How to Choose the Best Hair Straightener Brand?

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For smooth and glossy hair, hair straighteners are what we all need today. These straighteners are multi-purpose because you can straighten as well as curl your hair in just a jiffy. Today, the straighteners can be found in all kinds of plates, shapes, sizes and materials. All this makes it so confusing for the amateurs as well as experienced stylists to decide which one to opt for.

A perfect hair straightener is a perception of different minds. Some people may like a flat iron hair straightener from one brand, while others may like a brush hair straightener from other brand. What people like depends upon their personal preferences and also on the brands that they trust. Also, a major factor that influences the straighteners that you buy is your hair type.

There are a few more things that you must learn while making a selection for an apt hair straightener for yourself. Let’s get started.

Buying a hair straightener

While buying a hair straightener, remember that what plays a vital role is optimum caring of your hair. Damage is what you need to avoid and styling isn’t that we recommend you daily. But flattening the hair for glossy look and ultimate shimmer, a good straightener is what you need. The best part about hair straighteners are that they are less time consuming and give you the desired result without blow drying or paddle brushing.

With a range of e-commerce stores and compiled beauty products’ and equipment’s’ sellers online, it has become a cake walk to buy your flat irons or brushes from the best brands. With so many users’ reviews and testimonials, it becomes easier to judge which would be the ideal brand to choose from. However, this article will help you find out better.

Choosing the best

The brand you choose should depend on the type of your hair. For each hair type, we have created a list of brands that would be most appropriate to choose from. Here is the list of some of the Best Hair Straightener Brandthat you may choose from.

Corioliss Wet to Dry Hair Straightener for Wet / Dry Hair

The plates in this straightener are 1 3/4th inch wide. This makes it perfect for thick and coarse hair. The straightener is apt for you if you struggle with natural frizzy hair locks.

Mr. Barber Ultra Straits Hair Straightener

The straightener is very well designed with automatic shut off function. It also has touch sensor for controlling temperature and works wonder for fine to normal hair type.


Agaro Instastraight Nano HS-6511 Hair Straightener

This one is the preferred hair straightener if you’re on a budget. The slim wide ceramic plates go well for fine hair up to medium hair length.

Ghd Gold Mini Styler

This is a bliss for short hair. The mini straightener is ideal for narrow locks and instant styles. It features an auto shut off or sleep mode if stays ideal for 30 minutes.

Corioliss C3 Professional Super Slim Titanium Hair Straightener

Corioliss is one of the Best Hair Straightener Brandto opt for. This hair straightener is perfect for all hair types including thick, coarse and long hair. It comes with easy-quick storage pouch to pack up the product just after the use.

Plate types

Plate types of the brand play a vital role in helping you make the right choice. Flat irons can come in different plate types. Mostly, the flat irons fall into three types of plate types, which we are going to discuss in the below sections-

Metal or glass plates

These types of flat irons aren’t much recommended because albeit they are cheap, but can damage your hair to the core. The heating on these plate types isn’t evenly distributed, which leads to creation of patches on your hair. This doesn’t lead to even straightening either. Styling with these types of flat irons can cause much damage to your hair.

Ceramic hair straighteners

You will find that most of the brands you are looking for are selling the ceramic hair straighteners because they are safe to use, fast and also highly effective. These are by far, the most sold flat plates in the market today. These kinds of plates are suitable for frizzy hair and can offer great smoothening. Ceramic hair straighteners are available in diverse coatings, such as tourmaline, ceramic coating or simply ceramic.

Titanium hair straighteners

For the coarse and thick hair or extremely curly hair type, titanium hair straighteners are the best bet. Various kinds of flat irons with titanium coating are available among the Best Hair Straightener Brand. These are light weight flat irons with ionic charge. They get heated really fast and can offer effective and fast styling to your coarse and untidy hair.

Other features to look for

Apart from the brand, your hair type and the kinds of plates to choose from, here are certain other features to look out for. While picking your hair straightener, make sure that you also consider the following features-

  • Check for the appropriate size and width- People with short hair can choose from small and thin flat irons. These types of straighteners are also ideal for styling your spikes and bangs. People with longer and thicker hair should opt for larger and wider hair straighteners so as to get wider coverage.
  • Other features- Apart from size and width, check for features like auto turn off after an appropriate temperature, steam functions, comb teeth, cordless straighteners or the ones with instant heating features.


Q1: I have fine hair type. Which type of hair straightener should I look for?

A: For your hair type, you must pick the hair straightener that offers multiple setting for controlling temperature. You must avoid those flat irons that come with just a single heat setting. Fine hair is easy to smoothen and so, you can also opt for the brand that offers thin flat iron.

Q2: Which hair straighteners are great for frizzy hair?

A: If you have frizzy hair, we would recommend you to go for ceramic coated hair straighteners. These kinds of straighteners can hold heat for longer time and can smoothen your hair evenly in lesser time.

Q3: Should I pick a brand with lesser temperature or higher temperature setting if I have curly hair?

A: Titanium plated hair straighteners are the most suitable ones for your hair type. If you have thick or curly hair, titanium flat irons should be your pick.

Q4: I am styling for the first time. What precautions should I follow before I straighten my hair?

A: Whether you are an amateur or a professional stylist, preparing your hair for styling is always important. Use a protecting hair cover before you start straightening. Also, flatten your hair on lower temperature and increase it with time. Normally, you would need not more than two strokes for the desired smoothened hair.

Q5: Are the straightener brushes as good as flat irons?

A: With good hair protectors, you can also buy good straightener brushes. These are as good as the flat irons. They are also safe to use.


Investing in a good hair straightener is important so as to avoid a permanent damage to your hair. To keep your hair good, shining and healthy, less styling is the best bet. Also, choose from the Best Hair Straightener Brand because with good brand comes great responsibility to protect your hair from damage!

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