7 Must-Know Tips That Can Help Achieve Better Sleep

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For a moment, consider sleep to be your superpower. With the amount of sleep you get every night, how much of a superhero would you be?

Nah; you wouldn’t make it past the qualifying rounds… because your sleep is lacking in quality!
When it comes to sleep, it isn’t really about the number of hours, as much as it is about the quality of your sleep.

You might have noticed how groggy you are during the day, and if that’s so, the culprit is most likely poor sleep, and its effects range from hammering headaches to severe back pain. Whatever its effects on your body, the truth is, we can’t overemphasize the negative effects of the deficiency of good sleep.

Ready to impress yourself by getting some quality sleep every night? Good!

Here are some tips to help you out:

Check Your Environment

Your thermal environment is one of the factors that affect sleep. Extreme hot or cold conditions are responsible for increased wakefulness, more rapid eye movement and slower sleep wave- all of which impinge negatively on your sleep.

If you are looking to get good sleep, make sure your body is satisfied with the room’s temperature. You know what’s best for your body- go for that ideal temperature.

Stick to A Sleep Schedule

Here’s a little assignment: Tomorrow morning when you wake up, check the clock. And then the day after…
You would observe that you wake up at almost the same time every day.


Your body adjusts to the light in its environment- meaning you feel more active during the day and more tired at night. This way, your internal clock finds its natural rhythm- its own unique sleep hours. If you could just stick with nature’s plan for your sleep, the quality of your sleep immediately becomes better.

Do More Exercises

If only you understand the positive impact of exercise on your sleep, you would visit the gym daily.
You aren’t so keen on becoming a gym rat? It’s okay, we still got something for you:

Start with a few stretches- they could go a long way. Physical activities indeed improve your sleep quality and increase your sleep duration by reducing stress and tiring you out. It’s a popular conception that working your muscles out just before bed is a bad idea (I neither disprove or approve it). This idea’s validity is dependent on the individual in question. If you are the type this works for, try doing your exercises in the morning. You still get the same results if the opposite is true for you- sleep alleviation.

Good Mattress

Use Good Mattresses

By every means possible, avoid mattress with centralized depressions leaving you tossing to and fro on it the entire night. It is a no-brainer if you decide to do away with these mattresses because they are the main cause of your sleepless nights. Purchase mattresses that promote good sleep (not quite easy to find your particular kind of spec though). It takes a dedicated amount of research on your end to find an appropriate mattress for yourself. Check out Sleepdeliver comparison for ghostbed vs nectar bed mattress.

Examine What You Eat/Drink

Heavy and spicy evening meals, alcohol and cigarettes among many others could disrupt sleep. Taking excessive alcohol coupled with smoking surely affect your breathing ease while sleeping. Do as much as you can to stay away from heavy food at least 2 hours before bed. Not complying means you should be ready for stomach up-turns due to indigestion all through the night.

Wind Down

Stop the use of electronic devices at least an hour before bed. The light emanating from devices restricts the production of melatonin, a sleep hormone in the body. Engage in calming activities such as reading before sleeping (doing this gradually activates your body’s sleep mode). This facilitates longer hours of good sleep.

Avoid Afternoon Naps

Your body gets its best sleep at night. So, you should put a pause to your afternoon naps if they interfere with your body’s natural sleep rhythm.

Wrapping Up

There you go… with these sleep-enhancing bits of advice at your fingertips, good sleep would soon become your birthright!

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