Top 14 Cheap Backpacking Tips within Your Budgets

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There was a time when traveling distant places was a daydream to me. I use to think that one has to be wealthy enough to see the world until I learn about cheap backpacking tips. I know, like me, many of you still have this wrong idea.

Obviously, when you plan for traveling, you need a good backpacking. But a good backpacking doesn’t always refer to an expensive one. An incredible trip is possible without leaving your wallet empty. Also, what’s the point of wasting money when you can have the same fun or even more at a low price? How? Just follow the instructions below for the backpacking tips.

Cheap Backpacking Tips

Top 14 Cheap backpacking Tips

Well, here are top 14 cheap backpacking tips within your budgets. These all tips are from experts. If you can follow these tips, your backpacking must be easy and cheaply too. So lets see whats included here:

1. Planning

Hit a few checkpoints before you head off on your trip. Decide-

  • Which place you want to visit.
  • How to get there.
  • How long you want to stay.

Also, choose a partner who is experienced.

If you are looking for an enjoyable backpacking, you must need a best waterproof backpack.

2. Minimize the Load

Carrying extra clothing, fancy accessories are like you are asking for a disaster. Just take the things those are a must and can be replaced. Save your money by minimizing the number and weight of your luggage when you’re about to fly.

3. Camp Instead of Staying in Hotels

Camping out is cheap and can be great fun at the same time. If you have a backpacking tent and other necessary things, don’t give a second thought. Experience the Bear Grylls inside you.

4. Hostels

If you don’t have a tent, there’s no way left without staying in a hotel. Almost every county has backpacker-friendly hostels. Choose one of them that provides free breakfast, kitchen with cooking stuff. Other options are short term apartments, local home-stay, squatting, sleeping in public places. These are good options for backpacking tips.

If you are interested about hiking, trekking or trails, see this Best Backpacking Trails.

5. Carry Light Foods

Hunger and thirst can almost ruin your trip by draining you completely. Taking food items may seem additional to you, but it’s really wise as well as money-saving. In tourist places, local vendors try to claim higher price from visitors. Therefore, bringing protein bars, other ready-made foods and drinks always serve you.

6. Walk Instead Riding Other Transports

Walking not only saves money but also lets you know the place and enjoy better. The earth is also good for your health. Cab drivers can easily fool you by driving on the scenic route or overcharging you. Buses and trains are cheaper comparing to cabs.

7. Beware of Pickpockets

While traveling especially in Europe and Southeast Asia, be careful of pickpockets. You never want to lose all your savings after trying hardest to stay on budget. Hidden pockets can secure your money better.

8. Travel in a Group

Traveling in a group eases many of the things. It’s better than backpacking solo in many ways. Sharing things among group members can reduce the load on you.

9. Prefer Low Season Traveling

If you are going to travel in Southeast Asia, then travel during monsoon. During off-peak times, flights, accommodations are more affordable. Take necessary preparation regarding rain and enjoy the weather with a massive saving.

10. Volunteering

Volunteering can make an incredible difference. It provides you a great opportunity of experiencing a new culture and saving money. It’s a program that makes an exchange between service and food, accommodation.

11. Avoid Trap

To avoid any unwanted incident, stay in a crowded place where you can easily ask for help if you face any problem. Follow the local people, where they go, eat and spend the night. Try to participate free walking tours. Don’t forget to tip your guide. Find places that offer a discount.

12. Buy a Train Pass

The advantage of train pass is that, in a lot of places around the world, you can re-purchase it. It‘ll allow you to travel throughout the country for a particular period. It’ll save your money a lot. Again train journey can be an enjoyable experience.

13. Get a Travel Insurance

Although initially, it may cost you a handsome amount, you can travel tension free once you get it. If you somehow injure yourself, you may lose all of your money paying hospital bills. Nothing could be more heartbreaking than this.

14. Make a List of Your Expenses

Keep a handbook where you list the things on which you are spending money. This will help you not running over your budget. Again, if you sometimes go over your budget, it will help you balancing out. So it’s wise to keep records of your expenses.

Final Thoughts

You can maximize your adventure within budget by following these few Backpacking tips. Thus, you can choose cheap backpacking without compromising the thrill and fun. Staying on cheap Backpacking tips, you are not only saving money but also spending it wisely. Just be careful of a few things. Don’t compromise your security especially when you are backpacking solo. I hope, this article will enable you to make a fantastic cheap backpacking trip.

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