Best Carpet Stain Remover for Old Stains

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Do you have carpet flooring? If yes, then you surely admire the lovely look that it offers for your living space; and also the plush feeling you get when you step on them. If no, then you need to consider getting them installed ASAP. Do you know that some people even go to great lengths to have carpets installed in their homes and offices? Well, they do, because, once you get used to the beautiful carpets, there is no going back; you will always want carpets in your living space. Oh, the carpets, the wonderful carpets! Are you getting goosebumps just thinking about the soft feeling under your feet? Well, you should, because it is amazingly luxurious.

Carpet Stains

Are you feeling tense about carpet maintenance? Well, there is no need to be! There are numerous ways to take care of the carpets at home. The major concern that many have are stains, and one of the best ways to get rid of the stain is by using a petrol pressure washer. Are you thinking of buying one? Well, hope you have financial stability, because a petrol powered pressure washer for domestic purpose can shake any stable financial capability! You need professional cleaners, who use these pressure washers! They have the capability to purchase and run many at one time! Before, you go to the professionals, do take a look at some DIY solutions that can help with different kind of stains.

What are the Types of Stains & Solutions to Remove Them?

There are many kinds of pressure washers! Some pressure washers are petrol powered, so choose a good pressure washer. But, before you start to look for a good company that helps with carpet cleaning, you could try some DIY methods to get the stains off the carpets! The DIY methods are:

1. Kool-Aid Stains:

Kool-Aid can be a nemesis for carpets and create horrific stains! Removing the stains becomes fairly easier with the following method:

  • Start by gently blotting the stain with a dry towel. If you rub the stain, you could end up causing more harm than good.
  • Create a solution with 1/4th cup of white vinegar, 1 tablespoon of gentle dish soap and water. Spray this solution on the stain for 5 to 10 minutes. After that, use a dry towel to blot the stained area till the stain is removed.

2. Coffee Stains:

Oops, did you just spill your coffee on the carpets? You need to clean it ASAP, or a horrific brownish stain will stay on the carpet forever. The following can help remove the coffee stains:

  • Use a dry towel to blot the area and make sure that you change the paper towels whenever needed, otherwise the stain might spread.
  • Next, create a mixture of vinegar, water and a non-bleaching detergent. Spray it on the stain and remove by blotting after some time. Repeat the procedure till the stain is removed completely.

3. Pet Stains:

Did you just receive a special surprise, left on the carpet by your furry friend? Now, that will definitely leave a stain. You cannot scold that cute face, so you need ways to try and remove the stain. Here is how you could do that:

  • After cleaning up the special surprise, make sure there are no debris left behind. Once the debris is disposed properly, use a dry towel to blot up the liquid.
  • Next, you could create two kinds of solutions, both are equally potent!1. Vinegar and warm water
    2. Stain-fighting laundry detergent and water

Spray any one of the solutions on the stain and blot with a dry towel once.Keep repeating till the stain is removed completely!

Best Carpet Stain Remover for Old Stains

4. Ink Stains:

  • Black, blue, green or red, whatever the ink stain it is going to look awful on the carpet. So, what do you do? Here is a DIY solution for removing it:
  • Use isopropyl alcohol to dampen a white cloth. Dab the stain with this isopropyl alcohol-soaked cloth.
  • This step might need to be repeated more than once!
  • You would also need to use nail polish removers and products with a high content of alcohol to get rid of the stain completely!

Now, we think we have covered all the stains, but do not despair if these methods fail! You always have the trusted pressure washers to help you out! They are more than willing to help you with your carpet clean-up.

What should you do if all these Solutions fail?

If all methods fail, then you need to find a company that cleans carpets with pressure washers. One of the most popular pressure washers are the petrol pressure washers. It is highly effective equipment that can remove the stain in a jiffy. Steamaster is a well-known store with its wide variety of carpet cleaning equipment, and much more. Here is what you get at this amazing store –

The above-mentioned methods are just a few of the whole lot. Stain removal might seem like an easy task, but if all the DIY solutions fail, you will need professional help after all. Now that you know all about the carpet stains, and ways to removing it, start applying them today, and leave your living space looking beautiful. If all the home remedies fail, jump on to the pressure cleaning wagon, and give a new lease of life to your carpets! Once you get the taste of professional pressure washing services (and the various advantages of it!), you will always look for their help in cleaning all kinds of stains, from the newest to the oldest!

What Makes the Petrol Pressure Washers the Best Stain Cleaning Solution?

When you stain surfaces, getting them off is a huge hassle, right?! If you leave them on or forget about the stains, they get old, and then, may God help you! It becomes perhaps, one of the toughest tasks to get it off. New or old, a stain is a pain. DIY solutions might work, but that is by chance!

Most often, these fail, or at best, succeed in making the stain look faded. Why would you want that, when you have pressure washers? The petrol powered pressure washer works wonders for your stained surfaces! If you are still feeling unsure about using a petrol powered pressure washer, you need to look at the perks of using one. So, here they are:

  1. Powerful Force: When you need to get the stain off the carpet, you will have to find a good amount of force. An engine driven pressure washer has a greater ability to drive the stains away! The electric run pressure washers lack an engine, which is present in a petrol powered pressure washer. Hence, these work much better in comparison to the DIY solutions as well as electric powered pressure washer.
  2. Highly Dependable: If you are looking to get rid of stains, the professionals do it the best. Professionals also look for pressure washers that are powered by petrol, because these run better and are designed for prolonged and heavy cleaning. The electrical ones cannot work for long hours and neither have they been designed for tough work. So, hire professionals who have petrol powered pressure washers, if they have the electrical kind do not employ their services! This is a sign that they lack the knowledge about pressure washers and which works best for professional use.
  3. Eliminates Chance for Higher Electricity Bills: When you call in the professionals, why would you want to pay for the electricity bill? Which electricity bill, you ask?! Well, the one for running the electric powered pressure washer. When you use a pressure washer that runs on petrol, you eliminate the need to pay a hefty electricity bill. This is a huge plus! So, you get clean carpets and no need to pay extra for electricity bills. It is a huge advantage at a time, when power bills are running high.
  4. Ease of Working at Remote Locations: Is your property located in a remote location, where electricity connectivity is poor? Does this mean that you have no option, but to use DIY solutions? Of course not! As mentioned before, there is no need for power lines, when you use petrol powered pressure washers! Hence, using these pressure washers instead of the electrical kind, will give you the power to employ professional cleaning services for your stained surfaces. Thus, it is imperative that you use the companies that have pressure washers that run on petrol.
  5. Higher Efficiency & Output: When you run a pressure washer that is powered by petrol, you get better efficiency, because they can run for long hours without the fear of voltage fluctuations! Voltage fluctuations can cause instability in the cleaning ability. This problem is completely solved by using the petrol powered pressure washers. The power of petrol is constant, but do keep an eye on the petrol level, otherwise the washer will stop working! Thus, the work is completed much faster and more efficiently. The stains are removed faster and the work that could have taken days in completed in a matter of few hours.

Wow, sounds amazing right?! Well, it is! When you have the best of all worlds combined into one machine, you really have an all in one machine. Clean surfaces, normal electric costs, no worries about power cuts and so much more! Phew, feeling out of breath reading the perks? Well, think about the joy, when you see the clean surfaces!

If, you do not want nasty stains defacing your surfaces, you need to look for professional companies that have some of the best pressure cleaners. Oh, do not forget about the “petrol powered” part! It is the most important part. Pressure washers running on petrol provide the boost to smooth cleaning and enhancing the look of your property!

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