Backpacking for Beginners Tips : Backpacking Basics for A First Timer

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I know how much you are excited about your first backpacking camp. So do we. But while you are on, don’t forget to stay out of any sort of dangers. If you don’t know how that is, it’s the best guide on backpacking basics to spend your time in the wilderness. Hope these backpacking for beginners tips will help you as you are a first timer.

Backpacking for Beginners Tips

We know you are excited to backpack, but you don’t know exact things to do. If you are a first timer, then this primer is for you. I am regularly traveling for several years. So, I understand what backpacking means for making the tour meaningful. The lack of knowledge on Backpacking Basics can spill water on the fun of the trip. Being an experienced hiker, I’ve some guess on basics for the first timer like you. So, help yourself to go through the primer, you’ll know them eventually.

Backpacking for Beginners Tips

Backpacking is not just going out hastily with a backpack wearing a pair of shoes. It also includes the proper planning and security for a successful trip. That’s why the basics have got an importance for backpacking.

Backpacking is a wonderful past time that many people curiously want to try. It serves you to enjoy the nature. The rhythm of hiking makes the extreme stresses of day-to-day life insignificant.

Try the following the Basics for Backpacking, if you’re ready-

  • First of all, find out an experienced backpacker to get some idea what you should do or don’t.
  • Then, decide your effective traveling route.
  • Finally, gear up for the trip.
Tips: Check the backpacking checklist before start your journey.

Backpacking Basics for A First Timer

Even experienced backpackers forget taking necessary stuff and ends up in trouble. That is why for the first timer like you, should know the Basics. Carrying the essentials of life on your back is liberating and physically challenging. Anyway, let’s look at the steps on Backpacking Basics:-

Step 1: Talk with An Experienced Backpacker

Before you set out for a trip, speak with some experienced hikers. If you have some hiker friends, you can ask them to help or join with you in backpacking. There’s a great chance that they’ll agree to give you their backpacking expertise. You’ll get better recommendations from them. Even they might loan you their gear or likely share the equipment if they join you.

There are also some organizations who provide backpacking classes to the first timers. If you don’t know any experienced hiker, there’s no need to worry. You may take a course in those institutions. They’ll help you understanding the useful Backpacking Basics. It’ll be better to backpack with a group of friends. Going out with friends is smart and more fun.

Step 2: Choose a Suitable Route

Pick a place you like to backpack. However, you should select your route depending on some factors like:

  • The distance of the route: Decide about how many hours and distance you can travel in one day. Especially consider the fact of having a heavier than usual bag on your back. Since you are a beginner, select a distance you can trip comfortably. Make the length shorter if you’re traveling with kids or pets.
  • Timing: Timing is one of the vital Backpacking Basics. Choose the route according to how much time you have. You shouldn’t go for an outing if you’ve less than a weekend. It’ll ruin your fun in the first outing.
  • Your Body Fitness: Measure your body shape. Train yourself before outing for a backpack.
  • Weather: Check the weather before starting a pack. Ensure the persistence of a favorable environment where you’re traveling. Cancel the trip if there’s a chance of a storm or large tsunami. Again check the road condition.
  • Elevation: Assess how much height you can handle. Keep in mind that the weight of the backpack will slow down your movement. So, probably it’ll be best to stick to a flat route relatively as a first timer.

Step 3: Gear Up for the Trip

Know what you may require very often while you’re on a journey. Select things you need to take wisely. There’s no point in taking less necessary stuff. They’ll just burden your backpack. If you’re traveling in a group, be sure whether your fellow companions are bringing the useful things or not. Check the pack before leaving home. It can down the fun of the trip to discover that you forget something to bring you need. Some Backpacking Basics you need to gear are-


Take the necessary clothing you need only. Select favorable weather clothing as per your comfort.

  • you’re going to travel in a tropical region, you may prefer synthetic clothes, sleeveless tops, etc.
  • In the case of cool weather sweater, cap, woolen dresses will be perfect.
  • Also, take a raincoat with you. The weather may change suddenly. The raincoat will be helpful then and less burdensome.


Footwear selection is probably the most important item for a nice trip. It’ personal preference. Some backpackers like over ankle boots, while some likes light running shoes (details in shoes yoke). It also depends on the trail – whether it’s dirty or rocky or soft?

Whatever you select it should be comfortable and well made for long distances. You may also take an extra pair of shoes for wearing around waters or a camp.


A backpack is another important item to go for an outing. There are different types of backpacks available in the market. There are internal frames, external frames, frame-less rucksack and like backpacks. All kinds of them commonly carry your gears. And make you comfortable and fit right. Choose a perfect backpack for beginner backpacking trips. So you will not bother anymore.

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You must enhance your navigation skills for a secure backpacking. Carry a compass, local maps, GPS always with you while you are in travel.


When you plan to travel a long way along a desert, hill or countryside you must take shelters with you. Keep tent, sleeping bag, sleeping pad, etc.

Foods and Drinks

While traveling, keep light foods in your backpack. Staying healthy at the time of backpacking is crucial. Carry protein bars, instant noodles, dry fruits, etc. Drink enough water to keep you hydrate. You may also keep powerful energy drinks.


There are also other useful Backpacking Basics like:

  • Medicine and first aid box
  • Water treatments
  • Stove and cookers
  • Flashlight
  • Painkillers
  • Pocket knife
  • Sun protection

Final Thoughts

A backpack not only carries the necessary things but also carries the whole fun of the trip. Overloading the backpack makes your trip dull and irritating. Therefore, you need to know the Backpack Basics with utmost importance. So we hope these backpacking for beginners tips will help you to enjoy a nice trip.

Finally, happy backpacking.

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