Top 10 Tips to Increase Your Backpack Lifetime Warranty

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One of my friends just showed me her backpack. It was nearly beat to death only after several uses. People usually blame the backpack company. You may also do the same. In fact, many people often complain that their good choice backpack didn’t go long in spite of having a backpack lifetime warranty.

So, what’s the solution?

Don’t forget, every product has some indications for its maintenance, and so does your backpack. In fact, companies give Backpack’s lifetime warranty on the condition of maintaining their guide. If you aren’t following those instructions, don’t expect your backpack to reach the end.

backpack lifetime warranty

So let’s just stop complaining and do use your brain. If you want to expand your Backpacks Lifetime warranty, it’ll require a minimal upkeep. Let’s have a glance at some of the tips those will serve your purpose.

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10 Tips to Extend Your Backpack Lifetime Warranty

1. Avoid Over Stuffing

Avoid taking fancy accessories that merely overloads your backpack. Overloading each time you head off on a trip, cuts your backpack’s lifespan. It also creates pressure on the zippers.

Always try to keep a few space empty so that you don’t have to struggle to zip. In this way you can ensure Backpack’s Lifetime warranty.

2. Don’t Force the Zipper

Don’t exert pressure on the metal pull tab even in a hurry. It may break from the middle or come out off the hook. Always stretch the zipper gently even when it get locked with other materials. Pull the caught material by your hand. Then simply try the zipper.

If your bag is full and you face problems to open or close it, pull all the staffs together, then zip it.

3. Clean Your Backpack Zipper

Dirt can easily be stored in the zipper teeth as it remains exposed to the environment for a long time. Hike packs are more prone to get dirty then travel bags.

Use soap and water to clean the zipper. Then dry it completely. Rinse it with fresh water if it remained exposed to seawater for a countable time. The salt in water can be corrosive to the zipper materials and cause long-term damage.

4. Lubricating the Zippers

If your zippers often get stuck as it sometimes happens to the new one, you can lubricate it. Lubrication will ensure you a smooth zipping. But don’t forget to clean the zippers first.

5. Be a Less Reckless

Adventurous people are reckless; you’ll admit it if you are one. You hike crazy mountains, fight the severe weather, survive in the jungle days after days.

Well, being a less reckless won’t compromise your thrill. Rather, it’ll expand your backpack’s lifespan.

6. Waterproof Spray

Most of the warrantied backpacks are waterproof. They usually retain waterproofing capacity for a long time even after several washes. I’ll recommend you to apply waterproof spray or sealant to extend this capability.

7. Make It Reusable

I’ve seen many to throw their packs away after several uses. Their problem isn’t that serious. The pack may have a small hole, or the zipper may not be working properly.

Isn’t it silly to buy a new when you can fix the old one without leaving any notable mark of fixing? By stitching the hole and altering the zipper, you can use them like they are newly bought.

8. Wash Your Backpack

You wouldn’t buy a freeze and then deny to clean it time to time, would you? Then why would you do it to your backpack? Cleaning your backpack after every camp will keep it like- new over an extended period.

Cleaning doesn’t require a lot of things. Place it in a shower or tub filled with water, wash it with a soft brush and a mild soap. Never use harsh or high PH-soap. Before cleaning, check, whether anything has been left inside.

9. Don’t Wash Your Backpack in A Washing Machine

The washing machine isn’t for washing backpacks. The abrasion weakens the material of your pack which reduces its strength. Again, detergents are also not washed out properly.

The remaining detergent will react with sweat and UV ray next time when you go for an outing. This reaction will cause further damage to your backpack.

Don’t even dye it.

Also, don’t iron your backpack. The heat of iron will damage the fabrics and give it a worn-out look. Dry it in open air, in sunlight.

10. Carefully Store It

Your Backpack’s Lifetime warranty largely depends on how you preserve it. After washing and drying it completely, close all the zippers. Then preserve it in a cool, dry and well-aired place.

Final Verdict of Backpack Lifetime Warranty

Nothing lasts for a lifetime. Not even your lifetime warrantied backpack. But there are certain ways to extend your backpack lifetime warranty. My purpose was to tell you how to can keep your backpack functional for a long time.

As you’ve gone through the article and now you know what to do, don’t behave like a stupid. Do the maintenance yourself of your backpack and save the money. If you want to bring the best out of your backpack, treat it worthily.

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