Garage Door Upgrades Most Likely to Improve Total Home Value

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If you want to improve the value of your home, then upgrading your garage door is an underrated way of achieving it. If you think about it, your garage is likely one of the biggest single parts of your home. It’s one of the first things that people see when they approach your home, and it houses your vehicles and other expensive equipment. Whether you want to increase your home’s resale value or improve its energy efficiency, there are a few upgrades you can make.

Replace the Garage Door Completely

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The most significant way to upgrade your garage door is by replacing it with a brand new one. It is the most expensive upgrade, but can also boost your home’s value. Some studies have shown that replacing your garage door with a brand new one has an average return on investment of 88.4%. If you are preparing your house for sale you will get a lot of the money back that you put into it, and since the average cost of a new garage door is upwards of $1,000 that’s a very good thing.

A brand new, clean and undamaged garage door can significantly improve the curb appeal compared to one that’s visibly old, faded and damaged, thus improving its value. New garage doors can also greatly improve your home’s energy efficiency and security to save those costs. A solid and durable new door can also help you avoid the cost of repairs and maintenance.

If you decide to fully replace your garage door, make sure you do a lot of research for the new door so to ensure you pick something you like that contributes towards your home’s value.

Install or Improve the Insulation

Installing Garage Door

The garage door is one of the biggest sections on the exterior of your home, which means it can have a big impact on your home’s energy efficiency. If your current garage door is not properly insulated, your air conditioning and furnace will have to use up a lot more energy to regulate the interior temperature of the rest of the home. If you have a room that’s above your garage it is even more important to make sure your garage door is properly insulated.

Thankfully, you do not have to completely replace the garage door in order to improve its insulation if you cannot afford it, or if it is still relatively new. Here’s how you can improve the insulation of your current garage door:

  • Weather sealing — replace the weather sealing along the edges, especially along the bottom
  • Insulated panels — install them in between the horizontal door rails
  • Window caulking — re-apply any caulking along the edges of your garage door windows if it has them
  • Window replacements — replace the garage door windows with better-insulated glass panes

Air leakage is the biggest concern for a home if you want to improve its insulation, so you can upgrade your garage door by sealing up any leaks you find. To detect air leaks, you can hold up a hand or a candle close to the various edges of the door or buy special kits to be absolutely sure. For sake of safety, don’t forget to take necessary precautions like using helmet, googles, welding boots, hand gloves and so o. Also, make sure you do the tests after you try fixing the air leaks in case you missed any spots.

Upgrade the Security

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Improving the security of your home in general is a good way to improve its value, and this is also true of your garage door as well. If your current door is old, easy to open, or flimsy and easily broken through it can be something that thieves target as a means of entry into your home to commit a crime. There are a few types of upgrades you can make depending on how much you want to invest:

  • Frosted or covered windows — prevent people from being able to see what’s inside your garage is the simplest security measure
  • Garage door opener- provide you with additional security and reduce the chances of a robbery cause it will inform if the door isn’t properly closed
  • Reinforced or secured doors — strengthen your garage door and/or its opening mechanism to make it more difficult to break into
  • Garage door timers — install a timer device to your opener motor that will automatically close the garage door after a set time
  • Install home security system — connect your garage door to a central home security, alarm and monitoring system

Upgrading your garage doors’ security will deter and prevent most would-be thieves, which is why these types of upgrades can have a great return on investment. First, you can get discounts up to 15% off your home insurance depending on your company and the security upgrades you make. Second, studies have shown how home security systems are in high demand among home buyers, so having a secure garage door can help increase the resale value of the whole house.

Paint It a New Color

Paint It A New Color

Lastly, one of the simplest and cheapest upgrades to your garage door that can help improve your home’s value is by simply painting it with a new color. Studies have been done to show what interior and exterior paint colors will increase or decrease the resale value. For your garage door, the best colors tend to be more neutral, such as mixes of light gray and beige, whites, slate grays, and tones of blue. These are known as ‘calming’ colors for those who enter your home. Meanwhile, colors like darker brown, tan, taupe or stucco tend to hurt the resale value.

These studies are all general trends, however, so there are some specific details you should keep in mind. First, whatever color you paint your garage door should ideally complement the whole color scheme of your home’s exterior. Second, take a look at the exterior house colors used in your neighborhood and pick something that either works with them or make your home in particular stand out in a nice way from other nearby homes for sale. If you want to do some extra research, check what houses sold for more or less than usual in your neighborhood and pay attention to what colors they used.

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