Best Zero Turn Mowers For The Money – Review in 2024

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If you have a lawn right next to your home, you might be one of those lucky American homeowners who pride themselves on it! But, cutting the lawn grasses on a regular basis is maybe one of your least favorite lawn care chores.

This dichotomy between loving the lawn and not enjoying the lawn mowing job has inspired manufacturers to invent commercial lawn mower.

The amount of effort and time zero-turn mowers can save during a mowing session is simply beyond expectation!

Although there are hundreds of models available, there is not only one company that lists them all. Purchasing the right fit for your own is always a hard job to do. Chances are, you will probably choose the wrong one if you go figure out it yourself.

More on that, everyone out there tried you to tell that a zero turn mower is what you exactly need. The advertisers claim that their brand can end up mowing your lawn in half of the time. But trust me, a zero-turn brand from the local market or silly advertisers isn’t what you need.

So how we can help you? Well, what we have done is, we have done months-long research aiming at finding the best zero turn mower brands and models. Listing them is a single content; we have added some expert’s advice as well to choose the right fit among all these models.

So, this review isn’t just an article, buts it’s the resultant of months-long research data, real users feedback, expert’s opinion, and off course unbiased product quality inspection.

Let’s roll in!

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Zero Turn Mowers Comparison in 2021

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What is Zero Turn Mower?

Riding lawn mower which has a turning radius of zero degrees is referred as a zero turn mower. That means achieving a radius of zero cm is the main goal of this zero turn mowers.

There is a most common process that every manufacturer use, the installation of hydraulic speed control. If you provide this speed control on each wheel, it will achieve 0 cm radius.

Most zero turn mowers that are available in the market has two small swiveling tires on the front side and large drive tires at the back. The back tire controls the traction and speed. It also rotates separately.

Despite having any steering wheels, zero turn mowers have two throttles to control the rotational speed. Also, the directional speed is controlled by this process.

There are different types of zero turn mowers for different purposes. You can choose you one according to your choice and budget by going through zero turn mower reviews.

How to Use Zero Turn Mowers?

If you are not professional landscapers, such zero turn mowers might seem hard for you to operate. Here are some simple tips that might help you to operate your mower more easily.

  • First, you need to sit down in the mower and adjust the height of your back seat so that you can mow comfortable. Don’t forget to put seat belts.
  • Then push the handles of the mower to move forwards. By pulling the handles back, you will go reverse.
  • To apply the pressure in each lever, you need to drive the mower in a straight line.
  • If you want to turn left, just push the left handle in forward. For turning right go for vice versa.
  • These are some simple tips while using the zero turn mowers for the first time.

Why are Zero Turn Mowers Best than Other Lawn Mowers?

In recent times for mowing lawn, people are tending to go for a zero turn mower rather than other lawnmowers. So why they prefer to get the top zero turn mowers for them?

Because it helps to mow your lawn without any tearing up. Zero turn mowers also help to mow in hilly terrain, slopes and also ditches. The zero turn mowers mow quickly and are very time-saving.

Whereas other lawn mowers work at a slower process than zero turn mowers. It is best for trimming obstacles that surround you.

Though many unwanted specks of dirt, a leaf may cause a problem, it has become very popular in modern times for its high powered engine and exclusive designs.

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Different Types of Zero Turn Mowers

As per the purpose and range of usage, zero turn mowers can be of three basic categories. Here are the basics on each o them-

1. Residential Zero Turn Mowers

Residential zero turn mowers are best for homeowners. People who are in need of mowing weekly can go for these mowers. The cutting deck size depends on the area of your property. If you are willing to cut for a long yard, you must go for the large cutting deck size mower.

If you want to mow less than 2 acres per week, then residential zero turn mowers are best for you. You can find residential mowers of different speed and functionality in the market. These mowers are less pricey than the other types of the mower.

2. Entry Level Commercial Zero Turn Mowers

First timers who have to cut a small piece of lawn are highly welcome to have entry-level zero turn mowers. It contains less expensive materials. Though having less expensive materials but it comes with stamped decks and also has steel materials.

Entry level commercial zero turn mowers are twice as faster than many tractors. From the name, it can be easily observed that it is for first time users. People commonly use these entry-level mowers at their household lawn mowing.

3. Commercial Zero Turn Mowers

If you want to get a high-grade performance and want a daily mow, then it’s best to go for the commercial zero turn mower. Because commercial mowers have the ability to finish the work quickly. It is much costly than other mowers.

If you are a professional landscaper and have to do mowing every day then it is the best option. These types of mowers have a durable frame and sturdier body. Usually, for quicker finishing, it is used. Though it is quite expensive, you will also find cheap commercial zero turn mowers in the market.

Top 5 Brands of Zero Turn Mowers

An insight of the dominating brands in the industry-

1. Husqvarna Zero Turn Mowers

When you are in search of top brands of zero turn mower the name of Husqvarna Zero Turn Mowers comes first. From cheap to expensive, from traditional to innovative, from commercial to residential they have a wide option of choosing the right zero turn mowers for their customers. Generally, they emphasize on the user-friendliness of the mower, saving the fueling system, also on the mechanical lock of their mowers. As because of this wide amount of option and trustworthiness from the manufacturer’s people are often seemed to buy their zero turn mowers.

2. Ariens Zero Turn Mowers

The Ariens Zero Turn Mowers is one of the most popular zero turn mowers brand all over the world. From the manufacturer, you will get various series of zero turn mowers. Each has their quality and especially. They made apex zero turns, IKON XL zero turn, IKON X zero turn and zoom zero turn series. In these categories, you will get zero turn mowers of low range price to high range, from commercial to residential. They are enlarging their market day by day bringing innovation mowers to the customer for their easy livelihood.

3. Poulan Pro Zero Turn Mowers

Poulan Pro is an established brand throughout the world. This manufacturer also has a great impact on zero turn mowers industry. They are bringing newly engineered products to the customer’s demand. They make both household and commercial zero turn mowers. This manufacturer of zero-turn mowers mainly focuses on the speed of their mowers. So they are bringing more powerful engines to the market. They also emphasize the easy controlling system.

4. Swisher Zero Turn Mowers

Swisher Zero Turn Mowers is the world’s most expensive mower manufacturer. They made only commercial zero turn mower each consists of an extremely powerful engine. As all the mowers are made for commercial uses, for the professional landscapers, so they emphasize on the efficiency of the engine. They are also expanding they market bringing new technology to their products.

5. Troy-Built Zero Turn Mowers

Troy-built is an agricultural product manufacturer known for mostly it’s highly durable lawn care and gardening products. Having headquartered in Valley City, Ohio, they operate their production and customer service all around the country. The company is up to service since it’s early establishment in 1937 and still standing at top of their customer’s preference list. While writing this review, we liked their lawn mower products a lot. Apart from the zero turn mowers, they also have wide production range of walk-behind mowers and riding lawn mowers. Beyond their product quality and customer service, Troy-built is such a company that you can trust in.

Best Zero Turn Mowers Review

#01: Husqvarna 967324101V Twin Review

If you are looking for a powerful engine with wheel transmission then Husqvarna 967324101 V-Twin Zero Turn Mower, the review is for you. This mower is listed in the first place of our top ten zero turn mowers list with it’s easy to assemble process and having a highly profitable fuel option.

Highlighted Features

  • This product has a cutting width of 54 inches and dimensions of 46×49.5×72.75 inches. It has a weight of 598 pounds.
  • This comes with a large deck size of 54 inches and has 4 anti-scalp wheels.
  • The powerful engine has a premium air filtration process.
  • It is mainly powered by Briggs and also Stratton.
  • To ensure the durability of the product you will find robust frame and casters.
  • There is an availability of the chassis features which helps to remove foot pan from the top of the deck.
  • Headlights, refinement, auto brake system add uniqueness to its efficiency.
  • It has a rear side discharging option.
  • Well compactly designed for higher efficiency.
  • Easy assembly system and simple to use.
  • Fuel option saves extra costs.
  • The powerful engine allows cutting thick grass easily.
  • Automatic brake might not work properly. It may also roll your mowers backward.
  • The engine is noisy.
  • A bit pricey.

Finally, if you are new to this mowing or have little experience you can go for this product. Our Husqvarna 967324101 V- Twin 724 cc Zero Turn Mower, 54″ review gives you a complete idea about its features and their benefits.

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#02: Poulan Pro P46ZX Briggs V-Twin Pro Deck Review

Poulan Pro is reining the market with their heritage since 1944. They have also made some well-engineered and innovative zero turn mowers for their customers. Here in this Poulan Pro p46ZX Briggs V-Twin Pro Zero Turn Mower, the 46-inch review we will let you know about the full specification of this product.
Poulan Pro P46ZX Briggs V-Twin Pro Deck Review

It is mainly made for the homeowners for their use in the lawn. Let’s see why it is listed in our top ten zero turn mowers review list.

Highlighted Features

  • The product has a 22 horsepower of V- sized double pro engine.
  • It has a widely sized reinforced deck for the best convenience of cutting grass and other obstacles.
  • Poulan Pro zero turn mower comes with hydro gear.
  • Hydro Gear is an advanced technology that you can find in the recent zero turn mowers.
  • Along with hydro gear, it has EZT transmission for enlarging the efficiency.
  • Electric clutch helps to control the mower more easily.
  • The fuel tank having 3.5 gallons of capacity helps to cut grasses and other obstacles for a long time period.
  • Comes with necessary accessories like headlight kit and rain cover.
  • High speed controls help to save enough time.
  • Easy maintenance process.
  • The bottom of the mower is not smooth enough as this mower is made from 2×4 wood and has blocked wheels.
  • Controlling might seem difficult because of the lacking of the throttle cable knob.


In conclusion, though having a mixer of pros and cons, the highlighted features are enough to describe the benefits of using this zero turn mower. After going through this Poulan Pro p46ZX Briggs V-Twin Pro 22 HP Cutting Deck Zero Turn Radius Riding Mower, 46-inch review, if you interested to buy it, must buy from trusted place.

#03: Ariens 25HP 60″ ZTR Tractor Review

This a commercial grade zero turn mower. It has a 25 HP Kohler engine having 750 ccs twin pro-V running capacity. In this Ariens 25HP 60” ZTR Tractor Review we will discuss the top features of this mower. Mostly because of it’s high mowing efficiency, the super powerful transaxle transmission makes this to be listed in our top rated zero turn mowers list.
Ariens 25HP 60

Highlighted Features

  • Ariens ZTR tractor has a weight of 1080 lbs.
  • It has 60 inches cutting blade with 10 fabricated gauge.
  • This mower is featured with Hydro gear transmission.
  • The welded steel formwork of the mower gives longer durability to the mower.
  • It comes with a powerful engine which can generate up to 750 ccs using 25 horsepower.
  • This steel framed zero turn mower comes with three years of limited time warranty.
  • High back seats are adjustable.
  • Very powerful engine.
  • Super transmission helps to cut thick grasses easily.
  • Fuel saving mower.
  • Very costly.
  • There may seem difficulty while controlling the steer.


Though there few drawbacks but it is still worthy of buying. Because it helps to cut your lawn faster. Almost within half of your time, it can clean up your lawn. To know more about this amazing and one of the Best Zero Turn Mowers For The Money available in the market just visit by clicking on button:

#04: Troy Bilt Mustang 46 22HP 46 Inch Review

If you are willing to have the ultimate cutting experience, then this riding lawn mower can be your best choice. It is oriented with two blades. It is best for cutting at least two acres. Get to know more about the important features in this Troy- Bilt Mustang 46 Zero Turn Mower review.
Troy Bilt Mustang 46 22HP 46 Inch

Highlighted Features

  • It has a cutting width of 46 inches and dimensions of 35.5x60x72.5 inches.
  • Zero- turn maneuverability makes easier with Mustang 46 XP which offers a turning radius of zero-degree.
  • There are 2 adjustable lap bars with 24 HP Briggs.
  • The product has the option of Electric power take off.
  • For ensuring a smooth ride, it has dual suspension and a relaxed high-back seat.
  • Front caster wheels ensure longer life.
  • The dual suspension ensures a smooth ride.
  • Caster wheels help longer lasting life.
  • Axle grease fittings for longer service life.
  • Allows 360-degree turn without cutting landscapes.
  • Product warranty is only for the frames.


Considering all the above facts, the highlighted features of this mower makes it one of the top zero turn mowers in the recent market. The padded seat and dual suspension springs with Fast-Attach accessories make this more effective for your garden mowing.

#05: Swisher Z3166CPKA Commercial Pro and Front Deck ZTR Review

Swisher Z3166CPKA Commercial Pro Front Deck Ztr is made for professional landscapers. This commercial grade mower has 66 inches of cutting deck having a fabricated steel. The suspension of this mower is fully adjustable. The electrically controlled foot-paddle makes the mower more attractive along with other features.
Swisher Z3166CPKA Commercial Pro and Front Deck ZTR

Here are the reasons being listed it in the top 10 zero turn mowers review-

Highlighted Features

  • Newly and innovative designed quick response control system which enables super comfort and handy control.
  • The mower has a dimension of 113.5x83x68 inches and weighs 1380 pounds.
  • It is powered by 31HP Kawasaki engine.
  • This mower has a twin commercial grade hydro gear of 3400 transmissions.
  • This heavy duty mower consists of a separate storage facility, extra battery compartment and also a cup holder.
  • It has a mowing speed of 10 MPH which is faster than any other zero turn mower.
  • The fuel capacity of this zero turn mower is 8-gallon.
  • Heavy duty engine.
  • This mower comes with duel L.E.D headlights.
  • Can adjust the deck height electrically.
  • The suspension seat is adjustable.
  • It may be very difficult to assemble without the help of an expert.
  • Not dedicated for small lawn uses.


Swisher Z3166CPKA Commercial Pro Front Deck ZTR is made up for commercial uses. As it has an energetic engine so it can almost mow anything you want within a very short time. The welded steel frame and 31 horsepower engine make it one of the best commercial zero turn mowers in the recent market.

#06: 25HP 60″ ZTR Tractor Review

In need of a mower having a high productivity? Then 25HP 60” ZTR Tractor Review will surely able to meet your requirements. It enables superior cutting and has a great controlling functionality. The V-shaped twin cylinder engine gives you extra protection and durability. That is why this mower is listed on our top high-quality zero turn mower list.
25HP 60

Now let’s take a short look on other features.

Highlighted Features

  • It comes with 60 inches triple blade welded steel cutting deck.
  • The mower has foot –operated deck for easy controlling.
  • This zero turn mower has double ZT- 3100 hydrostatic transaxles to produce enormous power to cut thick grass and other obstacles easily.
  • It’s a little bit faster than the other mowers available in the market. It can mow up to 8 MPH in forward and has 4 MPH speed to move backward.
  • The control arms of this zero turn mower have vibration isolators.
  • It has 10- gauge fabricated steel deck.
  • To reduce repeated fuelling it offers up to 6- a gallon of fuel capacity.
  • Powerful heavy duty engine enables user-friendliness.
  • The triple blade allows broadening the productivity.
  • Easy driving mode.
  • Fully adjustable vibration isolators.
  • Adjustable back seats.
  • Not so worthy for short-term household uses.
  • Price is a bit overrated.

25HP 60″ ZTR Tractor is mainly for commercial uses. But with this zero turn mower, you can cut grasses even into ditches without facing any problem. Though it is of the higher price, if you are looking for a super productive mower then this should be obviously best for you.

#07: Poulan Pro 967331001 P54ZX Briggs V-Twin Pro 24 HP Zero Turn Mower Review

This residential mower can be considered as one of the cheap zero turn mowers that are available in the market. The combination of reinforced decks, premium seats, cast iron front axle wheels makes it get listed in our top 10 zero turn mowers review. Now let’s discuss the important features and their benefits.

Highlighted Features

  • This mower has a dimension of 78×61.5×35.5 inches and weighs 800 pounds.
  • The cutting width of this mower is 54 inches and is stamped with a reinforced deck.
  • It has an electric clutch and hydro gear EZT transmissions.
  • It has 11 inch front and 18 inch rear tires.
  • 24 HP Briggs v-twin pro filtration engine is powerful enough for residential uses.
  • Flimsy reinforced decks.
  • 10 years of warranty from the manufacturer.
  • Made of durable materials.
  • Easy controlling system.
  • Not good for mowing a wide range of area at a time.
  • Poor quality design.


Finally, if you are looking for cheap zero turn mower, then you can obviously go with this one. Our honest Poulan Pro 967331001 P54ZX Riding Mower review can help you most to check whether if it is suited for you or not.

#08: Swisher ZTR2366KA Gen 2 Kawasaki ZTR Review

Looking to cut grasses in hilly terrain or large surface area? Here in this Swisher ZTR2366KA 23HP Response Gen 2 Kawasaki ZTR, Black, 66″ review, you will get to know about a fantastic commercial grade zero turn mower. It has a width of 66 cutting edges. The commercial grade blades make it more strength. It is mainly used by the professional landscapers.
Swisher ZTR2366KA Gen 2 Kawasaki ZTR Review

Let’s proceed to the other features and benefits why it is one of the perfect zero turn mower.

Highlighted Features

  • It weighs 886 pounds and has dimensions of 81x75x68 inches.
  • A 23 HP high powerful Kawasaki engine.
  • This mower from the manufacturers of Swisher come with a patented rapid response controlling system. It ensures better comfort and function control.
  • It is fabricated with 11-gauge having 66 inches’ length. The cutting deck has 3 mulching blades from the manufacturer Gator.
  • PTO Ogura clutch controlling system makes the mower easier to control.
  • It has hydro gear having 2800 transmissions.
  • This zero turn mower has a fuel capacity of 8 gallons.
  • Easy steering system.
  • Heavy-duty, powerful engine.
  • Comes with a cup holder and additional battery compartment.
  • Seat belt allows better comfort and extra safety.
  • Need expert hands to assemble the parts and parcels.


Though the mower is a bit pricey, it can be great for any commercial uses. Enough capacity of the fuel storage can run the mower for a long time. Also, many additional features come along with this mower.

#09: Z-BEAST 62ZBBM15 Review

Not recommended by our editors

Z-beast 62″ Zero Turn Commercial Mower is best suited for professional use. Though it can be considered the cheap zero turn mower among the commercial grade mowers. The 26 Horsepower engine and 62 inches of cutting deck make it more attractive to the buyers. The other important features are discussed below.

Highlighted Features

  • The mower is very heavy according to its dimensions.
  • It weighs 1100 pounds and has a dimension of 83x75x82 inches.
  • It has 62 inches of width cutting deck.
  • The mower is powered by Briggs & Stratton 26 HP engine.
  • This mower has the ability to cut almost 18750 per minute.
  • Seat belts, headlights, and other accessories come along with the product.
  • It has a 7-gauge deck which is steel welded.
  • 62″ wide cutting edge.
  • Comes with a high-speed and durable materials.
  • Compactly designed engine.
  • A good number of necessary accessories are provided.
  • Quite heavy according to its dimension.


However, this Z-beast 62” Zero Turn Commercial review is for those who are willing to buy for commercial purposes within a low budget.

#10: Ariens 991086 Max Zoom 52 Review

This mower from Ariens Max Zoom series meet all the requirements that every operator of commercial zero turn mower wants to have. Just take a look at this Ariens Zero Turn Riding Mower review, you will get to know shortly why it is listed in our top zero turn mowers list.

Highlighted Features

  • This mower has a cutting deck width of 60 inches.
  • High powerful engine to regulate the mower of 25 HP having 725 of motor power.
  • It can move at a speed of 8 MPH in the forward direction and 4 MPH in reverse.
  • It is 10-gauge fabricated, and the deck is steel welded.
  • The mower comes with an adjustable high back seat.
  • It has 6-gallon of fuel capacity.
  • Hydro gear transmission.
  • Good for mowing in the roughest terrain.
  • Comes with bagging capabilities.
  • A solid foundation for higher strength.
  • Easy assembly process.
  • Doesn’t come up with additional accessories.
  • Need an expert hand to assembly.


Although, it’s standing last on our top 10 list. Still, it’s the high-quality zero turn mowers in the market within this price range. If you want to know more about this mower alongside with this above-stated features see details below:

Who makes the best zero-turn mower?

From the numerous brands of lawnmowers out there, it might be really difficult for you to find out the best maker of zero-turn mowers.

After extensive research, we have found the best makers so you can get the best products for your investment. The most renowned and customer-pleasing brands are Ariens, Husqvarna, and Troy-Bilt.

With more than 80 years of experience, Ariens has various zero-turn mowers to suit both professional and residential needs.

Ariens IKON, Zenith, Zoom, Apex, and Edge series are sure to weed out any doubts about their capabilities.

Frequently given 4 stars by the consumers, this is known to be well designed and made with expertise.

Next is Husqvarna, with its solid construction and strong warranties, a variety of series such as Z, MZ, M-ZT series. These series are designed to suit residential, semi-professional, and commercial purposes.

Another well-known brand with more than 80 years of experience is the Troy-Bilt Mustang series with its adjustable and comfortable features such as cushioned seats.

As they specialize in making only tools for yard work, you know you will get an innovative, well designed, and thoroughly tested product.

What is the best cheap zero-turn mower?

Cheap does not necessarily mean bad in quality. There are some great zero-turn mowers you can grab without burning a hole in your bank account.

One such product is Husqvarna Z254 54in. It comes with a speed of 26HP provided by a Kohler engine and a speed of 6.5mph.

Moreover, the deck is very durable as it is made of stamped reinforced steel.

It also comes with cool features such as an air induction mowing and an automatic park brake system. So for less than $2,800, Husqvarna Z254 54in is a great deal.

How do I choose a zero-turn mower?

There are certain things to look for in a lawnmower before you choose one. Below, we are going to talk about those factors to help you choose a zero-turn mower.


A zero-turn mower is not cheap. The price range starts from $2500 to over $6000 or more for commercial ones.

It is possible for you to buy one at a low price, but remember the ones with higher prices come with more features and durability.


Thoroughly check the specifics of the material and gauge of the material. You have to know how secure is the rear-mounted engine and how sturdy is the overall construction.

Engine and Tires

The mowers at a lower price range come with a single-cylinder engine. Hence they are less powerful.

At the higher price range are the double cylinder ones, which are more powerful and operate more smoothly with less vibration.

Also, opt for wide tires as they evenly distribute the weight of the mower and provides superior traction on grass.

Construction of the Deck

Usually, the homeowner’s version comes with decks made of light-gauge steel, which are fine on flat surfaces.

But if your lawn has rough or rugged terrains, you can opt for commercial ones, which have decks made of welded sheets and hence are stronger.

Easily Adjustable Features

A perfect mower is one that is easy to operate by both novice and experienced users. So check if the mower speed can be controlled to your level of expertise.

For example, an upper or higher mode is for cutting grass at max speed, whereas a lower mode will allow you to trim the more difficult-to-reach places.

Comfort and Convenience

Even though you won’t spend much time on the mower, it still needs to be comfortable. So look out for cushioned seats with back support. Check if it is difficult to reach control from the seat.

What is the best brand of zero-turn mowers?

In one word: Husqvarna. This company makes the best zero-turn mowers hands down as it is the top in consumer choices on many websites.

Their popularity is due to their commitment to providing the best machine imaginable.

Their most popular models are Z254 54, MZ6, 61in, and many more. Husqvarna Z254 54in is a combination of reasonable prices combined with a 26HP Kohler engine with a maximum speed of 6.5mph.

Husqvarna MZ6 comes with a 61in cutting deck and 27HP Briggs and Stratton Endurance V-Twin engine.

It has a hydraulic wheel-drive, 3 blade cutting system, and many other features designed to make you want to mow your lawn all day.

Is a zero-turn mower worth the money?

Well, it depends on the size of your lawn. If you have a really large lawn, it is worth the investment.

You can cut grass efficiently and effectively and also have time to leisurely inspect your work.

It will cut the time you spend mowing your lawn with traditional tools in half. Its speed, adjustability as well as easy handling, makes it easier to cut near flowerbeds or fence, thereby eliminating the need for a weed trimmer.

When it comes to spending about $3000 and more on a good zero-turn mower, you really need to take the size of your lawn into consideration.

Hence, you should opt for such a lawnmower when you are low on time, and you have a vast lawn to care for.

Zero Turn Mower Buying Guide

Zero turn mowers are made for homeowners or professional landscapers. But before buying you need to get a proper idea what things you need to consider while purchasing.

Choosing the right zero turn mower can be the most difficult task for any novice. Important things you need to consider before buying are as follows-

Wide Deck Size

While purchasing the high-quality zero turn mower from market sufficient deck size plays a vital role in it. Larger deck size allows you to cut your grass into smaller passes. This is both efficient for time and money.

Along with, cutting the grass, a larger deck size helps you for better maneuverability. Also, it is best for use in the tight turning radius.

Large deck size of at least fifty or sixty inches is preferable. This helps to cut trees and other obstacles. But for a better advice, the wider the deck, the easier the cutting.

Powerful Engine and Sizes

The power of the engine has a significant difference being the good zero turn mowers available in the market. Commonly, commercial zero-turn mowers have largest engines with higher horsepower.

A powerful engine helps you to cut the grass and other obstacles too easily. But if you have a mower having less powerful engine can cause a problem while cutting thick grasses.

Along with a powerful engine, enough horsepower of the engine is also equally important. Because if you are willing to cut grass in the hilly region or uneven terrain then strong horsepower will make the work easier.

Easy Controlling Option

Purchasing the zero turn mower is not always easy. Before buying get to know about the controlling system. If you find the complex controlling system, then you can go for an easy one.

Traditionally, a zero turn mower is controlled with a dual lever system. To operate the mower lines straight, you need to lever the two gears into the same level. While you increase the power, the mower will cause the pivot on its principal axis.

To make the controlling system easier, in the modern market you will find mowers having an ergonomic joystick. This helps to control the mower more easily and improve maneuverability. So before buying be sure of the best controlling system of the mowers.

Wide Variety of Fuel Options

You can get easily confused about the fuel options while buying the greatest zero turn mower. Generally, mowers have four types of fuel options– Gasoline, diesel, flex-fuel, and propane. It’s wise choosing the best fuel option for your mowers to make the machine for convenient.

After buying you need to lower the cost of the fuels. So choosing the best fuel option is more crucial just like as choosing the good zero turn mowers. Recently you can find the use of Electric fuel- injection (EFI). This helps you to save 25% of the fuel.

Residential Mowers vs. Commercial Mowers

Separating residential mowers from the commercial mowers is very vital. Commercial mowers come with more durable and powerful engine. It costs more than the residential mowers. Commercial mowers have full lubrication pressure. Also, has a cast-iron cylinder. It is mainly built for professional landscaping.

On the other hand, residential mower costs lower. Though it has lower robust pumps and engine motors than the commercial motors, it is highly efficient and effective for using for the homeowners.

The Location of Discharge

Before choosing the good zero turn mower, you need to be also aware of the discharge location of the clippings. There are two types of discharge available recently. Side discharge and rear discharge.

If you buy mower having side discharge, it will provide you with a smaller outlet to create easier vacuum process. Rear discharge is also getting popular in recent times. The mechanism of the rear-discharging is advancing greatly. Rear discharge is best for cutting grass in rough situations. Mainly used for cutting grass in ditches.

This buying guide will surely help you to figure out the zero turn mower from the market whining your price range. But before purchasing keep the above consideration in mind so you can choose a flawless and efficient mower.

Editor’s Pick

As the zero turn mower is a bit pricey but Husqvarna 967324101 V Twin 724 cc Zero Turn Mower 54″ (Shop now) is comparatively cheap zero turn mower available in the market. It is not only comparatively cheap but only is highly useful. And it has become very popular with it’s highly designed endurance engine. It also has a dual hydro gear with EZT transmission for better controlling.

The wide range of deck size of 54 inches allows you cut the grass into smaller pieces. The 4 anti- scalp rollers and electric clutch make this zero turn mower on the top of editors pick.

Final Thoughts on Zero Turn Mowers Buying Guideline

Each mower has individual features and users. Some mowers are for commercial uses; some are for household uses. But now it’s your choice which one should you buy within your budget. Here in this top 10 best zero turn reviews 2020, we figured out only the best products for you comparing all the features and the quality of the machine.

If you are still confused, you can go through these zero turn mowers review again to figure out which one is best for you. Go to the buyer’s guideline section and read them carefully and decide which type of mower you want. Also, what things you should keep in mind before choosing one of them.

All the above best zero turn mowers provide high-performance and own great features. Select your budget, go for one of the zero turn mowers, and turn your lawn into a beautiful art piece over years as no one had ever seen.

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