Parental Guide: Bathing Baby after Circumcision [Must Read]

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To any parent, a baby is the most important thing their lives. Every parent longs for that time when they can freely bath their baby. In the United States, most parents circumcise their male child after birth. The procedure can be done immediately when the child is born. Or a little later when the baby is still small. However, the greatest challenge when the parents want to bath a baby. That has been circumcised. Most parents are in the dark when it comes to how long they should wait. Before bathing a baby that has been circumcised. This article will provide information on when to bath a baby? And how to bath a baby and the reasons for a bathing baby after circumcision.

When to Bath, a Baby after Circumcision

Bathing a baby after circumcision can be a bit tricky. Most parents will rely on the advice of their fellow parents by asking how long they too to bath their baby after circumcision. However, the correct time to bath a baby after circumcision may differ due to different factors. To begin with, the technology used today during the circumcision surgery differs with the one used years back. This means that the time it too to bath a baby after circumcision years back and today may differ and therefore rely on information from other parents may not be very efficient. This article will provide you with information about when to bath a baby. However, we insist that it is important to consult with your doctor after the procedure to get the professional advice.

Baby circumcision is undertaken in hospitals and done by doctors at about two days after birth or most two weeks after birth. Circumcision is a simple surgery and almost painless for small babies. General anesthesia might be used during the procedure. The wound for small babies also heals within a very short time, and therefore it is advisable to circumcise babies when small to ease the procedure. The decision to circumcise your baby could be based on many factors including personal and religious factors. All in all to bath a baby after circumcision might be a confusing affair for most parents. Parents might feel that they might hurt the baby in case they decide to bath the baby too soon after circumcision or feel that the baby might be too uncomfortable if they decide to wait too long before bathing the baby.

Bathing A Baby After Circumcision

Its Depends on Few Things

Time taken to bath a baby after circumcision depends on whether. The circumcision was done immediately at childbirth or a few weeks later. We insist that it is important to bath a baby. And keep them clean; however, if the circumcision was done at childbirth. Then it is important to wait for at least two weeks before bathing the baby. This is to allow time for the cord to fall off before engaging the baby in a full bath. During this time, it is important to now that the baby still requires cleaning.

However, the baby cannot be given a full bath. Therefore, the parent is supposed to bath the baby through sponge bathing. This means that the parent uses a bathing towel. By this towel dipped in warm water to wipe the baby without the use of water. This helps get rid of dirt and bad odor. Therefore, keeping the baby hygienic before he can have a real bath. During sponge baths, the parent should be careful. Careful about not to wet the area around the cord or the circumcision bandage.

Do It by Counting Days

If circumcision is done a few weeks after childbirth and the cord had already fallen off, then the circumcised baby can be given a full bath after the second after the surgery. With modern technology in surgical medicine, the baby is ready for a full bath the second day after the surgery. This is because the bandage falls off on its own after the second day. However, if the bandage has not fallen off, the baby can be submerged in slightly warm water for a few minutes then the bandage removed slowly.

The baby can then have a normal bath after the bandage is removed. In most cases, the parents are advised to bath the baby after the bandage has fallen off on its own, which might take more than two days in some cases. If a parent feels the need to wait until the bandage has fallen off to bath the baby, then it is okay. However, you do not have to wait that long as long as it is already two days after the surgery.

However, when bathing a baby that is recently circumcised, one should avoid the use of very hot water. Moderately warm water should be used to bath the baby.

The Process of A Bathing Baby after Circumcision

It is important to bath a baby maintain hygiene and keep the baby relaxed. However, sometimes new parents might be anxious on how they are supposed to bath a baby especially if he has been circumcised recently. The process of bathing a baby that has been circumcised remains the same as of washing the other babies. Only that, when bathing a newly circumcised baby, extra precaution and care should be taken to ensure complete healing. One thing that parents need to now is that the circumcised area needs to be kept clean always to avoid any infections.

When bathing a newly circumcised baby, it is important to take a few precautions

  • Avoid use of hot water. Only moderately warm water should be used because the circumcised area is still very sensitive and hot water would be uncomfortable for the baby.
  • When bathing a baby that is recently circumcised, use of medicated soaps should be avoided. Use of medicated soap could cause a burning sensation on the newly circumcised baby.
  • Avoid using too much pressure when bathing a baby. Gently wash the baby until he is clean to avoid hurting him.
  • When bathing the newly circumcised baby for the first time ensure that the bath is well prepared. You can follow the following steps when bathing the circumcised baby for the first time;
  • Warm the water to a moderate level . to ensure that the water is well warmed up, use your elbow to feel the warmth of the water until you are sure that it is moderately warm.
  • Then before bathing a baby make sure that the towels and soap are in close range and any other things that the baby might need.
  • If the baby’s bandage has already fallen off, then;

  • Slowly submerge the baby in the warm water watching closely to see his reaction to the water to tell in the water is at the right temperature.
  • When the baby is in the water use a clean bath towel and mild soap to slowly wash the baby. Take special care at the circumcised area to make sure that no particles or dirt is present. Once the baby is well rinsed then get the baby out of the water and
  • Dry him up with a dry towel. Again make sure that the circumcised area is well dried off then apply some Vaseline or ointment on the circumcised area before putting him on a diaper. This helps prevent the circumcised area from sticking to the diaper, which would be painful for the baby.
  • If the bandage has not fallen off the make sure that before bathing the baby, you put the baby in warm water for about 10 minutes and then slowly remove the bandage. Once this is done, then you can go ahead and bath the baby as instructed above.

Reasons to Bath a Baby After Circumcision

Most parents feel the need to wait for a few weeks before they can bath a baby after circumcision. This could be because of advice was given by other parents of the fear that they might harm their baby once they decide to bath him. However, it is important to bath a baby after circumcision, as it is beneficial to the baby and the healing of the circumcised area. Circumcision is a minor surgery and heals very fast. However, it is important to ensure cleanliness of the area to ensure faster healing and avoid any infections. Parents should not be afraid to bath a baby that is newly circumcised. Once the bandage has fallen off, it is necessary to bath a baby to ensure cleanliness that will, in turn, fasten the healing.

Therefore the reasons why it is important to bath a baby after circumcision are:

  • To ensure cleanliness and hygiene. This helps prevent any infections and makes healing faster. Once the bandage is off, the circumcised area is prone to particles of poop from diaper changes. If such are not cleaned, they would cause an infection on the baby and delay healing or cause worse problems. The circumcised area is also a bit inflamed and bound to have some secretions. This should not scare any parent as it is a normal part of the healing process. However, it is important to bath a baby make sure that the secretions are cleaned off as they might be unhygienic.
  • Bathing a baby allows the baby to feel relaxed and therefore able to feed and sleep well. A baby that is not bathed might act a bit cranky and all tired up. Such a baby will have difficulties feeding and sleeping.
    However, once a baby is bathed, they feel fresh and well relaxed and thus able to feed and sleep well, which are two components of a well-developing baby. For newborn that have not had a bath for about two weeks then a bath is very important for their development.
  • It is, therefore, important to keep the baby clean by giving them a full bath once they are ready for the bath. A bath is beneficial to kids in many ways as seen above and therefore parents should not be afraid to bath a baby after circumcision. However, special care should be undertaken during the bath as instructed above to ensure the baby’s cleanliness and well-being.

Circumcision a Baby Can Be Happy

Reasons to Delay Bathing a Baby after Circumcision

  • It is important to bath a baby after circumcision as seen above. However, it is also important to delay the bath for two weeks for newborn babies, and two days for babies that have already had the cord fallen off. Reasons to delay bathing a baby are;
  • Reduce the risk of infections. Bathing a baby too soon before the bandage has fallen off can increase the chances of infection of the wound. To avoid this it is advisable to wait until the bandage has fallen off (at least two days after surgery), or until the cord falls off for newborn babies. It is important to allow the wound to heal or dry up before bathing the baby.
  • Avoid discomfort at the newly circumcised area. Bathing a baby too soon will cause discomfort or pain at the circumcised area. The circumcised area is like a fresh wound and introducing water or soap to a fresh wound will cause pain and discomfort to the newly circumcised baby.
  • As much as it is important to clean the baby after circumcision, it is also important to take precaution not to bath the baby too soon and cause more harm than good. It is, therefore, important to wait the recommended days before bathing a baby. During this time it is, however, important to remember that the baby and the circumcised area needs to be kept clean through sponge bathing the baby at least three times in a week to ensure that the baby keeps clean.

Overall of Bathing Baby After Circumcision

As seen bathing, a baby after circumcision is not a complicated issue. A circumcised baby might be sensitive but also needs cleaning. It is, therefore, important for parents to learn the dos and don’ts of bathing a newly circumcised baby. Asking for advice from other parents might be helpful, but it is also important to be updated on current baby trends. It is important to consult pediatricians on issues concerning your baby. One can also rely on information such as the one above when it comes to bathing a baby.

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