5 Best Backpacking Trails in America [Hiking-Trekking Tips]

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Thinking of lacing up your boots and heading out on a trail? Looking for some exciting places that would make your best backpacking trails most wild? If you are, then there are nearly hundred places alone in America those are beautiful as well as wild.

It’s, therefore, easy to understand why Americans are fascinated of backpacking trails. The accessibility and diversity are the reasons people dare backpacking now and then. If you are like one of them, then this article is for you.

5 Best Backpacking Trails in America

Here are the five top Backpacking Trails in America below. I chose them according to their popularity and diversity.

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#01. Alice- Toxaway Lake Loop, Idaho

The first thing I like to say is that all the gem-colored lakes are absolutely stunning. Their glittering views below the Mountains peaks are surely going to bewitch you. Now guess, how beautiful nature could be along the Alice- Toxaway Lake.

  • Length: 19 miles
  • Hiking time: 2-3 days
  • Season: Summer and fall

As it’s not a National Park, the place doesn’t usually remain crowded. Apart from the wilderness, the calmness of nature also attracts hikers a bit more.

On the very first day, start from Tin Cup Trailhead. Then Hike towards McDonald Lake through pine forests in an anti-clockwise direction. Next, trail towards the Farley Lake and Toxaway Lake and yaws through fragrant pine.

The thing that excites me the most is to scramble across a rock for the creek crossing. And also that to climb a ridge. Behind you, observe the jaw-dropping views of the White Cloud Mountains. It is surely going to be soothing.

There are many places for camping around the shore of Toxaway. However, most of the hikers prefer to stop at Alice Lake. But if you want to get the site all to yourself, I suggest you to set your camp at the Twin Lakes.

Let me inform you that I’ve been there for a few times. And I found it as one of the most wilderness areas I’ve ever been. So, if you are up to a breathtaking adventure, Congratulation, you’ve just found it.

If you are new in backpacking world, you can see Backpacking for Beginners Tips.

#02. Eagle Rock Loop, Arkansas

The first thing to say is that Eagles Rock Loop is considered as ‘scramblers paradise.’ As because, it’s a combination of both tough climbs and a leisurely walk along the Missouri River.

  • Length: 26.4 mile
  • Hiking time: 2.5- 3 days
  • Season: Fall

It’s situated in Ouachita National Forest which is toward the southeast of Little Rock. There, the trail has gone through the shady gorges towards the craggy overlooks.

On the first day, start from Camping Area B which is in the Albert Pike Recreation Area. After tracking 1.6 miles, you’ll find the Little Missouri River there. Then, take a quick 128-foot climb. Next, cross the footbridge. Now, follow the river that has gone westward through Little Missouri Fall Picnic Area. Pause your trail for now.

On the second day, join the Athens-Big Fork Trail. To reach there, you have to cross six ridges. After that, cross the Bay lock Creek. Your day-2 journey ends there.

At day 3, take Eagle Rock Vista Spur Trail at 2.5 miles. Then Join the Viles Branch Trail there. Next, cross the little Missouri so to reach the Little Missouri Trail. At last, after joining Winding Stair Trail and heading downstream, the loop closes.

#03. Thousand Island Lake Loop, California

  • Length: 16.9 miles
  • Hiking time: 1 day
  • Season: July to mid-October

At its west shore, there situates the Banner Peak Mountain. Therefore, enjoy the spectacular reflection in the lake’s transparent blue water. As the name indicates, there aren’t thousands of lakes in actual. But the noteworthy number of islands justifies naming it as Thousand Island Lake.

At first, start from Agnew Meadows nearby the Mammoth Lakes. The Bohr John Muir and Pacific Crest trails are the two hiking routes. They will lead you to the destination which is the Thousand Island Lake.

Besides, the mind sweeping views of numerous lakes are quite overwhelming. Now say, who wouldn’t wish to hike along thousand lakes overnight?

#04. Fish and Owl Canyons Loop, Utah

Have you ever experienced a desert hiking? If not, then hiking through the Fish and Owl Canyon loop will be perfect as for a beginner.

  • Length: 16 miles
  • Hiking time: 2 to 3 days
  • Season: spring and fall

As the name indicates, Fish Creek and Owl Creek are the two canyons. It’s the depth of the canyons that makes tracking more thrilling there. Pink and white stripped Cedar Mesa sandstone mainly consists the Cedar Mesa.

There are a few things make that hiking more challenging. Firstly the trailhead is in a remote corner which is far away from the town. Remoteness makes it more difficult to reach for any help during an emergency.

And secondly, you have to climb around 800 foot to get out of the canyon. It’s never an easy task, even for the experienced climbers.

Therefore, my suggestion would be, if you don’t have much experience of climbing, stay away from this. Moreover, don’t ever think of hiking alone. For a reason, it can be deadliest for you.

Rather try the Arches National Park nearby. It’s equally popular and also less challenging.

#05. Three Ridges Loop, Virginia

Three Ridges Loop is one of the most popular Backpacking Trails in America. The Appalachian Trail presents a picturesque view of wildflowers.

  • Length: 14 miles
  • Hiking time: 2 days
  • Season: Spring

It’s in central Virginia which is 30 miles southwest of Charlottesville. On the Appalachian Trail, the hike has many successive vistas. Again, On the Mau- Har Trail, the hike has many waterfalls and pools as well.

On the first day, cover the Bee Mountain, Hanging Rock, Three Ridges, and Chimney Rock. Call it a day alongside harper’s creek.

On the next day, track through Mau-Har trip, Campbell Creek. And finally, the loop closes at Maupin Field Shelter.

Overall Talk on Top Backpacking Trails

Backpacking in America is as easy as stepping out of the door. It’s because of the presence of the hundreds of trails throughout the country. Some of the offshoots are marked, and some are unmarked. Among this huge number, I’ve found these 5 good backpacking trails as the best.

But as I said before, high-quality backpacking trails aren’t for fun all the time. Nature can turn unfriendly at any time keeping you on your toe. So always be cautious before you tend to do something daring.

I hope, now you hold an image, how much beauty and thrill these 5 best backpacking trails can provide you.

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