5 Best Zero Turn Tires for Traction Review in 2024

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Zero-turn mowers are a perfect fit for work in landscaping, ground keeping, or even on a golf course due to their excellent steering and speed.

And since these tires connect the mower and the ground, it is crucial to select only the best zero-turn tires for traction to ensure efficiency and productivity.

Best Zero Turn Tires for Traction

So, if you want to accomplish your tasks with ease, you need to have a mower that is equipped with appropriate tires.

In this way, you can get a smoother ride and make sharper turns due to the lesser friction zero-turn tires provide.

In choosing one, you need to consider factors like maneuverability, quality, and price.

Zero Turn Tires for Traction Comparison in 2021

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Best Zero Turn Tires for Traction Review

Zero Turn Tires Reviews

Choosing a tire may be hard, especially since there are lots of options in the market.

In this guide, you will have a deeper understanding of the various features of each zero-turn tire. Let us find out which tire suits you the best!

MARASTAR 21446-2PK 15×6.00-6″ Front Tire


If you want a low-cost solution and easy-to-install tires for your zero-turn mower, this one is a good idea!

The MARASTAR 15×6.00-6″ is made of a tube-type tire, which means that you are allowed to surpass different kinds of terrain without compromising a comfortable and smoother riding experience.

A tube-type tire is composed of more air in the tube, thereby balancing the load as well as improving dynamic stability.

This air-filled pneumatic tire is ideal for uneven surfaces since it is specifically made for outdoors.

If you use this, you will not be able to feel a lot of bumping and shaking because the tire is made up of thicker treads perfect for loose and uneven surfaces.

Since this can easily be installed in your mower, you can do it yourself.

Well, this tire can definitely improve your working conditions. A pneumatic tire like the MARASTAR 15×6.00-6″ is quiet since the materials are made with the shock-absorbing ability and soft rubber tread.

Not to mention, it can also pass through floors without damage and scratches as well as turfs without leaving marks.

If you want to maximize your uptime and save more time, you should opt for this kind of zero-turn tire.

Since it also comes with a 4-ply rating indicating improved strength and capacity, this can carry heavy loads.

The turf saver feature of the tire makes it ideal not only for turfs but also for pavements and lawns.


  • No need to visit a tire shop since the tire assembly is easy-to-install thereby saving time and money
  • Since it comes with a 4-ply rating, it has improved strength and capacity
  • The turf saver feature makes it ideal for turfs, pavements, and lawns
  • Can withstand uneven surfaces without shaking and bumping
  • Improves working condition by minimizing noise


  • Air-filled pneumatic tires may be prone to damage due to sharp objects

WANDA 2 New 20x10x8 Lawn Mower Cart Turf Tires

WANDA 2 New 20x10x8 Lawn Mower Cart Turf Tires

The multipurpose turf friendly design of WANDA 2 20x10x8 makes it a perfect choice for garden and lawn utility vehicles – definitely worth the price!

This tire is an ideal choice for lawn mowers, lawn tractors, and small tractors.

With a rim width of 7 inches and a tread depth of 7.1 millimeters, this tire can offer better handling and cornering.

Its wide shoulder design can provide ultimate traction and weight disbursement with a maximum load of 1190 pounds or 22 psi.

From the name itself, a turf tire is specifically made for turf or grass.

This means that this can be used for yards and grassy terrain without damaging and leaving marks on the ground.

The WANDA 2 20x10x8 can provide maximum wet and dry traction with minimized turf disturbance. It also ensures durability and stability.

Since it also comes with a 4-ply rating, this tire offers better strength and capacity.

Thanks to the extra-usage of rubber, the width of these tires are thicker than most.

This only means that the tire is resistant from puncture, making it tolerable to sharp objects.

It also has improved stopping power, turning radius, and acceleration.

Being a tubeless tire, the WANDA 2 20x10x8 is lightweight, though it can carry larger loads.

It can even run at lower pressure and be filled with liquid sealant in case sharp objects create a hole in the tire.

And even if you drive at high speeds, you will not be at risk of unwanted friction, thereby avoiding tube explosion.


  • Tubeless tires ensure durability, stability, and longevity
  • Can carry a maximum weight of 1190 pounds
  • The wide shoulder design offers maximum traction, weight disbursement, better handling and cornering
  • Having a 4-ply tire rating means better capacity and strength
  • Made of more rubber meaning thicker tire width thus not prone to punctures


  • The wider the tire is the more strain it will give on the brakes


Hi-Run LG Turf Lawn & Garden Tire

Hi-Run LG Turf Lawn & Garden Tire

This lawn and garden tire is made of closely packed tread blocks, thereby offering optimum balance and traction at a lower cost.

Tires with a wide shoulder design can provide better cornering and handling.

It also promotes greater acceleration and stopping power.

Since the Hi-Run LG tire is made of wide footprints, it has a better response to the road, thereby giving traction control and stability.

This is undoubtedly an ideal option for zero-turn mowers.

Not to mention, it ensures durability and supreme wet and dry traction.

The wide shoulder design can improve the turning radius giving you smoother riding experience.

A wider shoulder design reduces sidewall height. It also increases ground clearance, just perfect for off roads and rough roads.

Furthermore, it has puncture resistance, so even if it steps unto sharp objects, it won’t be destroyed easily.

With a maximum loading capacity of 750 pounds and a highly durable tire, this can be used in any type of landscape.

The Hi-Run LG tire is a good idea for your equipment, lawn, and turf.

Although it only has a 2-ply tire rating, it is made of pneumatic air-filled tires, which means that it is specifically made for outdoor use.

And because it is air-filled, it can surpass any terrain, even through uneven surfaces. So, when you use this kind of tire, you will surely have a smooth ride.


  • The tread design is made of closely packed blocks that offer better balance and traction
  • Made of wider shoulder design for better cornering and handling as well as greater stopping power and acceleration
  • Gives better traction control and stability
  • Air-filled pneumatic tires are suitable for any terrain
  • Although it is air-filled, it is not prone to damage due to sharp objects


  • It has a maximum loading capacity of only 750 pounds

WANDA 2 New 18×9.50×8 Lawn Mower Utility Cart Turf Tires

WANDA 2 New 18x9.50x8 Lawn Mower Utility Cart Turf Tires

The WANDA 2 18×9.50×8 tire is an ideal choice of lawnmower tire if you are looking for a unit that is smaller yet offers various useful features like the 20x10x8.

This tire has a 4-ply rating, which indicates an improved capacity and strength, just like any other tires in this guide.

Since it is smaller, it is cheaper, though it offers a similar quality. It has a rim width of 7 inches and a tread depth of 5 millimeters with a maximum load of 1040 pounds or 24 psi.

Featuring maximum weight disbursement and traction, this is certainly an ideal choice for your lawnmower.

It comes with thicker rubber, which means that it is puncture resistant. So, there is no problem even if you pass through different kinds of terrain.

Anyway, tubeless tires like this can be fixed easily with liquid sealant.

So even if sharp objects put a hole in the tire, you are still capable of using it. But then, it cannot be damaged easily because of the durable materials used in making the tire.

Its wide shoulder design also reduces sidewall height, thereby giving you a smoother and comfortable ride.

Moreover, since it has a turf friendly design, this is perfect for garden and lawn utility vehicles.

It also ensures stability, durability, and wet and dry traction. Also, just like the bigger version 20x10x8, it provides excellent traction, especially for yard and grassy terrain without damaging the ground.


  • Its tread design makes it ideal for grassy surfaces without damaging or leaving marks
  • Since it is made of tubeless tires, it ensures longevity, durability, better handling, and cornering
  • Can carry a maximum weight of 1040 pounds
  • Greater capacity and strength due to the 4-ply tire rating
  • This can give you a more comfortable and smoother ride


  • Wide shoulder design requires more engine power

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Carlisle AT101 Lawn & Garden Tire – 24X12-12

Carlisle AT101 Lawn & Garden Tire

With the reduced depth and tapered corners, the Carlisle AT101 is best used for riding mowers, wheelbarrows, farm equipment, garden tractors, and transport vehicles.

This tire has a specialty lug design that makes it an ideal choice for dirt roads.

Designed to be a directional tire, the Carlisle AT101 can provide maximum wet traction, thereby giving you more control of your mower.

Not to mention, it is aquaplaning resistant, which offers better water evacuation as the tire rotates.

The low lug depth allows it to move easier through the trail, dirt, and ground.

Using this tire will give you better traction and speed though it can be noisy at a higher speed.

But then, this tire promotes fuel-efficiency and better style compared to other tires. This can support better traction for your mower.

At the same time, the Carlisle AT101 can support the weight of the mower and the load.

It provides a smoother and comfortable ride while resisting cuts, chips, and abrasions.

This tire is uniquely made for side by side vehicles, fun-karts, ATVs, and utility vehicles and does not damage or leave a mark on the ground.

The lug shape of the tire allows better braking and driving power. And since the tires are smooth, it gives lesser friction to the ground, thereby allowing it to make sharper turns.

It is a perfect idea for dirt and paved roads as well as intermediate and hard surfaces. Wider tires also mean better acceleration and stopping power.


  • Since it is a directional tire, it promotes fuel efficiency, better handling and cornering, and optimal wet and dry traction
  • The tire offers better braking power and traction
  • An ideal choice for dirt and paved roads as well as intermediate and hard surfaces
  • Can easily move through the trail, dirt, and ground
  • Provides a smoother and comfortable ride while resisting cuts, chips, and abrasions


  • Noisy when driven in high speed

Things to Consider Before Buying tire for ZTR mower

Things to Consider Before Buying tire for ZTR mower

If you need to cut a lot of grass and make your task easier and quicker, you may need to have a zero-turn mower with appropriate tires.

When you already have one at home, you may just need to buy tires. In doing so, you need to consider different things, such as the following:


A durable tire is one that can give utmost functionality without the need to perform excessive repair and maintenance.

Zero-turn tires that are durable can last for years under normal operation. If your tires are not prone to frequent breakages, you will not have to incur expenses, thereby making you save more money.

Tire Width

ztr mower Tire Width

A mower with wider tires can be used easily in the grass without leaving marks on the ground. Wider tires can give better traction and weight disbursement.

It promotes handling and cornering and reduces sidewall height. Not to mention, it increases ground clearance making it a perfect fit for off roads and rough roads.


Although using a mower is faster and easier than the manual lawn tractor, comfort is still very crucial. Choose one that can give you smoother and comfortable riding experience.

You can opt for easy-to-install tires so that you can do it yourself. Also, select one that is not prone to damage due to sharp objects.


Last but not least, choose a zero-turn tire that is fairly priced. Remember that not all tires that are expensive provide better quality.

Some tires also offer quality and great features even if they are priced cheaper.

The best thing to do is to consider the price and the features at the same time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why look for a mower with wider tires?

The wide shoulder design of the tires can distribute the weight of the machine. This will lessen the damage on the grass.

Wider tires also give better traction, but then it has a major drawback, especially in giving a strain on the brakes.

Why opt for a 4-ply tire rating?

The higher the ply rating, the better the strength and capacity. It also indicates a thicker width;

thus, more rubber is used for the tires. This further means that the tire is capable of carrying heavy loads.

Why should I consider tubeless tires?

Tubeless tires ensure durability, stability, and longevity. They are also lightweight and can be fixed easily with a liquid sealant.

Why choose pneumatic tires?

Pneumatic tires are ideal for uneven surfaces, which means that it can surpass different types of terrain, although they can easily be damaged by sharp objects.

Why look for thicker tires?

Thicker tires mean that they are made of more rubber. Since mowers are usually used in uneven surfaces and may be prone to sharp objects, thick tires are not susceptible to damage.

Final Words

There are numerous tires to choose from in the market, but the best zero turn tires for traction offer durability, wider tires, comfort, and reasonable price.

Hoping that after you have read the guide, you already have one in mind!

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