Best Wheelbarrow Review in 2021 – New Guide

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Why hiring a gardener if you can take care of your garden by yourself?

In previous days it used to require a lot of stamina to maintain a garden. Mostly because people used to do every chore of gardening manually by hands. But as days past, gardening tools developed abruptly.

The most effective thing to invest money in your garden tools is a wheelbarrow.

Thinking Why Wheelbarrow?

A wheelbarrow is an easy transportation system of materials like sand, gravel or other gardening tools, also for moving giant rocks.

The different load tub material of different wheelbarrows helps to carry weight according to the weight carrying limit. For easy steering, you can find pneumatic tires.

Also, some wheelbarrows come with ball bearing with the tires. It helps to move faster and smoother.

Moreover, the grip in the handle secure maximum comfort while pulling or pushing your wheelbarrow.

There are different wheelbarrows in the market. You will find hybrid wheelbarrows; hill use wheelbarrows or even electric wheelbarrows.

Here we’ve provided top 10 wheelbarrow reviews along with a complete buyer’s guide.

Also for easy choosing, we have provided a comparison chart where you can find the difference between these 10 different wheelbarrows which will help you to choose the best quality wheelbarrow for you. Remember, gardening is fun if you have the proper tool.

Wheelbarrows Comparison in 2021

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Features of Wheelbarrows

You will find wheelbarrow of different types in the market- hybrid wheelbarrows, hill using wheelbarrows and electric wheelbarrows.

Depending on your garden size and working type you have to choose the wheelbarrow for your use.

So by which feature we can determine the wheelbarrow? The features are stated below.

  • If you are doing light yard work, maybe wooden or plastic made load tray is perfect for you. But if you want to move giant rocks and other heavier loads than that wooden, plastic or even fabric made load tray won’t be able to serve you. To serve your purpose you will be needing metal load tray.Metal made load tray itself is heavier, but also has the capability to carry heavier loads. But in general for regular use, lightweight metal made load tray or polyethylene plastic made load tray makes a wheelbarrow best in the market.
  • Another crucial feature that a wheelbarrow should contain is- heavy weighing capacity. Generally, metal frame can carry heavy weight up to 650 pounds. But it is preferable for commercial use. So wheelbarrows having polyethylene beds are highly preferred as it is extremely lightweight and you won’t feel any difficulty moving that wheelbarrow.
  • If you are looking for the wheelbarrow out of the market then you’re obviously concern about the cargo volume. Cargo volume means how much materials a wheelbarrow can carry. Averagely, most wheelbarrows have a cargo volume of 10-cubic-feet.
  • The wheelbarrow you will find in the market can have single, double or four-wheel. The double wheeled wheelbarrow is preferable for light yard work. For commercial use, you will find electric wheelbarrow that costs more and contain four-wheel. But for light work or heavy work having a ball bearing in the tire will reduce your tiredness. It provides faster movement, also helps to roll around easily.
  • A wheelbarrow must have a good handle, it can be made of wood and should be equipped with rubberized or plasticized gripping facility.
  • The wheelbarrow should also be equipped with pegged rests. This allows you to sit and take rest in the wheelbarrow if necessary.
  • Having racks in a wheelbarrow is a rare but useful feature. If you are carrying the odd-shaped item or any garden tools this racks will provide additional storage and safety to them.
  • The wheelbarrows in the market must come with the rust-resistant facility. If your wheelbarrow is made of plastic, you only need to worry about sun damages. But if the wheelbarrow comes with a metal frame then there is the possibility of corrosion. So it should be provided with stainless steel to resist rust.

Best Wheelbarrow Review

If you are looking for the best quality wheelbarrow, then you are at the right place. Here we have reviewed top 10 wheelbarrows depending on today’s market.

This review is completely based on the features and benefits of the wheelbarrows, by customers’ user- experience, their feedback and by a deep analysis from our experts.

Here, you will not only find reasonably priced wheelbarrow but also find best cheap wheelbarrows if you are tight on budget.

1WORX Aerocart Multifunction 2-Wheeled Yard Cart, Dolly, and Wheelbarrow with Flat Free Tires – WG050 Review

If you are looking for the best 2-wheel wheelbarrow, then you’ve come to the right place. With an ergonomic design, versatile lifting facility and heavy weighing facility WORX Aerocart Multi function 2-Wheeled Yard Cart, Dolly, and Wheelbarrow with Flat Free Tires – WG050 has listed at the very top of our wheelbarrows.

Not only for its construction and performance also for its additional facility within this price range make it one of the best in today’s market. To make sure if it’s perfect for you or not, we have provided detailed features along with benefits, also discussed little disadvantages of this wheelbarrow.

Features and Benefits

  • All-Steel Construction Provides Durability

    WORX Aerocart Multifunction 2-Wheeled Yard Cart is constructed with all-steel construction. This stainless steel frame is capable of resisting rust. Because of this steel frame, it can carry a heavier load, i.e. more than 300 lbs. The steel made load tub materials provide extra facility while moving this wheelbarrow inside the garden.

  • Versatile Lifting Facility and Moving System

    This two-wheeled wheelbarrow from WORX comes with a highly versatile lifting facility. It can convert to dolly from a moving working system. Also, an ergonomic design helps to feel you like, you are moving light load while moving heavy loads. Suppose if you are moving 200lbs loads. But while you start to steer towards your destination it will feel like 17-lbs.

  • Extensive Folding Arms for Carrying Odd-Shaped Items

    WORX Aerocart Multi function 2-Wheeled Yard Cart has an arm extension facility which can be foldable. That means this racks can be easily unfolded while carrying flower pots, small shaped trees or even mulch bags. You can also carry straw blades and many other odd-shaped items by using this extension arm. This extensive arms or racks can carry weight up to 80 lbs. When you have finished carrying those things you can easily fold the arms and save enough spaces. Moreover, the volume capacity of this wheelbarrow is 3-cubic-feet where you can carry a large amount of sand, gravel, or other gardening tools.

  • Transformation Facility and Accessories

    This is one of the coolest features from WORX. This feature allows for your wheelbarrows to convert to flower pot mover or trailer mover or even cylinder carrier. It can also convert into bag holder while moving. Also, you will find necessary accessories provided with this 2-wheeled wheelbarrows. A flower pot strap and a cylinder holder you will be provided to you to keep them safe.

  • Patented Two Wheel Design

    WORX Aerocart Multi function 2-Wheeled Yard Cart comes with a patented two-wheel design. It can be considered as hybrid wheelbarrow with two wheels. This design helps to adjust the gravity center. The super cool gravity center technique allows your wheelbarrow to manage more loads without cracking or feelings extra pressure at your hands. Also, the flat-free tires play a vital role managing a huge load over two wheels. They are over sized and they need inflating.

  • Heavy weighing facility.
  • Lightweight.
  • Durable construction.
  • Versatile lifting facility.
  • Ergonomic lifting design.
  • Racks to carry odd-shaped items.
  • Flat-free tires.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Best for light to medium yard work might lose durability if used for serious yard work regularly.
Finally, this WORX Aerocart Multifunction 2-Wheeled Yard Cart can be considered one of the right wheelbarrows for light to medium category work. But if you still do some serious yard work it won’t be that much problem. Moreover, the overall features and their benefits provide evidence why it is listed at the top. Within this price range having such awesome features like extensive folding arms and the heavy weighing facility is unimaginable.

Want to know more about this wheelbarrow? Are you interested to purchase it?

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2Marathon Dual-Wheel Residential Yard Rover Wheelbarrow and Yard Cart – Green Review

This two-wheeled Marathon Dual-Wheel Residential Yard Rover Wheelbarrow and Yard Cart are best for residential use. If you are looking for the best cheap wheelbarrows, then considering all the features this is best suited for you. With a pool tray of 5-cubic feet and rust proofing facility, along with cushion grip handle, this wheelbarrow has listed at the second of our top 10 wheelbarrows lists. Now let’s take a short look at other features of this wheelbarrow.

Features and Benefits

  • Rust-Proof Construction

    Marathon Dual-Wheel Residential Yard Rover Wheelbarrow and Yard Cart are constructed with full metal body. The stainless steel coating protects it from rust. Because of this steel construction, it has gained durability and stability to carry load up to 300-pounds. Moreover, the load tub material is made of steel and it has 5-cubic feet of space which are enough for your residential use.

  • Two Wheels Filled with Air

    In this wheelbarrow, you can find two oversized wheels which are completely filled with air. Because of this air filling the wheelbarrow is easy to lift. This double air-filled wheel helps to move faster and smoother over rough surfaces too. It is easy to list and also easy to balance.

  • Loop Handle Provides Maximum Comfort

    Marathon Dual-Wheel Residential Yard Rover Wheelbarrow and Yard Cart come with loop handles covered by a cushion-grip. It helps to pull or push your wheelbarrow easily. Also, this allows you to dump the materials in a decent manner. Because of the design, it weighs 25 percent less than a usual wheelbarrow.

  • Easy Installation Procedure

    The only tools that are required to install this residential yard rover wheelbarrow is a crescent wrench along with a flathead screwdriver. That’s all. This easy assembly will take just minutes and get ready for work.

  • Easy to lift.
  • Super balance.
  • Durable and rustproof construction.
  • Heavy weighing facility.
  • Take only minutes to assemble.
  • Cushion-gripped handles for maximum comfort.
  • Oversized air-filled wheel.
  • As there is no handle adjustment facility so the handle might seem short to tall persons.
  • The lips don’t come with ridged support.


Though there are some cons previously stated it can be easily omitted if we look at all the other features of this cheap rated wheelbarrows. With its heavy weighing capacity and quick moving facility for its oversized tires, also for cushion gripped loop handles its worth buying.

Are you interested about this wheelbarrow?

3Best Choice Products Dual Wheel Home Wheelbarrow Yard Garden Cart Review

If you are looking for the best garden cart wheelbarrow for small projects or any light yard work, like transporting soils, carrying gardening tools etc then within a reasonable price Best Choice Products Dual Wheel Home Wheelbarrow is here for you. It has a weight carrying capacity of 330 lbs. With spacious design and high weight carrying capacity also for super transportation facility, this wheelbarrow has listed in our top wheelbarrow reviews lists. The other features of this wheelbarrow are discussed below.

Features and Benefits

  • Heavy Duty Construction Material

    Best Choice Products Dual Wheel Home Wheelbarrow is constructed with heavy duty steel frame. Because of this steel frame, the wheelbarrow becomes sturdy and durable. This wheelbarrow can support load up to 330lbs. This heavy weighing capacity allows you to sit comfortably on the wheelbarrow after you get tired working relentlessly in the garden. For rustproof performance, the wheelbarrow is constructed with powder coated steel mixing with polyethylene and rubber.

  • Two Wheel Pneumatic Control

    To overcome the obstacles easily the Best Choice Products Dual Wheel Home Wheelbarrow has two wheels. Single wheel can’t avoid dirt spills but two wheels can steer in most types of terrains. There are two 13-inch rubber wheels. These rubbers are sturdy and pneumatic. This sturdy constructed rubber ensures that it can easily maneuver on any surface either rough or smooth. For this 13-inch wheel, the transportation is also possible for heavier loads.

  • Spacious Design with Deep Barrow

    The 36x25x20 sized wheelbarrow is considered one of the best garden cart wheelbarrow because of its spacious design. The wheelbarrow is designed in such a manner that it can perform the heavy task without having any obstacle. It has a 5-cubic-foot deep construction which allows you to carry heavy loads, such as transporting soils, gardening tools or other gardening materials.

  • Easy to Lift and Storage Friendly Wheelbarrow

    Best Choice Products Dual Wheel Home Wheelbarrow comes with an easy lift facility. You can find thick padded handles having loops which makes it easy to transport. Also, you can use wear-and-tear method for saving up your space. Just you need to place in an area and by using this method you can save a significant amount of space. Moreover, for the protection of your wheelbarrow which is dual-tired, it is so compactly built so that you can easily store and stand or lift while necessary.

  • Sturdy construction.
  • Two rubber wheels.
  • Rustproof performance.
  • Deep spacious design.
  • Easy to lift and transport.
  • Simple accommodation facility.
  • As no instruction manual is provided so you may find it difficult to assemble.
  • Good for light yard work.


Overall, Best Choice Products Dual Wheel Home Wheelbarrow has won many customers heart because of its endurance and capability. Though it is said that not to carry the giant rock in this wheelbarrow but still if you carry it won’t be a problem. But it is considered best garden cart wheelbarrow for the light yard work. Needless to say, the easy lifting facility and super storage-friendly design make it one of the perfect wheelbarrow in today’s market.

Want to know more about best choice products dual wheel home wheelbarrow?

4Best Choice Products 650LB Garden Dump Cart Wheelbarrow Wagon Carrier Air Tires Heavy Duty Review

If you would like to move heavy weights like giant rocks or other gardening tools, or even heavy load supplies like, sand, gravel then you need a heavily constructed wheelbarrow. To meet you need Best Choice Products 650LB Garden Dump Cart Wheelbarrow Wagon Carrier Air Tires Heavy Duty is here with is weight carrying capacity of 650 lbs. Also, it has a spacious bed depth. Along with this features the multifunctioning design makes this wheelbarrow to list in our top ten wheelbarrows review lists. The details specification and beneficial features are provided below.

Features and Benefits

  • Heavy Duty Poly carbonate Construction

    Best Choice Products 650LB Garden Dump Cart Wheelbarrow is constructed with heavy-duty polycarbonate. Also, you will find a durable steel frame along with it. This sturdy construction ensures the high quality and long lasting of this wheelbarrow. For comfortable placement of your hand while steering the handle is made of the rubber grip. This rubber grip enables you to steer for a long time having a minimum energy loss.

  • 4-Wheel Control with 10 inches Turf Tires

    You can find 4 wheels in this heavy duty constructed wheelbarrow and each of the wheels has a 10 inches’ turf tires. This large turf tire allows you to steer in rough surfaces and it also has the capability to roll in different types of terrain. Moreover, this turf tires helps for easy transportation. By having minimal movement, it can roll. So for carrying heavyweight isn’t a problem anymore. Again, for this 4 wheel, the wheelbarrow gain stability while performing transportation.

  • Spacious Bed Depth with Heavy Weighing Facility

    Best Choice Products 650LB Garden Dump Cart Wheelbarrow can carry load up to 650 lbs on a flat surface. But whenever the wheelbarrow is titled the safety weight that it can carry is 220 lbs. Moreover, the bed of the wheelbarrow is deep and spacious. This enables you to carry you necessary gardening materials all at once. Even you can move giant rock easily with the help of this wheelbarrow. Not only for giant rock movement but also it can be used for heavy yard duties among a wide range of areas.

  • Multi functioning Design and Tilting Facility

    This heavily constructed wheelbarrow can tilt on two wheels among four. Four-wheel are needed to roll on a flat surface. This Garden Dump Wagon has the capability to tilt and dump after reaching the destination, it can be sand or gravel or maybe silt. Also, you have the facility to lock in that position while dumping. The overall dimension of 40×19.5×37 inches wheelbarrow can carry a large number of gardening materials.

    So this wheelbarrow is highly useful to large garden areas. Also, you will find easy maneuvering as because of the design of your wagon. This design allows everyone to dump dirt or other materials in a decent manner and almost with no effort.

  • Constructed of heavy-duty materials.
  • Heavy weighing capacity.
  • Super spacious bed depth.
  • Tilting and dumping design.
  • Four-wheel for comfortable transportation.
  • You will be needing specified instruction while you are up for assembling the wheelbarrow.


Overall, if you can assemble by following some few steps, you are going to have an easy and quick transportation system in your gardening arena. This 4-wheel polycarbonate made the body with steel frame can be considered one of the best heavy wheelbarrow in the market. For it’s tilting and dumping facility it has gained popularity.

Want to know more about this Best Choice Products 650LB Garden Dump Cart Wheelbarrow? And get to know about the latest price?

5Gorilla Carts Poly Garden Dump Cart with Steel Frame and 10-in. Pneumatic Tires, 600-Pound Capacity, Black Review

If you are looking for commercial heavy duty wheelbarrows, then Gorilla Carts Poly Garden Dump Cart with Steel Frame is best suited for you. This 4 wheeled wheelbarrow comes with 10-inch tires. It allows you to run on rough surfaces as well as hilly terrains. It is a great wheelbarrow for lawn professionals.

This spacious bed allows you to carry heavy dirt or potted flower plants. Also, you can carry mulch and gravel. That is why we have listed this wheelbarrow in our greatest wheelbarrows lists. The features and benefits along with pros and cons are discussed below.

Features and Benefits

  • Unique Frame Design

    Gorilla Carts Poly Garden Dump Cart comes with a unique frame design. For ground clearance and to offer more maneuverability the frame is made of all-steel. The unique structured design requires less assembly time. Because of this durable frame and construction, you can carry mulch, gravel or even plants in this wheelbarrow.

  • Patented Dump Feature

    This Gorilla Carts come with patented dumping materials from the tub. The unloading of the material is quick and easy. Also, this quick releasing dump helps you to unload materials to your desired place.

  • Durable Poly Bed, Padded Handle, and Tires

    This wheelbarrow is equipped with 38.7×20 inches rust proof and durable poly bed. Also, you will find handles to carry load up to 600 pounds. For your comfort, this handle comes with a rubber padding which helps to pull easily. Also there you can find 10 inches sized pneumatic tires. This 4-wheeled pneumatic tires allow to move smoothly, faster and over rough surfaces too.

  • Rustproof spacious poly bed.
  • Easy pulling handles.
  • Heavy weighing facility.
  • Pneumatic tires allow rolling smoothly.
  • Less assembly time required.
  • It comes with patented dumping feature.
  • Some customer finds the smell of the parts of the wheelbarrows being offensive.


Overall, this Gorilla Carts Poly Garden Dump Cart is suitable for casual gardener, also for commercial uses. Because of the cheap price and high performance this wheelbarrow has gained popularity. The pneumatic rollers and patented dumping feature is enough to list it in our good wheelbarrows lists.

6Best Choice Products Utility Cart Wagon Lawn Wheelbarrow Steel Trailer 660lbs Review

Best Choice Products Utility Cart Wagon Lawn Wheelbarrow is listed in our top 10 wheelbarrows because of its corrosion resistant mesh bed, easy gripping facility. It can carry weight more than 400 lbs because of its durable steel framed construction. The beneficial features along with cons are stated below.

Features and Benefits

  • Steel Constructed Frame

    Best Choice Products Utility Cart Wagon Lawn Wheelbarrow comes with all steel construction that ensures it’s maximum durability. Also for the steel construction, you can use this wheelbarrow for long periods.

  • Corrosion Resistant Mesh Bed

    The mesh bed of this cart comes with a powder coated corrosion resistant design. Because of this corrosion-resistant facility, the bed remains unchanged over years. This mesh bed can carry up to 400 lbs. The dimension of this bed is 34x18x8.5 inches.

  • 4 Rubber Wheels and Easy Gripping Facility

    This wheelbarrow comes with 4 oversize 10 inches’ rubber wheels. These wheels help to roll over rough surfaces easily. It is suitable for various types of terrain. Also there you can find a front steering for better controlling. Moreover, you will find the handle having a cushioned grip for maximum comfort while pulling or pushing.

  • Converting Facility

    You can easily convert this wheelbarrow into flatbed if necessary which helps to move heavier loads easily. Also, you will find hinges on the side by which you can easily fold when carrying odd-shaped items.

  • Durable frame.
  • Corrosion resistant bed construction.
  • Cushion-gripped handles allows you better controlling.
  • Easy convertible sides.
  • Oversized rubber wheel to roll easily in various terrains.
  • You might find little difficulty while assembling the wheelbarrow.


At the end, you’ve easily noticed that why we have listed this Best Choice Products Utility Cart Wagon Lawn Wheelbarrow in our top rated wheelbarrows review lists. It’s durable frame with cushion grip handling and easy folding sides makes it popular and useful among customers.

Want to know more about this wheelbarrow and price?

7True Temper 6-Cubic Foot Steel Wheelbarrow – R625 Review

True Temper 6-Cubic Foot Steel Wheelbarrow – R625 is considered one of the perfect wheelbarrows for light construction work as well as for gardens because of it’s great handling and superb stability. It is an idea for fervent professionals. Also, it is hugely beneficial for a plumber and home gardeners too. Now let’s take a short look at different features of this wheelbarrows.

Features and Benefits

  • Well Crafted Handles

    For easier movement facility and easy maneuverability, the manufacturer designed the handles intelligently. This well-crafted handle allows better controlling and better balancing. You have almost zero chances to spin away the contents in the ground while working because of this advanced handling technique.

  • Flat Free Tire Ensures Stability

    True Temper 6-Cubic Foot Steel Wheelbarrow comes with 8 inches tubed tire. As this tubed tire is flat free so it ensures the perfect stability of the wheelbarrows. For performing heavy tasks, it is necessary. The impressive pivoting system of the tire allows less inflation.

  • Well-Balanced Tub

    To hold things in position the wheelbarrow from True Temper comes with 6 cubic feet high steel made tub. It is organized in an amazing knobby pattern. It has a well-balanced finish.

  • Great For

    True Temper 6-Cubic Foot Steel Wheelbarrow is great for home gardeners who would like to perform light yard work, for plumbers it is very useful, for landscapers and also for fervent professionals can be hugely benefited while performing their work using this wheelbarrow.

  • High steel tub tray.
  • Super gripping handles.
  • Better balance and controlling.
  • Suitable for light to medium work.
  • Though the handles are great for gripping but as because it is made of wood many people don’t like it.


Finally, True Temper 6-Cubic Foot Steel Wheelbarrow with super balancing and maximum gripping has listed in our top rated wheelbarrows lists. Though the wooden handle is not liked by some people, still for its functionality and easy maneuvrability is considered superb wheelbarrow among the market.

8Seymour WB-JRB Children’s High-Density Poly Tray Wheelbarrow with Steel Wheel and Solid Rubber Tire, Boxed Review

Looking for a kid-friendly gardening wheelbarrow? The Seymour WB-JR Poly Tray is best suitable for kids because of its lovely design, easy working facility and with more strength. Also, the hardwood handles come with the maximum gripping facility. The other essential features of this perfect kid-sized wheelbarrow are discussed below.

Features and Benefits

  • Elegant Lightweight Design

    Seymour WB-JR Poly Tray comes with a lightweight feature. It has a large capacity and it is designed with red poly tray. It has a dimension of 23.2x9x17 inches and weighs only 4.6 pounds. So Seymour WB-JR Poly Tray has portable feature because of this lightweight.

  • Hardwood Handle Providing Maximum Comfortable Grip

    This wheelbarrow comes with child-friendly pushing system. The handle of this wheelbarrow is made of hardwood. This also ensures maximum comfortable grip for your child. This rubber grip also enables to use this for an extended period.

  • Solid Rubber Tire

    Seymour WB-JR Poly Tray is equipped with a solid rubber tire. This ensures nice maneuverability. Also for easier movement where you can find a poly ball bearing. Moreover, a front tray bracing is included with this wheelbarrow.

  • Kids-friendly wheelbarrow.
  • Lightweight and portable.
  • Rust-resistant facility.
  • Comfy hardwood handles.
  • Maximum gripping facility.
  • The color might faint after long periods.


Overall, the Seymour WB-JR Poly Tray can be considered good wheelbarrows for kids. But also very useful for adults too. You can perform light yard work with this wheelbarrow. This light work may include collecting weeds of plants, removing specks of dirt etc.

Want to know more about this kid-friendly wheelbarrow and latest price?

9Jackson M6T22 6 Cubic foot Steel Tray Contractor Wheelbarrow With Front Braces Review

Want to transport weed to plants, mulch flowers and so on inside your garden? The Jackson M6T22 6 Cubic foot Steel Tray Contractor Wheelbarrow With Front Braces is here to serve your needs. Not only for small projects but you can also use this wheelbarrows for heavy projects inside your garden too. Now let’s take a short look at other essential features of this wheelbarrow.

Features and Benefits

  • Impressive Portable Design

    The dimension of this wheelbarrow is 36x25x27 inches and it weighs only 10 pounds. This lightweight makes it portable. It may be lightweight but has a durable construction. The heavy-duty steel structure makes it corrosion resistant.

  • Durable Gauge Steel Tray

    To carry your heavy loads, you can find heavy and durable gauge steel tray in this wheelbarrow. There you will find front braces which help to distribute loads.

  • Non-Flexing Steel Made Tub

    In this wheelbarrow, you will find a solid 6-cubic-feet mesh bed. This high will help to keep the inside materials securely and well in place. This steel tub is also non-flexing. The tub of this wheelbarrow is low and situated in the forward gravity center. This makes the wheelbarrow easy to maneuver. It requires less fatigue as the load gets distributed.

  • Sturdy construction for heavy projects.
  • Oversized tires confirm its stability.
  • High sized tub helps to store contents in place.
  • Steel tray design ensures solidness.
  • Some people find the wheelbarrow itself heavier.


Overall, the perfectly positioned pivot of this wheelbarrow from the manufacturer Jackson confirms reliable stability containing heavier loads. Moreover, the mobility of this wheelbarrow is enriched with performance. That’s is why it is in our top ten lists.

10Lifetime 65034 Two Wheel Wheelbarrow, 6.5 Cubic Feet Capacity Review

Looking to carry heavy weights on just two wheels? Lifetime 65034 Two Wheel Wheelbarrow is here with a tub load capacity of 6.5 cubic feet. With a water-resisting streel construction and greater load stability only on two wheels, this wheelbarrow has gained popularity among customers. Also, the ingenious load distribution technique proves it to be listed in the top 10 wheelbarrows lists.

Features and Benefits

  • Water- Resistant Steel Construction Ensures Durability

    Lifetime 65034 Two Wheel Wheelbarrow comes with powder coated steel construction. Because of this powder coating, the wheelbarrow becomes water resistant It has a tub capacity of 6.5-cubic-feet. Because of this durable construction, it can hold up to 550 lbs.

  • Two Heavy Duty Wheels

    This wheelbarrow is equipped with two sturdy treaded wheels. Because of the ingenious design of the wheels, the total load on the tub is distributed only 15 percent to you. Moreover, the tub is made up of 100% recycled material.

  • Greater Load Stability

    For providing greater load stability on two wheels you will find wide wheelbase. This base is situated in the low to the center of gravity. This easy-to-manage load system allows you to carry this huge load without less difficulty.

  • Sturdy construction.
  • Heavy weighing facility.
  • Easy to maneuver.
  • Ingenious load distribution system.
  • Spacious design.
  • Water-resistant frame.
  • Easy load balancing facility.
  • Comfortable handles.
  • Some easy maintenance is required.


Finally, to keep a machine fully functional maintenance is a must. But if you neglect then this wheelbarrow can be considered one of the high-quality wheelbarrows in the market. With its sturdy construction and ingenious load distribution system, it is very helpful for gardeners to carry their essentials.

Want to know more about this Lifetime 65034 Two Wheel Wheelbarrow? Interested to buy this one?

Editor’s Pick

After reviewing all of the above 10 mentioned wheelbarrows our experts has announced WORX Aerocart Multifunction 2-Wheeled Yard Cart, Dolly, and Wheelbarrow with Flat Free Tires – WG050 to be the right wheelbarrows according to the useful features, user reviews and within a reasonable price range. So what features make it best among all top 10 wheelbarrows?

Firstly, it comes with a full-steel construction which not only provides durability to the wheelbarrow but provides heavy weighing capacity. Because of the lightweight metal body, it has lower self-weight. Moreover, it comes with an ergonomic lifting design. That means the patented design of this wheelbarrow allows you to balance the loads easily. Also if you are carrying suppose 200-lbs loads, it will feel like you are moving 17- lbs loads because of this extract balance of the center of gravity. It can carry loads more than 300 lbs. Along with this cool feature, it also comes with an extension arms which has folding capacity.

The folding arms or racks allow you to carry odd-sized material such as mulch bags or even flower pots. Also, you can carry small trees and straw bales easily by using this racks. This rack can carry load up to 80 lbs. Moreover, WORX Aerocart Multifunction 2-Wheeled Yard Cart comes with a convertible feature. This means it can easily convert to a dolly or even flower pot mover while moving working system. All the necessary accessories are provided with the wheelbarrows. Also, it has an oversized tire which helps in faster movement and it needs no inflating. That is why it is our editor’s pick!

How do I choose a wheelbarrow?

Just choosing a wheelbarrow randomly without consideration is not a good choice. The main way wheelbarrows differ from each other is what material they were constructed from and their design.

These differences work to give each wheelbarrow a role and are necessary to consider.

Differences in Construction

There are primarily two different materials used to construct the wheelbarrow, specifically the bucket or trough part that holds the mulch, compost, plants, etc. They are steel and plastic.


Wheelbarrows made out of steel are sturdier and can hold more weight. If you’re building a large garden and you’ll need to carry more materials to and from the garden, you’ll benefit from the sturdiness and the ability to carry more per run.

If you also need to make lots of boundaries for different patches of plants, these types of wheelbarrows are much better suited due to being able to carry bricks better.

However, these wheelbarrows are much more susceptible to rust, and negligence can quickly make them unusable.

The rust will make the wheelbarrow much weaker and less effective. They are also much heavier and require more strength to pull or push.


The other type of wheelbarrow you’ll encounter are plastic variants or ones with the bucket being made out of plastic.

These are lighter and easier to move around but less sturdy. They also have less carrying capacity as too much weight can cause it to collapse.

Plastic wheelbarrows are resistant to rust but are susceptible to high temperatures.

This is an issue since you’ll be working outside most of the time, and depending on the location and time, you will be facing harsh sunlight.

This heat can cause the plastic to deform and affect the wheelbarrow. Plastic wheelbarrows have less carrying capacity and are often used to mix concrete or fertilizers.

Differences in Design

Wheelbarrows have different designs, most specifically in regards to the handles and wheels. Some wheelbarrows have two wheels instead of one.

These wheelbarrows are more stable and won’t fall over. However, they are difficult to turn, and it takes more strength to dump the contents.

Some wheelbarrows feature different handles. The handles can be made out of plastic or metal.

Plastic handles don’t get heated up and become painful to hold but have less durability.

There are also bar type handles that provide a much better grip in general as well as making it more efficient to move the barrow around.

It is recommended to use bar type handles as they prevent back and muscle pain.

Is it a wheel barrel or wheelbarrow?

Wheelbarrow. Wheel barrel is incorrect in terms of modern usage. The word barrow is Anglo Saxon in origin and means to carry, which fits with the equipment and its use. So, the wheelbarrow is the correct name.

Why is a wheelbarrow called a wheelbarrow?

The name wheelbarrow consists of two parts. Here, the first part is the wheel, which refers to the wheel or wheels attached that allows one to easily move it around.

The other part of the name is a barrow, which originates from old English.
Barrow means to carry a load or bear a burden.

As a result, early forms of the wheelbarrows, which resembled baskets were often called barrows. They later evolved into wheelbarrows.

How much does a wheelbarrow cost?

Plastic wheelbarrows are often priced at 10 dollars, and two-wheel variants can go up to 15 or even 20 dollars.

Metal wheelbarrows are often priced higher. One wheel variant is priced at 15, and two-wheel variants with high capacities can go up to 25 dollars.

Which wheelbarrow is the best?

There are some good contenders, but the most popular is the WORX WG050 Aerocart. It is a very versatile wheelbarrow that features bar handles, making it comfortable to use and prevents aches.

It also has strong wheels that provide a smooth ride and ensures that the contents don’t spill over during transport.

The wheelbarrow also comes with various accessories that make it versatile, like a snowplow and a utility cart.

Hopefully, this article has given you a good idea about wheelbarrows in general and will prove helpful if you decide to buy one for gardening needs.

Buying Guideline of Right Wheelbarrows

If you are on tight on the budget choosing the good wheelbarrow from the market is difficult.

First, you have to know about the types of wheelbarrow available in the market.

Then you have to decide according to your budget what features you will be needing for a cost-effective buy. Let’s head towards the type first, then ride to the features you will be needing.

  • Type-01: Hybrid Wheelbarrows

    In earlier days wheelbarrows had single wheels having a shallow bed depth. If you provide much weight to that type of single-wheeled wheelbarrow it won’t be able to carry the load. So, in modern days there is hybrid wheelbarrow which is the modified design and a mix design of the classic wheelbarrow. They can carry load up to 300 lbs. This hybrid wheelbarrow can be of 1, 2 or 4 wheels depending on the bed depth, tub sizes and according to your load nature.

  • Type-02: Hilly Wheelbarrow

    In the flat platform, you can use any kind of wheelbarrow. But if you live in hilly terrain then buying the same wheelbarrow that is suitable for flat platform only can be a real danger. Because in the recent market you will find wheelbarrow that is specifically designed for hilly terrain, both uphill and downhill. So what features make a wheelbarrow useful for hilly areas?

    Generally, it should be made of high-quality plastic. As because plastic is lighter than steel frame so the total frame of the wheelbarrow becomes lightweight. Also having a ball bearing is a must. This ball bearing helps to provide three reactions at three axes, upward, downward and forward. As for the gravitational forces if you tilt the wheelbarrow the component will help your wheelbarrow to go forward without having much effort. Also, forward forces help your wheelbarrow to run easily in a hilly area. The handles of these wheelbarrows should be well-lubricated. Having a grip on the handle will provide you maximum comfort. It is very comfy pulling your wheelbarrow rather pushing it.

  • Type-03: Electric Wheelbarrows

    If you are a tech-lover then with high-tech option electric wheelbarrow are there. It is more expensive than traditional or even the hybrid models. Also for maintenance of this electric wheelbarrow, you might have to spend some additional cost. This electric wheel comes along with a powerful motor so that you can carry a heavier load. For faster movement, you will find wheels mostly 4-wheels which can rotate 360 degrees. The electric wheelbarrow can carry loads more than 500 lbs and can move at a speed of 2.4 mph. It is also useful for steep downhill. All you need is to set the perfect speed. Also in this electric wheelbarrow, you will have an easy dumping facility. But as stated before it will cost more and it is recommended for commercial use.

After you have a clear idea about which type of wheelbarrow you want to buy for your purpose- hybrid wheelbarrow for a flat platform, hilly wheelbarrows for hilly terrain and electric wheelbarrow for commercial use, now it’s time to know what features should a wheelbarrow contains that makes it high-quality wheelbarrow in the market.

  • Consideration-01: Load Tub Material

    In general, if the wheelbarrow has a heavier weight and sturdy design it can carry heavy load tub material. Though having a heavier weight of the wheelbarrow itself may be hard to steer and it costs a bit more than a lightweight wheelbarrow. Mostly the load tray of the lightweight wheelbarrow is made of wood, plastic or fabric. Mostly in folding type wheelbarrow, you will find fabric made load tray. For carrying the heavier weight you should go for metal made load tray. It will weight more, but it can carry heavier loads around your garden. But you will also find load tray made of lightweight metal that is of reasonable price. It is easy to transport and can carry moderate weight. Also polyethylene plastic made load tray is preferable.

  • Consideration-02: Weight Limit and Cargo Volume

    You will get a weight limit that a wheelbarrow can carry from any manufacturer. Also, you can look at a glace to our comparison table to know the carrying capacity of our best wheelbarrow we have reviewed previously. Mainly, the load carrying capacity depends on the construction material. Every time light weighted wheelbarrow can’t carry heavy weight is a wrong idea. Mostly, polyethylene materials made wheelbarrows are extremely lightweight but it can carry heavy loads.

    Cargo volume is equally important because it denotes how much volume you will have to carry your materials. Mostly, wheelbarrow having 10-cubic-feet volume is preferable. Though this volume can vary according to your yard size and types of work you will be doing.

  • Consideration -03: Tires (Number, Wheel Types & Ball Bearings)

    Mostly within reasonable price mid-grade working two-wheel wheelbarrow are preferable. It is easy to maneuver, can moderate loads, good for light yard work. The classic wheelbarrow is single wheeled. Because of this single wheel, it is hard to maneuver and you also can’t carry a heavy load in this single wheeled wheelbarrow. Also, you will find four-wheeled wheelbarrows commonly used in a hybrid wheelbarrow. In this type of wheelbarrow, you can provide heavy supplies and move very easily around your yard.

    Commonly there are two types of wheels available in the market- pneumatic tire and skimp tire. Pneumatic tires are widely used in today’s wheelbarrow. As it can roll smoothly and helps to reduce pressure so it is highly preferable. Skimp tires are made of plastic. It causes huge spill while you steer in your garden. It is also hard to steer.

    Having a ball bearing in your tires will provide you easy carrying facility. Because of this ball bearing, you will feel fewer loads and it helps to move fast and smoothly on the ground. Though it is commonly used for a hilly wheelbarrow but for moving heavier loads in flat platform using ball bearing tires can be an additional advantage.

  • Consideration -04: Handles and Pegged Rests

    Choosing the best type of handles will provide you comfort transportation facility. Also, it will provide you easy leverage facility while dumping your materials from your wheelbarrow. Most wheelbarrows come with wooden made handles which helps to steer easily and dump materials even more easily. Moreover, if the handles are not equipped with grips like rubber and plastic you have to struggle much. This grip will provide you easily maneuver while carrying heavier loads.

    Pegged rests are important for your rest after you’ve carried your wheelbarrow.This pegged rests help you sit down after you moved your wheelbarrow. It should be made of stainless steel otherwise it won’t be able to carry your heavy loads.

This complete guideline about buying the good wheelbarrow from the market will surely help you to choose the best one within reasonable price range. Previous you may be looking for best place to buy wheelbarrows but this guide provides most vital info that buying a place is not that crucial if you know about the wheelbarrows types and keep these considerations in minds. It will surely help you to buy the top wheelbarrow according to your working type, features you need and according to your budget.

Best Brands of Wheelbarrows

Nowadays as people are doing gardening for hobby or for a commercial purpose the wheelbarrows became an inevitable tool to buy. That’s why there are different brands of wheelbarrows available in the market. The positive thing is, it brings a lot of choosing option for the customer. The dark side is- it makes the customers confused. They always search for the reliable brands. Below we’ve stated some reliable brands who are dominating the wheelbarrows industry over decades.

  1. WORX
  2. Marathon
  3. Best Choice Products
  4. The AMES Companies, Inc.
  5. Lifetime

Along with these brands, you will also see some more brands who also produces best quality wheelbarrows.

Final Verdict

Hope this wheelbarrows review and buyers guide has provided a complete information about the best one by bisecting into deep of that wheelbarrow. Also, a full detailed buyer guide will surely help you to know what type of wheelbarrow will be perfect for you. In summary, if you are doing light to medium yard work, you can choose hybrid wheelbarrows having two or four-wheels depending on your budget.

For heavy work, you can choose both hybrid wheelbarrows or electric wheelbarrows. In the above top 10 reviews, we have provided as much detailed information about them. There you will find wheelbarrows having moderate to heavier weighing capacity, well-made load tub material, pneumatic wheels for easy transportation. So depending on your budget and according to your gardening work type you can choose any of them.

So invest some of your garden tools and have a happy gardening experience!

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