The Face Shop Top 5 Best Selling Cosmetics to Try This 2021

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Beauty is a never-ending battle, and your makeup routine should always evolve with the times. Your go-to look these days shouldn’t be the same as when you were younger because your skin develops more as you age. There are just some makeup trends that don’t work for more mature skin and vice versa. You have to continue being on the lookout for the latest trends and experimenting if they look good on you.

The Face Shop is a Korean brand that provides the best natural and vegan products. The company is well-known for creating potent formulations from the finest natural ingredients. You might be a fan of their skincare products, but you might not know about their cosmetics and makeup line.

Here are some of the best-selling cosmetics that you should try this 2021:

1. Ink Lasting Foundation Slim Fit EX

The foundation is one of the most critical steps of your makeup. It lays the groundwork for a beautiful and long-lasting cosmetic application. You’ll need a foundation that provides the coverage you need. These days, it’s essential to have a safe and natural product on your face.

The Ink Lasting Foundation Slim Fit EX is a beauty product in the leading beauty e-commerce platforms that are dedicated to providing the best possible cosmetic items for all skin types. The foundation gives you a flawless and silky finish to create dewy skin and has UV blocking, adding another layer of defense against UV rays.

2. Air Cotton Makeup Base SPF30 PA++

Whether you’re going for the no-makeup makeup look or full-face glam, you should never forget to put on some primer. It makes your face a smooth canvas for your makeup by evening out your skin tone as well as filling in wrinkles and fine lines. The cushion is one of the most popular products that allow you to even out your base skin tone.

The Face Shop Air Cotton Makeup Base is a lightweight product so that it doesn’t add to the other layers you’ll be putting on, such as your foundation, blush, and powder. It comes in two colors: mint and lavender, which neutralizes redness or sallow-looking skin, respectively. Mint helps counter a reddish complexion. It’s also formulated with sun protection to provide the first barrier against harmful UV rays.

3. Designing Eyebrow

Once you laid the foundation to your makeup, you can continue with your are area with an eyebrow pencil. Eyebrows are a focal point of your face that you can change your entire look just by changing up how you fill in your brows. If you’re a fan of the natural, bushy look, using a pencil is the best way to achieve this. The Designing Eyebrow pencil gives you the freedom to define, shape, and fill in your brows according to the intensity you like.

It comes in six colors to match your hair:

  • light brown
  • gray-brown
  • brown
  • dark brown
  • dark gray
  • black-brown

Its colors were made for Asian hair color, but they also work well on non-Asian brows. These various shades can complement any skin color from light to tanned.

4. Moisture Cushion Blush

Imitate that cute Asian flush with the Moisture Cushion Blush that provides a glowing finish. It has rich pigmentation, so a little pat goes a long way in giving you rosy cheeks. It’s also enriched with Berry Oil Complex to keep your skin hydrated.

5. Velvet Lip Tint

The Velvet Lip Tint is one of the best-selling lip products from The Face Shop. This product gives your lips a velvety texture and matte finish, hence the name. You can apply it thick and bold or thin and light to suit your mood. The lip tint can go well with any outfit.

It has four vivid shades:

  • Graceful Rose
  • Lively Pink
  • Energy Red
  • Soft Brown

If you want to use a tint, make sure that you’re using a vegan-based product because some lip tints contain harmful chemicals and components.

Final Thoughts

The company has always been a go-to brand for many makeup enthusiasts because of its active yet gentle natural ingredients. Try out the products above and incorporate them into your everyday makeup regimen. On the other hand, while you may have found your favorite products, you should also stay updated on the latest developments in the beauty industry for new cosmetics that you can incorporate in your skincare regimen. You might find your new favorites while testing out new products, after all.

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