Different Types of Gloves And Their Uses – Details Guide

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Hand injuries including fingernail injuries and finger injuries are written-off as near misses. Although many workers turn a blind eye when it comes to the usage of gloves, nevertheless they are very important for your safety.

Different types of gloves and their uses

When you are working in factories that involves hazardous chemicals, it is often important to protect your hands to prevent infection and contamination. However, when it comes to boxing, gloves build your arm strength and can be a perfect companion for your training and during tournaments. Thus gloves can serve a range of purposes.
Listed below are the different types of boxing gloves and their uses.

What are the different types of gloves and how it is used?

Muay Thai Gloves-

When you are looking for authentic boxing gloves then Muay Thai gloves have no match. They are the most exhilarating and perfect gloves for your training which provides adequate wrist support and handle a good deal of agony and wrist injuries. Yokkao is the leading worldwide brand of boxing and Muay Thai gloves. Check out Handerick to know how to pick Muay Thai gloves.

Uses :

  • They can provide sufficient padding and wrist support without restricting the blood flow.
  • Provide perfect snug for your wrist
  • The high-quality leather makes it more durable to withstand the constant and regular training

Training/Bag Gloves-

These gloves are made of synthetic materials or leather and find an immense place in boxing fitness, sparring classes and punch bag training. When you are looking for a boxing glove that should be used on a regular basis then training gloves are apparently the best choice.


  • They are used for sparring or bag work
  • A perfect training glove for the beginners
  • They absorb enough shock to wear while sparring

Sparring Gloves-

These are the ones with extreme durability. High-quality gloves essential to all boxers of all levels. They are designed for both beginners and trained professionals with maximum protection for the metacarpus and wrists.


  • They provide complete comfort and breathability for your wrist and hands.
  • This top quality gloves can provide you with the best fight experience.

Amateur Competition Gloves

They basically feature with attached safety thumb that provides added protection for you. It is made of full grain leather and four-layer safety foam which has the potential to combat shock to a great extent.


  • The best glove for security fit.
  • Full grain leather provides durability and can serve you for years

Professional Gloves-

When it comes to fight or fitness, professional gloves are totally incomparable. Although not all gloves are created equal, yet they are most suited for big matches creating a professional experience for you.
Uses :

  • The professional gloves help you to have a safe and secure match.
  • They protect your hands and helps to minimize the damage done to your faces.

Wrapping up, boxing gloves are designed to pad the knuckles and to protect the boxer’s wrist and thumb so they are not prone to damage or injury during attacks. We hope this article help you in choosing the right set of glove and protect your hands against injuries.

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