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CanvasPop provides canvas printing services to people who are wanting to get their digital pictures on canvas. This company has its factory for printing in the US and Canada. If you are a photo enthusiast, then you should order a canvas print from CanvasPop to give that artistic touch to your pictures.

Printing images on canvas have become very popular in recent years, and CanvasPop has become one of the most important online companies to offer this service.

CanvasPop Review

This company is growing fast. In a short period, they have raised over 3 million dollars to expand even more. They have also grown product-wise like photo books, magnets & pillow prints.

Prices are reasonable, and orders are easy to place, and the delivery system is also remarkable. Many professionals rely upon CanvasPop to avail printing services as their work speaks quality. They provide such printing services that are not easily found or not properly done in other places.

Quality of Prints

Quality of a print matters a lot to this company, and it leaves no stone unturned to give you the best. Quality defines the fact that if you want to go with that particular company or not. This company ensures that the print is perfect, and it is not only claimed by them but many of their customers. You can get your photos print on canvas done at pretty affordable prices as well.


If you are concerned with the fact that how would your image translate to such a big size, you need not worry because they take high measures and precautions to ensure that the printing would not result in image blurring, and so on.

How to Place an Order?

All you have to do is that you would have to pick a picture that you think is cool for a canvas picture, then you can go to the website and register or just go ahead with your email ID and upload the picture. You can even upload a picture from Facebook and Instagram.

Then you have to choose what kind of print you would want and also the size of the canvas. There are many options to choose from. There is a good variety of frames too that you would like your canvas to be in.

After selecting the frame and the print, you can choose the option of ‘digital proof.’ Once you select this option, you will receive a digital proof of how the canvas would look like in real. You can zoom in on your digital proof image, download it, request changes, or if all ok: approve it for print.


Here are some common features that you may love.

Photo Touch Up

By paying $9.95 extra, you can avail touch up services like removal of blemishes, whitening of teeth, removal of scratches or imperfection, you can also remove objects, add text, etc.

Design Enhancement

you can take your picture to the next level by paying some extra charges. CanvasPop will “transform your photo into a masterpiece” by doing some serious photo editing tasks for you.


For e.g., removing people, large objects, digital facelifts, etc. CanvasPop has an amazing design makeover in case you need a complete photo restoration at just $49.95.

Check Out

At the end of the purchase, if you have to enter a billing and shipping address separately, you have the option to do so. All common credit cards and Paypal are accepted, and you have the option to redeem a gift card or enter a coupon code.

Make sure to always check the current promotions on the CanvasPop offers page. If you can’t find a coupon code, you can use the special code we got for our readers. Simply enter “PHOTO WORKOUT” at the end of the purchase with a 45% discount.


Canvas prints start at around $ 40 but often seem to generate sales, so you may be able to get a deal, especially if you sign up for their newsletter. The price is very good, and it is certainly much cheaper than some of the other canvas prints.

They also have a 100% satisfaction guarantee, which means that if you are not satisfied with the press, we will refund your money, and the prices are available in euros, pounds, Canadian dollars, and US dollars. There are better quality canvases. Printing and printing services available compared to CanvasPop, but they will cost you much more money.


CanvasPop is obviously an excellent service that is reaching the right value for many people. If you are looking to print some of your photos to hang at home or to give to someone, then I can recommend CanvasPop, and I think you will be very satisfied with the results. CanvasPop is an excellent online printing laboratory.

I feel comfortable recommending CanvasPop for any printing needs. Whether you simply want to hang some new works of art in your home or are placing orders on behalf of customers, CanvasPop has our seal of approval.

Therefore, if you are thinking of ordering your canvas print on CanvasPop, go ahead! Behind CanvasPop, there is an authentic company, equipped with high-tech printers and a dedicated team that respects the promises established on the CanvasPop. To get a 45% discount on your print, you can use our coupon code “PHOTOWORKOUT.

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