Best Kayak Fish Finders Review in 2021 – New Guide

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It’s okay to fish with just a fishing reel or pole and fishing boat. Yes, as long as you are just beginning with fishing. But if you are up to hauling the biggest of the lake, you need something special, something like the best fish finders for a kayak!

best kayak fish finders

A dramatic surge in popular kayaking tools has taken place in the last few years. People who love to fish are adopting newer technologies to get the most out of it. As long as you are an individual or family person, you won’t need such advantages in fishing. But what if you are a fishing enthusiast?

Yes, that’s where you need a full-functioning fish finder for a kayak in hand. If you are likely to dive into sports, your first purchase will be a Kayak. And of course, the second purchase will be a fish finder. But as you know, the market out there is full of shiny models and it’s hard to choose one from these.

Best Kayak Fish Finders Comparison

Top 5 Kayak Fish Finders Review in 2021

This guide will rescue you and give you a hand in finding the quality fish finder for a kayak. No matter you want a cheap and durable one or a pricey and highly equipped one, we’ve got them all. As a bonus, we have provided a complete buying guide that would help you to understand your requirements.

Hummingbird Helix 5

Hummingbird Helix 5

So, here we present the 1st kayak fish finder on our list. It’s Hummingbird Helix 5 and we loved almost everything about it. Here is why-

Hummingbird Helix 5 comes with some of the coolest features of a fish finder which was pretty impossible within such a low price range. The recent model of this brand will help you get the best of your fishing session with its 5” display in landscape orientation, downside imaging capabilities, and a lot more. It can also use as a side imaging fish finder.

Let’s break down the features and regarding benefits-

Features and Benefits

  • A Display of Extremely High Resolution: The first impression as you turn on the device it’s an ultra-bright high-resolution display. Speaking technically, the display contains an 800 x 480 pixel of resolution and 256 color TFT screen. Therefore, tracking fishes under the water can’t be any easier.
  • Built-in Internal Display for Better Positioning: A built-in display in fish finder for a kayak is not that jaw-dropping these days. But you will be certainly amazed at one that Hummingbird Helix 5 has got. It provides more accurate positioning compared to other similar brands.
  • UniMap Cartography and Chart Plotting: The Hummingbird Helix 5 is pre-loaded with UniMap Cartography and Plotting. What I mean is- you can save the waypoints of fishing with the advanced UniMap Cartography. In addition, the 3D charts will benefit you with 3D charts of rivers, lakes, and the U.S. Coastline. To make the fishing experience more efficient, what could be better?


  • Penetrates up to 1500 feet with 200 kHz sonar
  • Can run dual-frequency signals simultaneously
  • Adjustable switch fire sonar
  • Micro SD card slot
  • User-friendly buttons on the face
  • Comes with a mountain bracket


  • Slightly weak with image acquisition
  • Provides slightly less than the price

Hummingbird has kept its promise of a kayak fish finder with a better, sharper, and brighter display in the new Humminbird Helix 5. Although the software and transducer are borrowed from the 800 and 600 series, still it’s proven to be innovative with some other features. Therefore, we are pretty confident to present you the Hummingbird Helix 5 as the best model of the market.

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FishHunter Military Grade Fish Finder 3.0

If you want to find the monster fishes in various spots like on a boat, kayak, shore, and even inside the ice then nothing can be better than the FishHunter Military Grade Portable Fish Finder 3.0.

This one supplies more accurate information about the position and the measurement of the fish. But the most noteworthy thing about this fish finder is the range and depth of signal. With numerous awesome features, this will enhance your fishing performance to a great extent.

So let’s have an insight.

Features and Benefits

  • A Good Range With Great Depth: There is no doubt in this fact that the more the range, the more the fish. Consequently, more depth means the possibility to catch bigger fish. These two factors are covered by this kayak fish finder. It has a wide range of 80 feet or 25 meters. On the other hand, this can send signals of fishes that are up to 100 feet which means 30 meters. Moreover, this one is very much efficient for ice fishing. This allows you to get signals from 30 feet depth or 9 meters. In short, this can be said that both the range and the depth are satisfactory.
  • Ease of Use: This one has awesome usability that is going to satisfy you under various circumstances. For maximum usability, this has a complete charging station. It has mini USB cable connectivity and a carrying bag. Finally, the charging time is much lower than the other fishfinder.
  • Correct & Detailed Information: To get the most out of a fish finder, you must need correct information. But not only the correct one but also the detailed information is very necessary. This one gives you information about the type of fish, the measurement, and a prototype of the fish. Furthermore, this gives you information about the best fishing spot using sonar technology which is integrated with the GPS. So from now catching the big one is not that difficult.


  • Both the range and depth are sufficiently wide
  • More detailed and correct information
  • User-friendly
  • Easy tracking
  • Information about the fishing spot
  • Mobile integration
  • Information on the water status
  • Bottom structure and logbook


  • Need to sign in to your account
  • Requires an internet connection

Although this one won’t work without an internet connection when you have the connection this one will help you efficiently to find the big monsters.

Garmin STRIKER 5cv with transducer

Garmin STRIKER 5cv with transducer

Standing in the 3rd position of the Kayak Fish Finder list, this Garmin Striker 5CV with transducer can be your favorite fishing spot due to its ClearVu technology and very easy drawing waypoint map.

Moreover, you’re going to love the customized Soner view and higher level of clear photographic images of the structure and fish. For more to explore, have a look at the features below:

Features and Benefits

  • Easy navigation with Waypoint Map: The striker has high sensitivity GPS. Thus, you can have a look at your position about the waypoint. With the help of a waypoint map, you can mark, view, or navigate to a particular location such as docks, stumps, or piles. Again, if you want to get back to the boot camp, it serves as a great tool.
  • Strong, sturdy, and rugged design compatible for the harsh environment: When you’re daily fighting against the harsh marine environment, the Striker can be your good companion while trolling. It can withstand the worse environment, on the other hand, it shows high performance.
  • Built-in flasher for knowing different conditions: This fish finder Striker has built in the flasher. With the help of this feature, you can observe whether the bottom is muddy or solid, the depth of the fish, or the weighted bait. Besides, you can observe whether the fish is near or away from the sonar beam or the height of the jig while lifted up or dropped down.
  • High sensitivity GPS: Locate your position precisely and quickly with the help of this built-in GPS. Again, you can mark the spots where the fishes were biting much. Thus, you can come back on the next day at the same place at the same location and position.
  • Simple yet powerful: This Garmin striker is compact, waterproof, and easy to use with a great installment facility. In addition, it has a dedicated button with a rich interface.


  • Strong and rugged design
  • Built-in flasher
  • Chirp sonar with continuous frequencies for a wide range of information
  • Easy use of waypoint map
  • Customizable screen
  • Easy to read data on a sunny day
  • Portable


  • A manual instruction is not clear
  • Cable connector pins are short in height
  • No preloaded maps are available.
  • An electronic compass is not available.

When high sensitive GPS is your priority while trolling, then you can go for this Striker. Though it’s a little bit pricey, considering the other features you won’t get disappointed. Finally, I want to recommend you this product for its rugged design and easy find out waypoint map.

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HawkEye FT1PX FishTrax Portable Dot Matrix

HawkEye FT1PX FishTrax Portable Dot Matrix

Introducing one of my favorite fun toys named HawkEye FT1PX FishTrax. It’s a perfect balance between guesswork and information. Securing the 4th position by our expert angler has a unique feature of accurate depth finding.

This is the fish finder who loves professional fishermen because of its depth.

Thus, to know more about this amazing HawkEye FT1PX FishTrax, go on reading the features below:

Features and Benefits

  • Easy to handle: The HawkEye FT1PX FishTrax is very easy to use fishing gear where you can simply turn on the power and throw the sonar from the boat or shoreline or bridge. Thus, you’ll instantly get different readings like- depth, weed, contour, etc.
  • Accessories to ensure comfort: You can add a broomstick handle with the “SideScan” adapter so that you can easily scan ice, docks, weeds, or lily pads. Besides, you can find mounting tabs so that you can ensure hull mounting to kayaks, canoes, etc.
  • Portable Fishfinder with modern technology: Though the HawkEye FT1PX FishTrax looks simple, it is enriched with modern technology. It uses an easy beam angle that is ultra-wide and can accurate readings. Again, you can operate it below zero degrees Fahrenheit. Besides, it has a boatable, floatable, trollable, and mountable sonar sensor with a cable tie-strap.
  • Accurate readings: This HawkEye FT1PX FishTrax uses algorithm programming for accurate readings. Thus, it can reduce the false reading in the fish finder. Besides, the depth scale, the fish alarm will let you know where you’re heading on.
  • Palm-sized design with dot matrix display: While it’s a palm-size design, you can secure it in the pocket, gear bag, or in the tackle box. Moreover, it has a dot matrix display to minimize eye strain and an LCD protector for removing condensation.


  • handy to use and palm-sized design
  • Portable
  • Affordable
  • Accurate depth finder
  • Audible alarm for easy fish detection
  • Side scanner for scanning


  • Its a dot matrix display
  • Not super high tech. For that, you need to go for other product

Though it’s a trench old school toy and the cheapest brand name model, it has very easy to handle modern technology. Most importantly, if depth accuracy is your main priority, you can keep it in the first of your choice list.

Deeper Portable Wireless Wi-Fi Fish Finder

Deeper Portable Wireless Wi-Fi Fish Finder

If you need to frequently change your fishing types like kayak, shore, boat, or ice fishing as a fisherman, I want to recommend you the Deeper Smart Fishfinder. This is a versatile product that is compatible with a tablet or smartphone.

Moreover, this fishing gear is a game-changer that can solve your biggest problem in life as a fisherman.

So, let’s read the features below so that you can clear out the reason to keep it on the top 5 list.

Features and Benefits

  • Switch from narrow to wide beam scanning: In Deeper Smart Sonar PRO+ you are getting Narrow beam and wide beam scanning frequency. Moreover, for high accuracy scanning of the fish and the bottom, the structure uses a narrow beam of 290 kHz (15°). On the other hand, if you’re up to a vast search area, then use the wide beam of 90 kHz (55°).
  • Compact design: This fish finder is lightweight around 3.5 ounces / 100gm. Again, it’s diameter is 2.5 inches / 65 mm. Thus, it can easily fit the small tackle box. Also, for carrying on the belt safely, you’ve got a soft neoprene pouch.
  • The real-time image of underwater structure: The Deeper Smart Sonar will help you to explore the underwater feature and fish biting with a clear image. It has an 8x extended dynamic range which enables more accurate detection of underwater objects and structures. Thus, you can even discover many important underwater structures. If you want to explore more beneath the water, you can track rocks, timber, migrating shoal, etc.
  • Fish finding with accuracy: This fish finder can work perfectly from the height of 1.5 ft to 330 ft below the surface. You can utilize it in both fresh and saltwater. Besides, if you’re after specific aquatic habitats, it can give you better performance. Moreover, the temperature sensor in the Deeper Smart Fishfinder Pro+ measures the water temperature perfectly. Thus, you can get to know about the biting condition properly.


  • Compact and easy-to-fit tool
  • Dual frequency beam
  • Compatible with different type of fishing
  • Charges easily via USB cable
  • Accurate fish finding
  • Portable


  • Little bit pricey
  • No Bluetooth connectivity option.
  • Sometimes there might be a connection type problem

Did you like the features above? Though it’s little bit pricey, the total features worth the money. Moreover, most of the users are satisfied with the features. Hence, you can consider this outstanding product for your fishing.

Best Kayak Fish Finder Buying Guide

As long as a fishing device is concerned, there are always some factors that determine which product you need, based on the requirements and budget. The same goes for choosing a fish finder for a fishing kayak. Therefore, here we have added a well researched comprehensive buying guideline containing all-important buying factors-

Frequency of the Fish Finder

There are two factors related to signal frequency of a fish finder- The Cone Angle and The Frequency. Cone angle is of mainly two types- 60 and 20 degrees. On the other hand, most transducers come up with fishfinders of 50, 83, 192 or 200 kHz frequency. Also, the can generate Either Dual or Single or Multiple signals. If you think about the combination, then most of the dual frequency fish finders are of 20 or 60-degree cone angle. And as an expert, I prefer to purchase a dual frequency fish finder.

Power Source and Consumption

Fish finders are all remote to use. Therefore, your fish finder will run on batteries when functioning. So, eventually, you have to ensure that it has maximum power backup inside to serve you longer.

Powers in fish finders are usually measured as Wattage. The greater the wattage, the faster it works and get you information from deep of the water. Also, if you are like to fish in shallower water, I suggest not to worry that much on the Wattage.

Display Resolution

You will be analyzing whatever data the fish finder provides on the screen of it. So, the display that comes with the device needs to be clear, nice and colorful.

The resolution of the display is measured in pixels. For a smart fishing experience, you would like to have a resolution of a minimum of 240(v) x 160(h) pixels. Obviously, more resolution is better.

Your Turn

We are at the bottom of our today’s review of kayak fish finders. If you had been with us throughout the content, we are pretty sure that you have already found what you want. If negative, we would request to go through the buying guide and determine and then find one perfect match from the top five kayak fish finder.

So long, it had been a pleasure to us if we could help you find your fish finder for the kayak. More coming on next. Stay connected.

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