Common Mistakes We Make in Backpack Buying

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Everyone have something special to protect while he is on a trip, right? As example, while I go on a travel, I make it sure that my laptop and iPad stay dry. But it’s a matter of grief that most people can’t actually find a bag that can actually serve their purpose in a full swing. If you ask me, I would say that the problem lies in the method of their backpack buying techniques.

Common Mistakes in Backpack Buying

Let’s dig deeper.

Being a backpack specialist, over the years, I often see people choosing wrong packs for them. They are not usually aware of the shortcomings associated with their backpacks.

You must be thinking, what problem she might have with such a pack while traveling. You see many around you also buy this type. Right? But isn’t it better to be warned before you struggle for your mistake?

So here’s my article warning you about the mistakes we often make while backpack buying. You must be benefited from this backpack buying tips.

Backpack Buying Common Mistakes:

Buying Backpacks at First:

It’s probably the most common backpack buying mistakes people do. They usually buy the backpacks first and then the rest of the gears. They may think, as the most relevant gear, we should purchase the backpack first. This preference often mismatches the pack’s size with the volume of equipment. Consequently, you may have to overload your bag. It results in disturbing the balance and also the lasting capacity of your backpack.

Mismatching the Task:

There are no such things as multitasking backpack. The type of the pack entirey depends on the nature of your activity or trip duration. If you are going for hiking, you may need to take ice axes, climbing cords, snowshoes. Regular hiking bags aren’t able to store all these specialized equipment properly. Therefore buy packs that have specials additions. For instance, elasticized side pockets, front pocket, cord configurations. These will allow you to attach those features outside your pack.

Mismatching the Size:

As I mentioned above, many people fail to recognize the best-suited size of backpack for their purpose. They often buy extra large or small then they need. Extra larges are hard to carry in the long way where small bags fail to hold all your necessities. It may get overloaded, or you may face problems zipping it.

If you are going for hiking, buy top-loading. If you are going for a regular journey, then suitcase will be perfect for you.

Top Loading:

Adding to the previous context, I like to mention the drawbacks of top loading backpacks. Most of them open from the top only. So you obviously face problems in bringing something out from the bottom of the bag. You have to dump out everything that was over your bottom cloth.

Every time you take something out from the middle, you have to unpack and then repack them. Such a trouble, no?

On the contrast, suitcase provides you with the easiness of opening by the side. It allows you easy access to the largest surface area. Thus you will reach your desired gear without unpacking the whole arrangement. But it also has its drawbacks.

I suggest you choose a front loading backpack for both the purpose.

Buying without Checking the Features:

That’s another common mistake while doing backpack buying. Your pack needs additional technical features if you carry heavier loads with it. You’ll need a hip belt, sternum strap, and the stabilizer strap.


While backpack buying, the fact of waterproofness often gets out of our mind. Without your backpack’s being waterproof, you can’t travel during the rainy season. Or face difficulty in crossing a river or stream when you are on a hike. That’s why buy a pack with waterproofness for the worst possible weather. Check whether your backpack comes with a separate fitting splash cover.


While buying a pack, we often overlook this thing. We don’t care whether it would be compatible with our body. The backpacks that have a shoulder harness, stabilizer strap, may not suit your body. Also, the packs that fit a man won’t necessarily fit a woman body. Therefore, check wearing and tying them with your body while buying a pack.


It’s another thing people often miss. You may choose a lightweight bag to reduce the load. But it’s possible that it isn’t durable enough. As a result, you may have to throw it away after using it once.


We often don’t give much importance to the materials of your backpack. The commonly used materials are cotton canvas, pack cloth nylon, polyester, and leather. Every other material has its utility and drawbacks. Be sure, what you are buying.


We usually don’t check the padded components whether they are securely fastened or not. As a result, we often find them weak enough to hold our laptop, tablet or other electric gadgets.


Many don’t care about the brands. It’s another mistake. The brand reflects the quality, price, durability of backpacks. Backpacks of store brand are cheaper than those of the big ones.


It’s another thing we often miss to check. The world is getting updated every day. So are the backpacks. You wouldn’t want your friends to label you as old- fashioned, would you? Keep this thing in your mind next time you go for backpack buying.

Final verdict:

You wouldn’t want to ruin the fun of your trip just because you chose the wrong pack, would you? I don’t want anyone to repeat the same mistake as my sister did. That’s why I considered it obvious warning you about the backpack buying mistakes. Read them carefully before you go for buying a new one next time. Choose one that suits you best. Don’t struggle with the wrongly designed backpack.

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