Quality Door Lock Buying Tips for Homeowners

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Protecting your house from any unauthorized entry is a 24 hour job. You need to ensure that your house is safe from anyone not permitted to come in without your authorization. But you can’t be by your door 24 hours a day, 7 days a week guarding it to ensure no one else comes inside your house aside your family.

Instead, you will either use a door lock or security camera to see what goes on by your door. But if you don’t have the budget for cctv camera, you can use a door lock as your primary protection and this article will be your guide to choosing the best door lock for your door.

Door Lock Buying Tips

1. Be Practical

Quality door lock doesn’t always mean expensive. You can see quality locks out there in a reasonable price without compromising your extra cash on hand. Also, expensive doesn’t always mean high quality either so this is something you always have to keep in mind not just specifically for buying a door lock but also when you need to buy other things for your house.

You need to know what exactly you need according to your requirements and don’t make uneducated decision because you might regret it at the end of the day.

2. Don’t Shop Online

This is very important when you’re buying gadgets, appliances especially when you are buying a door lock or cctv IF you don’t have sufficient experience, knowledge of online shopping. I’ve tried buying clothes online because I thought they were cheap but when the items I ordered arrived, they looked nothing compare in the pictures.

While I don’t condemn online shopping, it’s just recommended that you do it with caution and with extensive research before you make your first purchase online for your own safety. Remember, you’re buying a door lock for your house so you can’t risk getting a defective product, right?

3. Read Online Reviews

Just to clear it out, reading online review doesn’t always mean you’re up for online shopping. It could be your source of information or reference about the product you’re planning to buy because online reviews are generated by real people with real experience about specific items or products.

For example, If you search for a door lock on Amazon, you’d normally see consumer reviews. These reviews say good and bad things about the product which educates you to know if it’s a good quality or not. And as a buyer yourself, you’d need to know what or how other consumers felt or experienced after the sale and use it to your advantage when shopping for a door lock.

4. Try the Product Yourself

There’s no better tip out there to know if a product is good until you experience it yourself. This is better than buying online because you can actually touch and inspect the actual item yourself so it affects your decision drastically because of that opportunity.

And while it’s only a matter of time you have to try the product yourself, it still makes a huge difference.

Let’s make a little comparison to validate my statement above. If you’re buying a sofa for your house, you’d prefer to go to the mall, sit on it and inspect the materials used to make it rather than buying it online, right? That’s exactly my point.

It goes the same way for buying quality door lock. If you have the opportunity to try the product yourself then go for it and don’t be lazy about it. After all, you can do it as much as you like to ensure you get the most quality door lock available.

5. Canvass the Price

All door locks are not created equal, so as their price. Door locks have different prices based on their features but did you know there can be a price difference based on the store a door lock is being sold? I’m sure there’s a difference if you buy a door lock at the mall or if you buy it in a hardware near you.

A smart buyer would always go for what’s cheaper but will not compromise the quality. If you buy a door lock at a hardware store outside the mall, it doesn’t mean it’s a low quality door lock because prices at the mall are marked up high than the hardware.


There’s no absolute formula in buying a quality door lock and there’s also no shortcut to it. In fact, I’ve written a lot about door locks and you just need to know the information you need when you’re buying a door lock because without knowing what exactly you need to buy, you will surely end up getting the wrong one and that would be a waste of your time and money.

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