, it can speed up to maximum 50 km/h. Moreover, it can show you high-speed stunt which is also amazing to watch it. Hence, you can get the flavor of the real experience of the racing car.

Adjusting the Height of the Suspension System

You can higher or lower the height of suspension in the car. If you want to increase the height, you need to control the pin near the shock absorber. On the other hand, if you want to decrease the height adjust the pin. Thus, you can ensure the desirable height on the basis of the road condition.

Plastic Material with Electronic Elements

The Babrit Racing Car is made up of plastic material. It’s 100% harmless. Moreover, it has electronic components inside which make it high speed and efficient compared to other racing cars.

Off-Road Vehicle

The car is a fully off-road vehicle. It shows up 1:18 full proportional RC monster car. Hence, it can beat more challenges with this powerful motor and SUV design. In addition, it’s anti-skid racing car which shows the perfect experience.

Simple Electronic Arrangement for Easy Assembly and Cleaning

The electronic arrangement inside is not a tough one. You can easily assemble it and place the battery for the car. Moreover, spend some times to digest the manual provided with the delivery. Thus, you’ll be able to understand the assembly process.

Remote Control System

It’s a remote control system. Hence, you need 4AA batteries. But the batteries are not provided with the package; you need to manage it from another source. The remote control system makes it easy to make the car run from the distant places.

Steering Engine for Easy Turnover

The car has steering engine in the electronic parts. Hence, this engine helps to turn the car left or right with the help of steering system. Moreover, you can control this steering system from the remote control system.

  • High-speed car
  • Powerful motor
  • Remote control system
  • SUV design
  • Steering system for easy turning
  • Easy assembly
  • Simple cleaning
  • Any parts are easily replaceable
  • Off-road vehicle
  • Harmless plastic material
  • Adjustable Suspension height
  • Absorbs shock by shock absorber
  • Radio controlled car
  • Fashionable and cool design
  • Rubber wheel with anti-skid
  • Playing time only 10-12 minutes
  • Requires charging for 100-150 minutes
  • AA batteries not provided for the remote control


  • What kind of battery do they offer? Rechargeable or AA battery?
    Ans: They offer rechargeable battery only. So you need to manage AA battery for the remote control.
  • What’s the warranty for the RC car?
    Ans: Babrit Company offers 12 months warranty.
  • What is meant by SUV?
    Ans: It means sports utility vehicle.

Final Verdict

Did you like the features of the Babrit Newer Racing Car? Though it has low battery life, considering the affordability and other high-tech electronic combination, I think you can consider it. Finally, if you don’t want to compromise with the high speed, super power off-road vehicle, I would recommend considering this product.

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