5 Best Tires for Grasshopper Mower Review in 2021

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Many household owners and property managers in commercial establishments like mowing their lawns with the grasshopper-type mower, along with the best tires for this grasshopper mower.

It has different outstanding features utilized in personal and commercial spaces.

These features include durability, convenience, design, sub-parts, and low maintenance.

Best Tires for Grasshopper Mower

Choosing the most appropriate set of tires for your mower demands attention since they will have to match the construction it.

It is not as simple as it sounds since you also have to be familiar with your needs and spot the issues that may lead to problems in lawn mowing.

Here are the most widely recommended tires for your mower.

Grasshopper Mower Tires Comparison in 2021

5 Best Tires for Grasshopper Mower Review

Since this may speed up the lawn mowing by half from using your usual vehicles, you need ergonomic tires which are easy to handle and will do the mulching job well.

MARASTAR 21446-2PK 15×6.00-6″ Front Tire

MARASTAR 21446-2PK 15x6.00-6

The first grasshopper mower tire on our list is one that is likewise ideal as replacement tires. MARASTAR’s 15×6.00-6″ tire features an efficient front tire along with the wheel assembly.

With this setup, replacing your old tires will be much faster.
You will never have to alter your old tube or spend money on a professional tire store.

With this product, you can replace your old and damaged tires without encountering any problems.

Since it is straightforward to install, the new tire comes with a tube-type four-ply rated tire.

It features the Turf Saver tread mounted initially upon a dark gray steel wheel which is coated with fiber with a three-inch central hub length.

It also provides superior quality oil-impregnated bushing installation with grease fitting.

You will never have difficulty with replacing these tires since they include washers in the appropriate thickness and an additional e-clip to improve the way it works with the mower.

Using this grasshopper mower tire, you will never have to go through the hassles of installation.

Furthermore, these are also your low-cost solutions to manage the challenging procedures of repairing your tires or replacing them.

Before getting started, be sure to check the existing sidewall of your tires for tire, hub, and bushing sizes. It is to guarantee the right replacement fit.


  • The tire comes with sintered iron bushings
  • Can be used as a replacement tire for Craftsman riding mowers and their front tires
  • Very easy to install for your mowers
  • Offers a low-cost solution, more affordable than other tires in the market


  • The speed may not be great for highway speeds
  • Usage is limited to a particular front size range

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Carlisle Turf Master Lawn & Garden Tire

Carlisle Turf Master Lawn & Garden Tire

This grasshopper mower tire is the first one from the well-reputed brand Carlisle. Like the rest of the mower tires, it offers the best of quality, durability, and function.

You will not regret getting your tires from the Carlisle brand because of its commitment to its consumers.

They are among the most popular in the market, either among the leading manufacturers or retailers.

Manufacturing these tires from the latest technology, they ensure only the best product performance that adheres to the requirements of consumers in the industry.

Aside from these grasshopper mower tires, the Carlisle brand has a proven track record in offering products for lawn and garden, ATV/UTV, trailers and haulers, agriculture, construction, and industrial markets, among numerous others.

The easy installation is worth noting. First off, you will have to obtain tools, specifically two pry bars. Avoid the chiseled or sharpened types.

Then, warm up these tires to get them in their pliable state, followed by the application of soapy water.

Afterward, get the first inner edge of your tire within the rim, and do this carefully since this can be very challenging.

The use of vice grips may be required to hold these kinds of tires. Clip-on the edge of the rim. You know you’re almost done with installation when you hear a popping sound.

Finally, compress the strap with the crank around the circumstance, and air it up with an excellent air compressor. You may add more soapy water to avoid leaks.


  • Very easy to install
  • High-quality and durable mower tire
  • Offers superior function for the grasshopper mower
  • Built to last for several uses over a long period
  • Affordable compared with other mower tires of its kind


  • Wheel or rim is not included upon purchase
  • The tire may arrive a bit deformed

Carlisle Super Lug Lawn & Garden Tire

Carlisle Super Lug Lawn & Garden Tire

On the flip side, this grasshopper mower for lawn and garden is best for vehicles of the kind of garden tractors, trenchers, and tillers.

Similar to other products on this list, it comes from a powerful brand preferred by many whenever their lawn mowing requires substantial impact from traction.

Among its features include sharp-angled tread attributes for maximum pulling and pushing capabilities.

It offers a different range of sizes perfect for your lawn mowers, as well as a treading pattern, which is one of the most sought-after in the market.

If you are using your mower on higher slopes, this mower tire can do the job more than you can expect.

However, you may have to add weight or ballasts to gain the right results.

Other mower tires you can find from Carlisle are Links, Fast Trax, Industrial Trax, Ultra Trac, Snow Hog, and Sawtooth.

They also have Fairway Pro, Turf Glide, Power Trac, Turf Master, and more.


  • Provides a boost for mowers that require substantial power and traction
  • Features sharp-angled tread components for unparalleled motion
  • Comes in a various range of sizes
  • Guarantees easy installation
  • Boasts a simple design and treading pattern


  • It may work differently and provide varying results depending on the season and weather patterns

SUNROAD Set of 2 Turf Tires Lawn & Garden Mower Tractor Cart Tires

SUNROAD Set of 2 Turf Tires Lawn & Garden Mower Tractor Cart Tires

The best feature about this one is the low-pressure gauge that perfectly fits the tire.

This set of two turf tires for your mowers and tractors from SUNROAD features a multi-purpose turf-friendly design that could go beyond mowers and may also be suitable for golf carts.

Constructed by rubber, it is a four-ply tubeless tire with a very impressive tread design and tire pattern. That said, the tire is capable of resisting abrasions and punctures.

It includes the anti-slipping feature, great for any type of terrain and high slopes.

One of the most outstanding features of this grasshopper mower tire is the “sawtooth tread,” which is known for the flatter pattern design.

This is the attribute that makes it turf-friendly, offering smooth rides for both turfs and pavements.

Furthermore, it also offers the extra-width feature, which provides the tire set with added contact with the ground.

Having this, the stability of the vehicle is guaranteed. Note that there are shoulder lugs to protect the rim and sidewall. The rim, though, may not be included in the purchase.


  • Features a turf-friendly design you can have for various purposes on lawns and gardens
  • Boasts a durable rubber material
  • Contains four-ply tubeless tire
  • Has a tremendous anti-slipping feature for challenging terrains and land surfaces
  • Introduces the “sawtooth” tread for a smoother ride on turfs and pavements


  • May not get the tire to seat with a small compressor at home
  • Doesn’t come with rims

Set Of 2 OTR 22 MAG 22x11x10 4 ply Bar Tread Tire

Set Of 2 OTR 22 MAG 22x11x10 4 ply Bar Tread Tire

If you are looking for efficient replacement tires, you may have the OTR four-ply tread tire for your grasshopper mowers, the last product to review on this list.

With the various options before your eyes, you have limitless opportunities when it comes to outdoor property maintenance.

Ideally designed for heavy-duty lawn mowing, the OTR brand’s Bar Tread Tire is designed well for your equipment. The tread patterns provide excellent traction in soft soil surfaces.

Their tire lugs bite effectively onto these varieties of loose soil to provide the right stability, footing, and grip.

The tread pattern and style are also directional, which paves the way for self-cleaning. You won’t have to spend countless hours cleaning them from sticky soil and mud.

Plus, your tread lugs are not very aggressive, so you get a minimal disturbance on your turfs.

However, take note that their sidewalls are heavy-duty with a rim guard. This responsibly protects the rim flange from abrasions and punctures upon the sidewall.


  • Ideal for extensive lawn mowing needs
  • A perfect choice for your replacement tires
  • Features a directional tread pattern, great for self-cleaning
  • Causes minimal disturbance on your turfs.
  • The tread pattern provides excellent traction and stability on soil


  • May arrive as Kenda brand tires, and not the OTR brand

What to Look for Before Buying Best Grasshopper Mower Tire?

What to Look for Before Buying Best Grasshopper Mower Tire

Grasshopper mowers have designs that provide homeowners with the perfect lawn cuts no matter what the conditions are.

They can handle more clippings at a faster speed without compromising the outcome.

Generally, you should be able to find grasshopper mower tires with the right inflation. Over-inflated and under-inflated tires may affect traction and cut quality.

Thus, you should not inflate to the pressure indicated on the tire. You may consult the user’s manual for the right tire pressure range. The four main factors are tire size, tread design, and ply rating.

Tire Size

Having the right tire size is crucial to make sure that your replacement tire fits rightly on your machine. You can find your tire size from the sidewall of your tire.

Indeed, you do not want to find that the tire you’ve purchased is incompatible with the machine.

Always know the right measurements before visiting the store or buying from online, and still communicate with the mower tire specialists.

Tread Design

Another critical factor in making your purchase is tread design. There are several tread patterns available to meet your traction needs.

For machines operating on surfaces where traction isn’t significant, such as flatter terrains, tires with less aggressive tread design are your practical choices.

For vehicles that run on sloped terrains that require more traction, a more aggressive tread design should do the work.

Homeowner-grade machines tend to arrive with the standard, less aggressive tread patterns.

Commercial types for landscaping and other industrial purposes will need stronger tread designs for better traction, and more substantial ply ratings.

Ply Rating

Ply Rating of mower tire

The ply rating is also essential when finding the best tires for grasshopper mower to make sure the machine can handle massive loads.

Those with higher ply ratings have a higher capacity to carry the weight. You can find the grasshopper mower tire’s ply rating on the sidewall of the tire.

Flat Free Tires

You may also look at the flat free quality of the mower tires. These are available for the front tires of commercial lawn mowing vehicles, including zero-turn riding and walk-behind mowers.

Their benefits include saving the property manager with their time, money, and the unwanted downtime from the flat tires. Moreover, you may also purchase add-ons such as foam fills and sealants.

Frequently Asked Questions

How fast is the grasshopper mower?

They can run up to 11mph. Most grasshopper mowers offer superior performance and maximum speeds until 11 miles per hour.

It makes them ideal for residential lawn mowing, commercial landscaping, and other applications.

How fast is the grasshopper mower

Does it tear up the grass on level ground

No, these grasshopper mowers do not tear up the grass on level ground. Unlike turf savers that can destroy more grass, these mower tires leave less striping on a flat and open field.

More so, if you have slopes, they will not tear up the lawn because of the way its grip is featured.

How do I know if my tire is tubeless?

You can know if your tire is tubeless if they are marked with TLR letters, which means they are tubeless-ready. These are evident in high-pressure tubeless tires.

Also, you’ll have these tire sealants injected into your tubeless mower tire. This can attach the bead to the rim, and with these deflated tires, you can break these seals with the use of your hand by pushing the tire near your rim.

Can you plug the sidewall of a lawn mower tire?

When the puncture is on the sidewall of your tire, avoid patching or plugging it. The only solution is to replace your mower tire.

In addition, you cannot repair sidewall punctures on passenger or light truck mower tires.

Can you patch a lawn mower tire?

Yes, you can use a tire patch to repair holes, then remove foreign objects from the tire with the use of pliers.

Insert your black rubber plug on the tire tool’s eyelet provided to you with the kit. Be sure to insert the plug into the hole of that tire with the device, at least two-thirds of the plug within the tire.

Final Words

It takes a considerable amount of time and money to find the best tires for your grasshopper mower.

Should you want to maximize the use of your mower tires, it is crucial to organize a check-up with the air pressure at least a week. Then, inflate whenever needed.

One of the last things you want to happen is to encounter problems due to missing out on the air pressure check.

Get into this weekly grasshopper mower tire inspection and see it last with you for more years to come.

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