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Today people are more prone to cooking canned food on their own. Canned foods are also widely used in restaurants too. Needless to say, the importance of can opener can easily be determined. So what is a can opener and how many types of can openers are there in the recent market?
Well, a can opener is a mechanical device (or sometimes non-mechanical too) which helps to cut the lid of the can smoothly so that you can cover again with that lid. It provides smooth edges to the lid of your can. Moreover, it can cut the lid within seconds. Also, the easy cleaning procedure and durable features make it one of the must need gadget in the kitchen.

Though can openers are many types the widely used type is electric can opener. Here we have reviewed top 10 electric can openers 2020. Also, we have provided a complete guideline by which you can clear yourself about which one you should need for your cooking.

Features of High-quality Electric Can Openers

Being the electric can openers need some requirements to fulfill. What are they?

  • Electric can opener should have a stable design. This stable design will prevent tipping and sliding. Moreover, it should have a hands-free operation. Most of the hands-free operating can openers come with an extra-wide basement that ensures stability.
  • Besides hands-free operation, you will also find electric can openers having one-handed operational style. Though the hands-free operation is preferable.
  • Having multifunctioning feature is a can opener can be a plus.
  • The electric can opener should come with a removable lever. This helps to easily clean your can opener.
  • For being the highest rated electric can opener it should be equipped with built-in magnetic lid lifter.
  • The electric can opener should have a cord storage facility so that you can store it easily anywhere.
  • The can opener should come with automatic turn off the feature.
  • It should provide smooth edge cutting.

Best Electric Can Openers Reviews 2020

best Electric Can Openers Reviews 2020
Consuming can stored foods is a regular deal in today’s world. Previously, manual can openers were present in the market. But it is getting out of the market for its low effectiveness, low user-friendliness. While it is substituted by electric can openers by which you can open your can easily. Here we have reviewed top 10 electric can openers 2020 where you can find a suitable one for you at a reasonable price.

Cuisinart CCO-50BKN Deluxe Electric Can Opener

Cuisinart CCO-50BKN Deluxe Electric Can Opener has listed at the very top of our electric can openers because of it’s super efficiency. With extra wide basement and quick opening facility at a reasonable price, this can opener has become very popular among customers. Now let’s take a detailed look at the features and also discuss the cons of this can opener if any.

 Features and Benefits 
  • Extra Wide Basement :
    To ensure the stability of the Cuisinart CCO-50BKN Deluxe Electric Can Opener you will find an extra-wide basement. This basement will provide additional safety from being slide or tip.Because of this extra basement, the can opener has hands free operational facility. That means, you don’t need to use your hand or it doesn’t require any mechanical labor performing this action. Because of this hand’s free operation, no injury occurs while using this can opener.
  • Easy Opening Facility :
    The can opener comes with the easy opening facility as this can opener is constructed with a press-and-release systemized lever.This lever helps you to open any sized of standard cans.Every it is circular or rectangular you can cut the lid of the can easily.
  • Empowered by Precision Cutting Blades :
    This can opener is empowered by precision cutting blades.This blade enables you to cut the edges more smoothly without occurring any sharp ridges.Moreover, because of this precision cutting blades, you can cover the can again after being used.
  • Auto-stop Feature and Magnetic Lift Holder : While you are done with your cutting there you will find an automatic turn-off feature. This automatic turn feature keeps you safe and you will also find magnetic lift holder. This magnetic lid holder allows holding your cutting pieces without falling it down to your food.
  • Easy and quick opening feature.
  • It comes with precision cutting blades.
  • Extra-wide basement provides stability.
  • Magnetic lid holder allows the cutting pieces from falling downward.
  • Easy cleaning facility as there is a removable lever.
  • You need to be a concern while using daily as it is made of with plastic having a shining chromatic look.

Finally, Cuisinart CCO-50BKN Deluxe Electric Can Opener has listed at the very top because of this aforementioned outstanding features. Though the can opener is made of plastic it’s not a problem while using. Because of the plastic made materials the can opener becomes lightweight and you can easily carry it anywhere. Moreover, easy cleaning facility and easily opening procedure makes it one of the best-rated electric can openers in today’s market.

BangRui Smooth Soft Edge Electric Can Opener with One-Button Manual Start / Stop

BangRui Smooth Soft Edge Electric Can Opener is not an essential kitchen gadget for normal people but the hand free operation allows the great facility for the disabled persons too. Moreover, the built-in magnet and automatic press button make this can opener more user-friendly to arthritis or RSI. This battery-powered can opener comes with lightweight and ergonomic outlook. Now let’s take a short look at the features and benefits why it is listed in our top rated electric can openers reviews lists.
 Features and Benefits 
  • Ergonomic Design with Soft edge on the Left Side :
    BangRui Smooth Soft Edge Electric Can Opener comes with a left sided soft edge. You will find a built-in clever magnet which ensures the safety of your hands from getting cut. Moreover, It is comfortable to use. This light design can be ensured because of its plastic body, it helps to reduce weights.
  • Battery Powered Handy Operation Facility :
    This can opener form the manufacturer BangRui comes with hand free operation. It has a strong motor to cut almost every type of cans without rimless or cans having odd corners. For the fast working facility, the can is equipped with 4AA batteries.
  • Automatic Working Procedure :
    The can opener comes with the automatic working facility. It requires only one button to open any tins or cans. Only you need to press the button. After you’ve pressed the button it will automatically start cutting the lid of the can. When the working procedure is complete the machine will automatically turn off and you will find a smooth cutting to your cans edges.
  • Comfortable to use.
  • Small streamlined lightweight body.
  • Built-in magnet ensures maximum safety to your hand.
  • Automatic working procedure.
  • Fast can open as it is powered by heavy motor.
  • Provides soft edge after cutting.
  • One-button operation procedure.
  • This can opener does not have the capability to open the rimless can. Also, cans that have odd corners will be difficult to open with this can opener.
  • As the body of the can opener comes with the plastic frame so you will be needing special attention while the process is occurring.

In conclusion, BangRui Smooth Soft Edge Electric Can Opener has gained popularity for its easy and super fast working procedure. Though it has some limitations that it is difficult to open rimless cans with this can opener but still worth choosing for daily day use. It’s lightweight design and super motor and one-button quick operational procedure make it one of the best can openers in the market.

Hamilton Beach Smooth Touch Electric Kitchen Countertop Can Opener | 76606ZA Review

In the kitchen can opener is one of the most important tools to perform the kitchen task more easily and conveniently. But for this purpose, you have to choose the right can opener which really serves your needs considering its operation and performance. Taking all the consideration in the count, you may take a look at Hamilton Beach smooth touch electric kitchen countertop can opener if you want to have one of the good electric can openers in your kitchen. It is good in quality which opens the can smoothly and leaves a touchable lid.
 Features and Benefits 
  • Smooth Design and Good Appearance :
    This Hamilton Beach can opener is not only good in its quality but also has a smooth and silky design which enhances its appearance.
  • Works Good both for regular can and pop top :
    Sometimes the ordinary can opener in the market can’t open the pop top in a good manner. But this Hamilton Beach smooth touch electric can opener can perform the task quite easily both for the pop top and regular can. You don’t have to be bothered with the shape of the top of the can.
  • Leaves no Sharp Edge
    o-stop Feature and Magnetic Lift Holder Say goodbye to the sharp edges of the can by means of the Hamilton Beach can opener. It opens the can effortlessly and effortlessly. At the end of the cutting process, you will get a smooth and touchable edge of the can. It ensures the safety of your fingers.
  • Works with Effortless Touch :
    A simple and effortless touch is all that you have to do. You need no extra labor for the operation of this appliance.
  • Cuts along the side with precision.
  • Leaves no sharp edge.
  • Works both for regular can and pop top.
  • Effortless touch.
  • Effortless touch.
  • Gives touchable and smooth lid.
  • Sleek design.
  • You may be in a little bit trouble while opening smaller diameter can. But it won’t be a big concern.

In this present market, if you want to buy an amazing and outstanding electric can opener you can place this item on the top of your consideration. At the end of using this appliance, you will have a unique experience with your kitchen tool. And finally, you will accept this Hamilton Beach electric can opener as a user-friendly and time-saving kitchen tool.

Aicok Can Opener, Electric Can Opener

If you are looking for a multi-functioning can opener have all the essential features like smooth operational facility, automatic turn off the feature and easy to clean feature then Aicok Electric Can Opener is the perfect match for you? With its metal chromed stainless steel body and smooth edges cutting built-in magnet features it has listed in our right electric can openers lists. Now let’s dive into the features and benefits of this can openers. Also, we will discuss the pros and cons of this multi-functioning opener.
 Features and Benefits 
  • Sleek Elegant Design :
    This Aicok Electric Can Opener comes with an astonishing sleek design. Its design is also a space saving design for your kitchen. You will find cord storage facility within this electric can opener. This can opener also match model counter. For the space-saving cord storage design, it has gained popularity among the public.
  • Multi-Functioning Electric Can Opener :
    Aicok Electric Can Opener is considered one of the best-rated electric can openers for its multi-functioning feature. In a single second, you can open almost every type of can either is is small, large or whatever the design is! Another feature is- this can opener can also be used as a bottle opener which makes the drink lids easy to open. Also, this Aicok Electric Can Opener can be used as knife sharpeners. You can sharpen even your dullest knife with the help of this can opener.
  • Smooth Operational Style :
    This silver colored Aicok Electric Can Opener comes with some smooth operational style. You will find a built-in magnet which will help you to hold the cutting portion attached to it with the help of this magnet. Otherwise, this cutting portion has the probability to fall down inside your food. Also, the blades provide smooth cutting edges. Also, you will find a cutting lever design which is made of removable metal.
  • Automatic Turn Off Feature and Easy Cleaning Tips :
    This model of multi-functioning can opener from the manufacture Aicok comes with automatic turn off the feature. This means, when you are done with your cutting, the mechanical device will automatically turn off the mechanism. Moreover, it requires no manual labor and doesn’t cause any pain to your wrists. Moreover, this can opener is designed in such a way that it is dishwasher safe and it is also easy to clean.
  • Can be used as a can opener, bottle opener, and knife sharpener.
  • The built-in magnetic feature allows the cutting portion to hold upward.
  • Space-saving convenient design.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Dishwasher safe design.
  • It is equipped with automatic turn-off feature while the cutting is finished.
  • No manual labor required.
  • You may face some problem while opening big jars with this multi-functioning opener.

Overall, within a reasonable price range, this Aicok Electric Can Opener is a must buy a gadget for your kitchen. This 3 in 1 can opener not only will help to open cans but also will help you to open the bottle and sharpen your dull knives. Though you may find difficult opening big jars with this can opener it can be easily negligible if we consider all the features and their benefits.

Oster FPSTCN1300 Electric Can Opener, Stainless Steel Review

Oster FPSTCN Electric Can Opener is equipped with the hands-free multifunctioning operation, magnetic lid lifter, quickly and efficiently cutting feature, automatic turn off feature etc. With this various features with a reasonable price range, it has listed in our best rated electric can opener reviews lists.
 Features and Benefits 
  • Ergonomic and Sleek Design
    This Oster Electric Can Opener comes with the ergonomic sleek design being constructed of stainless steel. This stainless steel design provides durability and stability of the can opener for a long period. The stainless steel body also provides maximum safety from rust so that you can quickly and efficiently open up your can with this electric can opener.
  • Hands-free Multifunctioning Operation
    Besides a can or tin opener, this Oster Electric Can Opener can also be used as a bottle opener which is integrated with the design. You don’t need to use your hands or provide any mechanical labor to perform the action it this electric can opener. The power piece cutting mechanism will do the work for yours. All you need to do is- hold the can lid under the can opener. You don’t need to be worried about the cutting pieces. Because the magnetic lid lifter will stick your cutting pieces upward.
  • Removable Cutting Blade and Automatic Turn-off Feature
    The Oster Electric Can Opener comes automatic turn off feature while the piece cutting is completed. You need to stick the can or jar to the blades. It will automatically cut your cans within a second and will also turn off automatically. Also there you will find a removable cutting blade for smooth cutting. You will not see any sharp edges after the complete procedure. Moreover, Oster Electric Can Opener is equipped with retractable cord storage facility. This cord storage facility makes this can opener more space saving and fits perfectly into any corner of your kitchen.
  • Long lasting stainless steel design.
  • It can be also used as a bottle opener.
  • Hands-free operational facility.
  • Automatic turn off feature enabled.
  • Equipped with a removable cutting blade for easy cleaning procedure.
  • It comes with cord storage facility.
  • It has a magnetic lid lifter.
  • If you want to open big jars then it will be difficult as this can opener comes with the medium-duty motor.

Finally, this Oster Electric Can Opener can be considered one of the electric can openers in the recent market for its outstanding performance and long-lasting facility. Though it might seem difficult to open big jars the other features of this can opener are enough to make up the loses.

Electric Can Opener – Chef’s Best Choice (Red)

If you are looking for a cheap electric can opener for arthritis then Electric Can Opener, Restaurant can opener, Smooth Edge Automatic Electric Can Opener! Chef’s Best Choice (Red) is perfect for you. If you are very much concern about the safety features and need a can opener that has effortless using facility then this opener is perfectly suited for you. Let’s take a deep overview of this can opener by looking at the features and benefits.
 Features and Benefits 
  • Stylish Kitchen GadgetThis red colored can opener from manufacturer Sokos comes with a unique red color. It can adjust automatically with any can and it is able to open the lid within seconds. Only the thing you will need- pressure. Only you need to put pressure by using your hands on the topmost surface of the can opener for self-adhering.
  • Effortless Using Facility
    This smooth edged automatic electric can opener comes with almost effortless using facility. The blade of the electric can is bend and you need to push button on the top to complete the procedure. Something needs to state more specifically that the blade bends for useful cutting, some people may think the product is defective but it is normal for this can opener.
  • Sharp but Non-dangerous Edges for Safety
    The electric can opener from the manufacturer Sokos is equipped with a sharp-edged blade. Because of this sharp-edged blade, it is considered great for persons having a hand pain. As this can opener requires no manual labor so there is no risk of causing any accidents. Also simultaneously it cuts around the side which helps to eliminate sharp but dangerous edges. It provides a smooth cutting and gives your can a resealable lid. It can be considered great for keeping your foods covered while you are preparing your food.
  • Easy Battery Operational Facility
    The can opener comes with easy troubleshooting steps. All you need to do while cutting the lid of your can is to connect you’re your batteries by pushing it a little bit. Also, the cutting procedure is very simple. You need to stick the can opener to the lid. When the mechanism is done the can opener will automatically shut down and at that moment all you need to do is slide your ridge so that you can lift the cutting portion of the can.
  • Open up your can in seconds.
  • Easy operating procedure.
  • Effortless using facility.
  • Sharp blades are non-dangerous.
  • Requires no manual effort.
  • It provides a smooth edge to the lid of your can.
  • You can easily cover your food while being prepared.
  • Some people find difficult to push the water from the can because it leaves little shards of metal.

Finally, this can opener from the manufacturer Sokos maybe difficult to push water but it’s effortless using facility without providing any manual labor makes it one of the highly rated electric can opener in the recent market.

Cuisinart CCO-50N Deluxe Electric Can Opener, White Review

Are you planning to buy a can opener to make your work easier and effortless? Then you should be careful before buying an electric can opener. You should be careful about its performance and facilities it provides. Combining all the facilities and convenience of use you can select one which suits your purpose. If your target is to buy such an electric can opener that is safe, user-friendly and easy to operate and has automated facility then you should take a look at Cuisinart CCO-50N Deluxe. You can operate it very easily and can open any standard size can with minimum effort.
 Features and Benefits 
  • Easy to Operate by Means of Lever
    For opening any standard size can, you just have to press and release the lever and you are all done. It is so easy to operate that you don’t have to give so much effort to open a can. It’s easy and simple single-touch operation works satisfactorily.
  • Precise Power Cut Blade
    Cuisinart CCO-50N Deluxe electric can opener has a precision cut blade which cuts the can exactly the way you want. At the end of the cutting, you will get a smooth edge which ensures your safety.
  • Magnetic Lid Holding Facility
    The can is attached to the device with the help of magnetic action. So you don’t have to hold the can all the time during its operation. Just attach the can to the device and it will work on its own. So it releases you from the difficulty of its use.
  • Simplicity of Cleaning
    The Cuisinart CCO-50N Deluxe electric can opener is equipped with the facility of detachable activation lever. So the cleaning process gets easier and free from complexity. It is very easy to quickly clean up.
  • Stable Design
    This device comes with a wide base for giving it extra sturdiness. It doesn’t tip or slide. So, you don’t have to be worried about its stabilization. For any standard size can it can serve its purpose quite satisfactorily.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Automatic operation.
  • Removable and simple lever system.
  • Cleaning is easy and quick.
  • Precise power cut blade.
  • Magnetic lid holder.
  • Wide base for preventing tilting or sliding.
  • Can open any standard size can.
  • Well designed with good appearance.
  • Somebody may find this device a little bit difficult to operate at the very first time. But with the time user will get used to with this.

Considering the facilities and operation process Cuisinart CCO-50N Deluxe electric can opener is a good choice for easily opening any standard size can. This device is a good combination of style, convenience, and performance. You can consider this electric can opener as your helping hand in your busy kitchen. At the end, it will give you a unique experience for its simple operation process and you will find it as a user-friendly can opener.

Ovente Automatic Electric Can Opener Smooth Edge, White (CO36W) Review

Are you in trouble to open your different size of the can with your ordinary can opener? Then you should think about Ovente automatic electric can opener. It can open almost any size of the can. So, you don’t need to be in any trouble for opening any size of the can. The magnetic feature has improved its operational capability. It is equipped with heavy power motor and runs on battery. It releases you from the trouble of cord and you don’t need to think about the electric power. If you are intended to buy one of the best can openers which ensure the safety and excellent performance then you can take a look at this appliance.
 Features and Benefits 
  • User Friendly
    This electric can opener is very easy to operate. It starts working just with the touch of a button and you don’t have to do anything.
  • 360 Degree Rotary Motion
    The device rotates 360 degrees around the can. For its simple rotation system, it can open any size can. So, you don’t have to be worried about the size of the can.
  • Save Your Time
    It can open almost any size of a can in a few seconds. So, it can save your time in your kitchen and you don’t have to wait so much time for it.
  • Magnetic OperationIt has a built-in magnetic feature which enables it to attach with the lid. This magnetic system helps it to operate its work easily and it can remove the top of the tin can with its attaching property.
  • No More Sharp Edges
    This electric can opener ensures your safety as it leaves no sharp edges during its operation. Smooth edges come out at the end of it cutting process. So you can touch the can without any danger.
  • Heavy Power Motor
    This appliance is equipped with heavy power motor which is capable of open a can smoothly and very conveniently.
  • Powered by Battery
    It runs on 4 x AA batteries. So, you don’t need to rely on electricity to operate this appliance.
  • Open any size of the can.
  • Work with one touch of a button.
  • Quick performance and save time.
  • Easy to operate on the magnetic system.
  • Safe for the user.
  • Leaves smooth edge.
  • 360-degree rotary motion.
  • Heavy power motor.
  • Runs on battery.
  • This can opener is not dishwater safe. But you can wash it by hand with the help of a damp towel.

Before buying any can opener it is very important to ensure that whether it is easy to operate and produces smooth edges. Considering all the factors, you can select this electric can opener as your helping device. As this is very simple to use and safe for the user, it will be the best choice for a busy kitchen work. Finally, using this appliance user will admit this as one of the perfect electric can openers.

Sokos CN180 Smooth Edge Electric Can Opener with Bottle Opener Review

An electric can opener is really a very important helping device in our daily kitchen work. It can relieve you from the complexity of opening the can by manual process. So for this purpose, you may have been looking for a good quality can opener. If you are intended to buy a multifunctional and easy operating can opener you can take a look at Sokos CN180 can opener. It has the facility to hold the can with its magnetic system and it is very easy to clean. And one of the great facilities it provides that it leaves no sharp edge along the cutting side. It is very useful for seniors and who have joint pain or arthritis. While using Sokos CN180 you will find this kitchen gadget as one of the top quality electric can openers that you have ever had.
 Features and Benefits 
  • Serves many purposes
    Sokos CN180 electric can opener can be used as a multifunctional kitchen gadget which can lessen complexities of kitchen work. Besides a can opener, it also works as a pop top opener, knife sharpener, and bottle opener.
  • Needs Less Effort to open
    Doesn’t need any extra effort to open the can. You just have to place the can at the right place of the opener and press the lever.
  • Easy to Clean
    As Sokos CN180 electric can opener has a washable cutting unit, it is very easy to clean. It can release you from the complex cleaning process.
  • Magnetic Holding
    The device comes with the magnetic holding facility. So you don’t have to hold the can. It can be easily attached to the magnetic part.
  • Wide Solid Base
    Sokos CN180 comes with a great design. It provides a stable solid base which is able to resist the tilting or sliding.
  • Cord Storage Facility
    You can store the cord in the back of the opener in a hole.
  • Give Smooth Edge of Can
    At the end of the cutting process, you will find out a smoothly edged can. So there is no chance of being injured as there is no sharp edge.
  • Very simple to use.
  • Easy to open.
  • Requires less effort to clean.
  • Multifunctional facility
  • Smooth edge at the end of cutting.
  • Can store cord at the back.
  • Stable and well designed.
  • Lightweight.
  • Extra tall design.
  • No battery power. It is not so troublesome because it runs on house electricity.

For the unique performance and outstanding result in kitchen work, you should choose such a can opener which can serve your purpose. This Sokos CN180 device is well designed and can provide you an excellent experience. You can put this device on your priority list if you are intentional to buy the greatest can opener. Undoubtedly, you will have no complain while using this Sokos CN180 Electric can opener.

Hamilton Beach 76700 Electric Can Opener Review

When we consider the most important work in household surely, it is the work at the kitchen. To reduce the manual labor at kitchen we use many kinds of gadgets. Among them, an electric can opener is the important one. It saves you from the difficulty of cutting the can manually and also saves you from the risk of cutting the finger. Obviously, in your busy kitchen, you want to keep an electric can opener which is good quality and excellent in performance. If you are looking for the high-quality electric can openers you can keep Hamilton Beach 76700 on your list for the outstanding outcome. It is designed considering the needs of the consumer. You will find this as one of the best helping devices in your kitchen.
 Features and Benefits 
  • Detachable Cutting Lever
    The detachable cutting lever makes the can opener easy to clean up. So you can separate it easily without any trouble. And it makes it very user-friendly. You don’t need to allow any extra difficulty to clean the device.
  • Well Designed
    You will be satisfied with the design and appearance of this can opener. Its body is sleek and smooth which make it more impressive. The body gives you a smart looking and it is durable.
  • Knife Sharpener
    You can use this device to sharpen your knife. So you don’t have to have any extra knife sharpener. As a result, you can use it as a multitasking device.
  • Chord Storage Facilities
    Cord storage facility enables you to store the cords in it. So you don’t have to bother with the cord. Just keep it in the cord storage.
  • Automatic Operating Facility
    The most amazing function of Hamilton Beach 76700 electric can opener is its automatic shutoff facility. It makes the device easier and simple to use.
  • Extra-Tall Design
    Sometimes it is not possible to cut a larger can with an ordinary can opener. But this device comes with an extra tall design which is another desired feature of this device to facilitate the cutting of larger can. So you don’t have to be worried about cutting the large size can.
  • Automatic shutoff.
  • Removable cutting lever.
  • User-friendly and better performance.
  • Cleaning of the device is easier.
  • Tall enough to hold the larger can.
  • Chord storage facility.
  • Can also be used as a knife sharpener.
  • Lightweight and balanced design.
  • Excellent performance and good appearance.
  • Sometimes you may be in a little trouble to attach the can to it. But once you get used to with this device, it won’t be a great deal.

Considering the performance and simplicity of operation Hamilton Beach 76700 electric can opener can be the best choice. If you are planning to buy a good one you should keep this device in your mind. Surely, you won’t be dissatisfied with its performance.

Editor Pick
Our expert analyst team are tracking the progress of using different can openers from different customer’s base. From that point of view, Cuisinart CCO-50BKN Deluxe Electric Can Opener has won the editor’s choice because of its all-rounder feature.

This cheap electric can opener has an extra-large basement. This basement ensures the maximum stability and prevents the can opener from sliding or tipping easily. For easily cutting you will find the precision cutting blade. For every standard sized can it is very useful. There you will find press-and-release system lever. This lever allows you to open easily. Also, this can opener is equipped with magnetic lid lifter. This magnetic lid lifter helps to hold the cutting pieces upward. Also, the removable lever helps to easily clean your can opener. Moreover, the hands-free operation allows you make it more user-friendly and keep yourself safe from any injuries or occurring any accidents. No manual labour is required to operate the kitchen gadget. The automatic turn off features ensure the effectiveness of the device by being automatically shut down when finished.

Buying Guideline of Electric Can Openers

Choosing a kitchen equipment is always a difficult task. In a straightforward sense choosing the best budget electric can openers from market having a wide number of choosing option can be very confusing. To get yourself rid of this confusion our complete buying guideline is here to help you to buy the perfect one for you. Before proceeding, you need to concern about some facts which we will discuss here and let you know. Getting the perfect model with proper features and safety can bring you overwhelming pleasure while opening a can with the help of electric can opener. You need to be concern about the can types, operational styles, durability, safety features and others. So here goes the complete a to z buying guideline of electric can openers.

  • Knowing About the Types of Can
    If you have oddly shaped cans then choosing a manual can opener may be a perfect decision. But recently, many shapes beside being circles only are available in the market. That is why electric can openers is very useful. Electric can openers are also very useful for opening wider cans too. Electric can openers are eligible for opening almost every shape of the can. But it is highly recommendable to choose a can opener according to the shape fo your can. If it is oddly shaped then choosing a manual can opener may be a perfect decision. Otherwise, choosing electric can openers will do the best work for you.
  • Knowing About the Perfect Operational Styles
    As there are two common types of can openers available in the market- manual can opener and electric can opener, so there is also a variety in their operation. Mostly the electric can openers come with power sources. Both types of can openers have unique advantages. Suppose, manual can openers are portable for not using any power access. That is why manual can openers are preferable for a camping trip. On the other hand, electric can openers are preferable for commercial use and also for residential uses too.
  • Knowing About the Overall Frequency
    For easy using and knowing about the perfect operational style overall frequency of the can openers play a vital role? The perfection of the overall frequency of the can openers provide you the maximum comfort. If you are not a regular user of the can opener then you should choose can openers that require minimum amount of maintenance. Some models come with ergonomic design and you can see a wide variation in colors. The handle and the knob of the can openers is very significant while using a can opener. If they are functioning smoothly then the can opener becomes user-friendly. So, be assured before buying the good electric can openers from the market.
  • Durability and User-Friendliness
    The durability of the can openers depends on the overall lifespan of the can opener. Also, it depends on the cutting power of the can opener. In general, can openers made of carbon steel has a long-lasting durability. Also, some chromed model can openers come with the durable feature. Because of this durable feature, you can easily handle heavier weights.
  • Safety Features and Easy Using
    When you are up for buying the top quality electric can openers from the market you should be very much concern about the safety features of this mechanical device. When you need to remove the lid from the can, the sharp edges can cause an accident. So whenever you are buying a can opener be assure it cuts the edge smoothly. Also, the can opener should smoothly ridge the lid of the can.Moreover, for easy using facility, the electric opener is preferable than manual openers. In electric can openers you will be equipped with turning motion features which will help you the cut lid of the can more smoothly without letting any sharp edges. Also, this will help you to find a perfect balance by proving a minimal effort. Though electric can openers can be expensive and need some additional maintenance but if you judge from the perspective of user-friendliness then the name of different can openers needs to stat4 first.
  • Cleaning Methods and Closing Tips
    For every electric can openers in the market cleaning your can is a must. Otherwise, if you leave your can dirty or even wet it will produce rust and will destroy the effectiveness of your can opener. Though electric can openers seem a little bit difficult to clean rather than manual can openers it is still worth buying. As because you can’t submerge your can opener into the water like you can do for a manual can opener. But you will get a total advantage while closing your can using an electric can opener. It helps to avoid getting any serious hand pain because of its extra ridges. These electric can openers make your life easier and fast.

Best Brands of Electric Can Openers

You can easily get confused while choosing the right electric can openers for your daily use. There you will find various models of can openers from various brands. So in which brands you can trust? The following list provides you the top-rated electric can openers brands who are manufacturing this can opener over decades and gained reputation and popularity among customers.

I. Cuisinart
II. BangRui
III. Hamilton Beach
IV. Aicok
V. Oster
VI. Sokos
VII. Ovente

Final Verdict

Finally, we are at the end of our best electric can reviews and buyers guide. Hope you’ve got a complete idea about the electric can openers. Here we not only reviewed the top 10 but also provided a complete buying guide before purchasing. Things you need to consider before making decisions. Our every product that we have reviewed follows the feature of being a best-rated electric can opener. Having a stable and durable design with hands-free operation, multifunctioning feature, easy cleaning facility, automatic turn off the feature, cord storage facility, smooth edge cutting etc. make a can opener best in the market. Now it’s your time to choose the perfect one for your within your budget and according to your types of use.

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