Top 10 Best Waterproof Backpacks Review in 2021

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In search of waterproof backpacks for your next outdoor hangout? Congratulation! You’ve landed to the right place. This article will guide you how to choose a waterproof backpack.

Before we proceed, let’s talk about something important. What’s the very first requirement of a perfect outdoor hangout or backcountry? Obviously, the right place and the right people to hang out with. But the second most important thing to choose is the right backpack that meets all of your requirements.

Top 10 Best Waterproof Backpacks

What I want to say is, a wrong purchase of waterproof backpack can ruin even the entire fun of your outdoor camping, hiking, bicycling or any backpacking events. I hope you got my point.

As long as most of us are likely to carry our smartphones, laptops, cameras, and other daily goodies into our outdoor trips, it’s mandatory to ensure that they are safe and dry. Here comes the importance of a good choice of waterproof backpack.

But trust me, choosing the most suitable one had never been so easy. No matter whether you are a rookie or an outdoor excursion expert, there is a good chance to make the wrong buying decision.

To give a hand choosing the right backpack for your next trip, we have researched out waterproof backpacks 2020 and reviewed them in this detailed content. What we have done is, we kept different types of backcountries in mind such as- Camping, hiking, bicycling, photo-walks, or simple day-to-day uses.

For each of the purposes, we have listed one or more waterproof backpack 2020 in the list. Now it’s your turn to explore the entire review and find the suitable one for yourself.

Best Waterproof Backpacks Comparison in 2021

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Waterproof or Water-Resistant- Which One to Choose?

On the question of choosing the right backpack, there are always two options. Some people like to have just a water-resistant backpack, and others prefer a waterproof backpack. On this point, let us explain the basic difference between these two is.

A waterproof backpack is such a bag that can completely submerge into the water and still can stop even a single drop of water to get into the inside compartments; just like a balloon. On the other hand, water-resistant backpacks are most like of daily use that provides basic protection from rainfall or fogs.

Trip Duration: From Weekend Tours to Long-term Trips

The choice of backpack type, carriage and style vary a lot according to the duration of its usage. On a basic sense, a backpack can be of any of these three uses-

Weekend Tours: 1 to 3 Days, 20-35 Liters

People like to keep things light in such a weekend trip. So, a less bulky, newer and light in weight backpack is preferable for such a trip. An insider carriage of 20-35 liters is enough to carry along all of the necessary goodies that such a small tour requires.

Also, smart designs and a colorful outlook is another preferable feature that people look for. But be aware of being choosy and well-planned to go for a small-sized backpack because you won’t be allowed to put in whatever you like.

Multiday Tours: 3 to 7 Days, 35-55 Liters

For mid-range hangouts of 3 to 7 days, waterproof backpacks of 35 to 55 liters are preferable. These trips are likely to take place in warm weather and therefore, people like lightweight backpacks. Still, as some goodies that you have to take in such a tour aren’t less, you have to keep an eye on the carriage also.

Typically, these are the most common backpacks sold at REI, and these are excellent choices for backcountry skiing, overnighters, several-day trips, and photographic walks.

Long Term Tours: 1 to 3 Weeks, 55-75 Liters

Extended trips are of several weeks, and therefore, the importance of a rigid, strong, and secure backpack is beyond explanation. Space should be near around 55-75 liters or more, and materials of the backpack are required to be strong.

As backpack material, Nylon or TPU fabric should be more preferable in this case. Also, inflating capacity, submerging capacity, customizable insider space and strong bottom side of the backpack are on the checklist of a good quality long term backpack.

Other Important Features to Check


If you are up to day-ling hiking or photographic explore walks, you need to care about how much air your backpack can provide inside. Some packs are features with suspended meshed back panels and shoulder straps. To prevent the sweaty back syndrome, you need to get a backpack with internal frame packs that can ride easily against your back.

Number and Type of Pockets

To put on the handy hears or accessories, a good number of pockets are in many of our preferring lists. Usually, pockets of a good backpack are of three types Shovel Pockets, Elasticized Pockets, and Hip belt pockets. Some new backpacks like Chaos Ready Waterproof Backpack contain a front pouch as well.

Water Reservoir

Summer hangouts usually contain day-long hiking or bicycling. So, essentially you need to have some space to place a water reservoir in your backpack. If you are one of the daytime hikes, you should look for a water reservoir in your waterproof backpack pick.

Top 10 Waterproof Backpacks Review in 2021

Keeping all of the buying factors in mind, let’s step forward to the waterproof backpack 2021 picks, the top 10 Waterproof Backpack List-

OverBoard Pro-Sport

OverBoard Pro-Sport

Introducing the number 1 backpack of our waterproof backpacks list- The Mighty Overboard Pro-Sport backpack. Whether you want to use it on rainstorm, outdoor campaigns, falling into water reservoirs or toss it into your dune buggy, it fits excellently. This bag has got almost everything you can ever imagine in a waterproof backpack within a budget.

Let’s explore more reasons to keep it on the top of our backpack list.

Nylon and PVC together- Best Protection from Water

The materials of this bag are PVC and 600D Nylon. A camper can’t simply imagine anything better to ensure the safety of the goods from water or waterfalls. With this bag on your shoulder, you can’t simply forget about the safety concern of the valuables inside the backpack.

Maximum Impermeability with Melded Shut System

Each seam of the backpack is featured with a melded shutting system. As a benefit, you can leave the worries of impermeability alone. With an Overboard Pro-Sport backpack, you can play hard and play wet, wherever, whenever!

A Decent Carriage with Mesh Pockets

No matter you have to carry a sensitive and break the prone device, or regular belongings, Overboard Pro-sport has got it all. With the bungees provided mesh pocket, you can put the gears you don’t care about. And in the large 20+ liter carriage, you can put other camping stuff with ease.

Hanging Zippered Pocket for Keeping the Valuables Safe

Inside this waterproof backpack, there is a zippered pocket embedded. You can keep all of your secret or valuable belongings like mobiles, wallets, or whatnot? Whatever you put inside, won’t sink and won’t even get wet.


  • Ultra-strong material.
  • Light in weight and easy to carry.
  • 20+ liter large carriage.
  • Padded straps for moiré comfort.
  • Waist belt embedded for less hassle while carrying.
  • Extremely affordable considering the price.
  • Airflow design.


  • The bottom of the bag isn’t strong enough.
  • Less number of pockets.
Final Thoughts

With almost no issues with the durability and compatibility, the Overboard Pro-Sport Waterproof Backpack has been one of the most popular models recently. You can’t be happier with this backpack with you camping, hiking, and going to the gym or truss into your dune buggy. Overall, we are inspiring you to give it a try, and we are sure, you will be back to thank us.

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DryCASE Waterproof Backpack Masonboro (BP-35)

DryCASE Waterproof Backpack Masonboro (BP-35)

Many of us are fascinated about outdoor sports like kayaking, hiking, cycling, etc. and thus, we badly need an all-in-one backpack. The DryCASE Waterproof Backpack Masonboro (BP-35) is designed keeping exactly those people in mind. Thus, our second best backpack of the list is an all-sport waterproof backpack.

Go Rogue with the All-Sports Features

First and foremost, this backpack is designed for all of the outdoor sports-freaks. The two-way purge valve, the slender 35L body, and even the internal design are tailored out as per a sportsman’s necessity.

Fully Waterproof

As most of the outdoor sports take place in a watery environment, you need to ensure your goodies are safe in a waterproof backpack. The Dry case Basin is 100% waterproof material along with four suction cups. All together, protection of your important stuff from getting wet can’t be any better.

2 Way Purge Valve for Bi-directional Inflation

This backpack comes up with a two-way purge valve which is also the most popular feature of this backpack. You can both inflate or deflate this backpack when you need to strap this to a fishing kayak or paddleboard.

Smart Compartments Likely for Sports-freaks

Apart from the spacious 30+ liter main compartment, there is a built-in zippered pocket provided in this backpack. All you need to carry during a kayaking or paddle boarding session can be well fit into the backpack.


  • Made of a component of marine-grade vinyl.
  • Two way (inflation/compression) purge valve.
  • Plenty of zippered pockets.
  • Both the shoulder straps are padded.
  • Fits down to the body back easily.
  • Reusable water bottle.
  • Extremely affordable.


  • Deep central pocket in the main compartment.
  • The side of the bag is not perfectly sewed.
Final Thoughts

In an overall sense, the DryCASE Waterproof Backpack Masonboro (BP-35) bag is the best possible sports backpack with waterproof features. Also, the functions are as like it’s described and most of the users are satisfied with the purchase. We hope, you will also be one of the happy customers.

Rockagator GEN3 RG-25 40 Liter Waterproof Dry Bag Backpack

Rockagator GEN3 RG-25 40 Liter Waterproof Dry Bag Backpack

It’s almost impossible to seep through the water with another of our best picks- The Rockagator GEN3 RG-25 backpack. Alongside, there are two additional side pockets that help the user to keep the additional belongings safe and sound. In together, the features and price-quality ratio deserves to be one of the best buys!

Extreme Comfort and Ample Capacity

The very first impression this backpack can create with its 30+ liter accommodation capacity which allows you to carry out possible everything for camping. Also, the smooth and soft design and material add to the user experience.

Internal Zipper and Side Pockets to Keep Your Belongings

Rockagator GEN3 RG-25 backpack comes along with two spacious side pockets and an inner zipper pouch. To keep your small things handy and personal belongings safe, these would be of much use to you.

Quick Submersion Waterproof Protection

This backpack has got quick submersion protection that offers premium protection from getting wet. So you need to worry no more while you are on vacation or have to fall into a heavy water reservoir.

Reflective Strip Adds Extra Security

One unique feature that almost no of the other model have is its shine and reflective stripe. During daylight, a strong, colorful reflection comes out of the strips. It helps you to find your bag if you lose it somewhere in the camping spot.


  • A quick submersion waterproof material.
  • Floats as dropped in water.
  • Spacious and easy to carry.
  • Splash-proof front zipped design.
  • Built-in laptop storage.
  • 20-kilogram strap strong.
  • Internal carabineer pouch.
  • Pockets are an elastic mesh that helps to store mobile items.
  • Carry handle provided on top.


  • Weight is a bit more than other similar backpacks.
  • Not much colors to choose from.
Final Thoughts

Rockagator GEN3 RG-25 backpack is a good choice if you are searching for a backpack with both quality and within budget. This backpack is a blend of both function and form. I would recommend this to keep on the tops of your priority list.

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Oxking 70L Outdoor Sports Hiking Climbing Camping Backpack

Oxking 70L Outdoor Sports Hiking Climbing Camping Backpack

If you are one of the adventure lovers who are likely to go on long-term outdoor camping, we have got something very special for you in this section. The 4th backpack on our list, also the second-largest backpack in the list, named Oxking Professional Mountaineering Hiking Backpack is designed for long-term carriage.

Its YNS buckle, TCS decomposition system, and many of the other features have left no opportunities for denial. Let’s check more out in the features section-

Polyester & Nylon Body Along with TCS Carrying System

What a long term hiker look like in his backpack is the durability and physical strength. The combination of Polyester and Nylon body of this backpack won’t disappoint at all in that case. Also, the TCS carrying system ensures the best suspension system.

YNS Alloyed Buckles

Most of the traditional backpack face issues with buckle durability in case of long term hangouts. Keeping that in mind, this backpack contains YNS alloys in the buckles of the backpack. It doesn’t allow the buckles to tear the shoulder strap under stress.

A Wide Spacious Carriage of 70+ Liter

As mentioned earlier, this backpack is aimed at long-term outdoor hangouts. So it requires and a lot of goods to take with. The 70+ liter space inside all of the compartments together is going to take care of all your goodies inside it.

Full Zipped Waterproof Protections

This pack is full-featured with zipped construction and waterproof security. You can leave alone the worries of getting even a single drop of water into your pack.


  • Great carriage of 70+ liters.
  • Polyester and Nylon ensure durability and prevent your material from water.
  • The internal Frame of the backpack ensures its strength and durability.
  • Available in many colors.


  • Doesn’t come with a waist belt to hold the bag tightly.
  • Long term use may weaken the waterproofing facility.
Final Thoughts

At the bottom line, we likely declare it to be the best backpack and one of the largest backpacks for long term hiking. With many of the hike-friendly features, it performs more than perfect for a day hiker. Apart from some issues with the bottom side of the bag, this is simply you can get for a daytime hiking session.

KAKA Backpack Travel Daypack by SHTECH

KAKA Backpack Travel Daypack by SHTECH

Are you heading to climbing or cycling outdoor? What you might need most is an extremely flexible backpack that can adjust itself according to your position. Here comes the popular SHTECH waterproof backpack to meet both ends. Apart from this feature, we have got some reasons to elect it into 5th place in this list.

Ultra Flexibility for Cycling and Climbing

The most amazing fact about the design of this backpack is, it’s a flexible feature. What it does is, when you change the position of the backpack while climbing or cycling, it adjusts itself accordingly. That will be extremely likely for people who are up to hiking, climbing, or outdoor excursions.

a lot of Room to Carry All You Need

Another amazing factor about it that convinced us to keep it on this list is, it’s wide collection of accommodations. In total, the SHTECH Waterproof backpack has a main bag, front bag, vice bag, and side mesh bag. Now you can take all of your belongings I a single backpack.

Secure Protection to Your Valuables

The backpack introduces another necessary feature which is a free code lock. Many of the backpackers worry about the safety of goods that are left in the backpack. For that kind of person, this is a must.


  • Good carriage of 35+ liters.
  • Code locked security system.
  • Waterproof zipper pockets.
  • Chest straps and portable belts.


  • The product material isn’t that durable.
  • Doesn’t last for a long period.
Final Thoughts

Although this product had complained about some issues with its durability, we still think it will be a good shot for one time rapid use. For people who want to get the best out of their cycling or hiking camp, this is the backpack we would recommend.

Ortlieb Velocity Backpack

Ortlieb Velocity Backpack

Unlike many of the other outdoor sports, bicyclists prefer to have a backpack that is features especially for them. Ortlieb Velocity is such a backpack that is especially targeted as a backpack of the bicyclists. If you are interested enough, all you need to do is to check out the detailed features below to consider how much good a fit it can be for your needs.

Fits Great to Body with Over-shoulder Visibility

A wrong purchase of a backpack can ruin your entire bicycling session. Also, it can turn into something dangerous if your backpack doesn’t fit with your body shape and provide much comfort. With this backpack, you don’t have to worry about any of these problems. It’s designed to fit with most of the body types. Also, it comes with over-shoulder visibility that ensures more comfortable bicycling.

Straps to Secure to Your Shoulders

A bicyclist has to move with much speed, and therefore, if the backpack is not held tights, there will be trouble. The Ortlieb Velocity comes up with multiple straps to the shoulders, waist, and chest to keep the backpack fit tight to your shoulders.

A Wide Spacious Carriage of 26+ Liter

As mentioned earlier, this backpack is aimed at long-term outdoor hangouts. So it requires and a lot of goods to take with. The 26+ liter space inside all of the compartments together is going to take care of all your goodies inside it.

No External Pockets for Utter Safety

You may wonder about the no-pocket feature as a negative point and may lose interest in this particular backpack. But think about how it can provide you safety from losing goodies from external pockets during a high-speed rush on a bicycle.


  • Smart Space of 26+ liters.
  • Perfect for bicycling sports.
  • An attachment provided to put on night missions.
  • Suitable for cycling in rush hours on busy streets.
  • Chest and waist straps for secure holding.
  • Removable internal pockets.
  • Good price-quality ratio.


  • No external pockets.
  • The shoulder straps are a little itchy.
Final Thoughts

A wrong purchasing decision of a top waterproof backpack can ruin the entire bicycling session. So be smart and wise to choose to select the right backpack that meets all of the ends. With almost no complaints from the users, the Ortlieb Velocity cheap waterproof backpack can give you a hand to you. Take this into your short purchasing list, and we are almost sure that you won’t regret it.

ArcEnCiel 40L Camping Bags Waterproof Molle Backpack

ArcEnCiel 40L Camping Bags Waterproof Molle Backpack

For long-term outdoor activities like camping, hiking, and overnight long trips, here comes the largest waterproof backpack on our list. The name is ArcEnCiel Camping backpack and the reason for choosing this is it’s HUGE 75 liters capacity. In addition, it’s long-term durability and cheap price range makes it one of the most demandable right waterproof backpack.

Large and Durable for Long Term Outdoors

The very first and foremost feature of this backpack is its vast containing capacity of 75+ liters. Being constructed by sturdy material; it’s ready to carry whatever you want it to. Extra-long zippers made of heavy-duty plastics are meant to last for a long time.

Waterproof and Fit For Adverse Weather

Serving the same kind of quality at all-weather is not an ordinary backpacks’ job. Therefore, the ArcEnCiel camping backpack accepts the challenge! Its body materials, including the inner pockets, are completely waterproof and can be thoroughly used in adverse weather. In addition, this product doesn’t rot after even an invasion of water.

Meshed Backside for Comfortable Carrying

It’s a matter of comfort when you are carrying a 70+ load on your shoulder. If your backpack doesn’t provide you the best comfort, it can ruin the whole trip down. This backpack promises supreme comfort for the user with its breathable meshed backside and smooth padded buckles.

Adjustable Back Strap and Chest Sliding Control

The last but not least impression about ArcEnCiel waterproof backpack is its adjustable back strap and slide controller. So that, you can adjust the bag’s straps and belts as per your requirements and body size. The Military Nylon Fabrics made material and a variety of outfits takes the appeal of this backpack to next level.


  • Great carriage of 75+ litter.
  • 100% waterproof.
  • Made strong and stylish of Military Nylon Fabric.
  • Meshed back and breathable meshing.
  • A number of small pockets on both inside and outside.
  • Adjustable shoulder straps.
  • Cheap in price.
  • Chest sliding control belts.
  • A built-in Americal flag patch.


  • The chest straps are not large enough for bigger persons.
  • Too large for one-night camping stands.
Final Thoughts

Considering all of the pros and cons of the ArcEnCiel Camping backpack, you can’t help keeping in your short buying list. Again, mark the words that this is the largest waterproof backpack of our top list. So, if you need to get relief from day to day chores for quite a long time, take this backpack on your shoulder and let it take care of your valuables.

LowePro DryZone 200

Each of the best backpacks of our lists is aimed at particular user scenario. Till now we have talked about backpacks for most of the outdoor sports, except photography. The LowePro DryZone 200 backpack is many of the photographer’s favorite pick. As a professional photographer has to go wherever the action is, so does this backpack.

A Waterproof “Camera Bag” With Utter Safety

Photographers need to ensure their kits aren’t getting wet and damaged in every photography session. The LowePro DryZone 200 is designed to provide waterproof protection to whatever you put inside it.

Customized Inside Space for Photography Kits

As mentioned earlier, this backpack is aimed at photographic uses. Therefore, there is room inside this backpack for a 35mm DSLR camera and 5 more lenses. The orientation is customizable as per the photographer’s need.

Floatable, Lightweight Backpack Design

It’s required to ensure the maximum protection of your photographic kits from water and the LowePro DryZone 200 has no tolerance with that. The 100% waterproof materials are not only waterproof but also floatable.

A Slip lock Attachment to Add More Gears or Accessories

It comes with a slip lock attachment with it. As a benefit, you can carry additional photographic gears or accessories along with you. Also, the balance and bilge make this backpack perfect for long hikes.


  • 100% waterproof and floatable.
  • Simple and good looking design.
  • Highly durable.
  • Customizable interior.
  • Slip-lock attachment for additional gears.


  • Product price isn’t in between mid-range.
  • Not comfortable for long term carrying.

Final Thoughts

The LowePro DryZone 200 is world’s first full-features camera backpack. So it has got everything a photographer desires to have in his backpack. Although it isn’t of that much shiny design, there can be no doubt about its functionality and quality.

Phantom Aquatics Walrus

Phantom Aquatics Walrus

We are almost at the bottom of our quality waterproof backpack list now. Still, we have left some of the most recommended backpacks among which, Phantom Aquatics Walrus 25L is one. If you are carrying something precious and sensitive goods in your backpack, we are pretty sure that you would be interested in this backpack.

Two Way Protections for Your Valuables

What people like most about this backpack is the two-layer protection system for maximum safety. You can put anything in it and let the protection system take care of it. Especially, if you have to carry sensitive valuables like laptops or PSPs, this would be the backpack you need.

Smart Design and A Lot of Variety in Color

A very smart outlook and glamorous design will be the first thing to catch in this backpack. Amongst all of the colors, blue is what people like most. Also, this backpack is available in some other colors like Pink, Yellow, Red, etc. So with this bag, you don’t have to regret any of the color and security.

A Perfect Back Panel with Waterproof Design

Here comes another two features of the Phantom Aquatics Walrus 25L backpack. A comfortable back panel along with an air-flow system ensures full comfort. Additionally, the waterproof materialistic design helps you saving your goods to be wet.


  • 25+ liters carriage capability.
  • An eye-catching design of the backpack front.
  • Padded shoulder straps won’t give any shoulder ache.
  • Elastic front webbing.
  • Two-layer protection system.
  • Completely ventilated with the smart air-flow system.
  • Good price-quality ratio.


  • No additional side belts with the backpack.
  • Need a little bit comptonization with the durability.
Final Thoughts

People always don’t only think about the strength and durability. So, if you are one of them who care about the outlook as well, we are confident you won’t regret your money on Phantom Aquatics Walrus 25 backpack. It will meet the both ends of outlook and inner strength.

Osprey Men’s Aether 70

Osprey Men's Aether 70

The last of our top 10 list of the top-rated waterproof backpack is Osprey Men’s Aether backpack. It’s a good pick for people who are likely to hike or raft quite often. Although it’s referred to be slightly expensive comparing the features it provides, still we think you might be interested once you have a look at the detailed features of this backpack.

Multiple Waterproof Protection Layer

As a hiker or rafter need to ensure that his valuables aren’t getting wet, Osprey Men’s Aether is designed keeping that in mind. The 800-denier TPU fabric is the main material of the backpack. Also, more protection comes with its double polyurethane coat of nylon. Altogether, it’s one of the best waterproof protection providers in the market.

Extremely Comfortable Straps and Belts

For people who care about the comforts a lot, this business backpack has got multiple features in it. A cushioned waist belt, snug chest strap, and padded shoulder straps are provided in this backpack. Altogether, it takes the user’s comfort to the next level.

Large and Massive 28+ Liter Storage

The Osprey Men’s Aether comes with a large and spacious 28+ liter space inside it. It can get anything into it for your daylong outdoor excursion. It gives you all the space you need to put the outdoor gear and even a small sleeping pad!


  • Multi-protection waterproof feature.
  • Extremely comfortable to put on.
  • 28+ liters massive storage.
  • Easy to use straps and belts.


  • The price is quite overrated.
  • Gets dirty easily because of rapid uses.
Final Thoughts

Putting the bag at the bottom of our list doesn’t indicate that it doesn’t worth purchasing. Just if you are not that much worried about the price but the quality and safety, we would like to recommend you the Osprey Men’s Aether backpack to give a try.

Bottom Line of Best Waterproof Backpacks

If you are serious about having a great outdoor and don’t want to ruin it all by a mistakenly purchased backpack, choose the best one that works on your budget. In fact, no one wants to regret the investment in a quality backpack and so do we. With this review, long gone these days of confusion and you can find the perfect pick of the high-quality waterproof backpack for you from the above top 10 waterproof backpacks.

Yes, you can select anyone’s backpack from above 10 waterproof backpacks to get the perfect flavor of backpacking. We wish you the best of luck on your next tour.

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