Growing Chanterelle Mushrooms: 6 Tips From the Experts

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Chanterelle mushroom is a fungus which usually comes in two colors- orange or yellow. It commonly looks like golden trumpets with adorable shapes and vibrant colors. Chanterelle mushrooms has a fruity aroma and excellent taste. Which makes it sell for a handsome price in the market.

Its discovered from the 16th century. They were first recognized as a culinary delicacy. And through the spreading influence of the French cuisine in the 18th century. In the present times, these are already widely used in kitchens throughout the world. Swedish mycologist Elias Fries stated that chanterelle counted as one of the best edible mushrooms.

Chanterelle mushrooms

Chanterelle mushrooms come in colors yellow and yellow-orange.

Surely, growing chanterelle mushrooms is sometimes tricky. chanterelle does not grow directly when planted on any soil just like other plants. It needs a particular type of soil and specific kinds of trees to grow it well. So, what are the proper ways to grow chanterelle mushrooms? What methods should be used? Here are tips that are given by experts:

Chanterelle mushrooms Growing in Roots

Chanterelle mushroom grows best on the roots of a tree. It basically grows in the wild.

6 Tips on Growing Chanterelle Mushrooms

Tips # 01: Find the Proper Tree

Find the proper tree in growing chanterelle mushrooms

A gardener who seeks to grow this plant successfully should likewise seek the proper tree in which to plant the chanterelle mushrooms. It varies from region to region. Trees like birch, beech, or spruce can be considered. In the Pacific Northwest, it can survive with hemlock, Douglas fir, or even tan oak. In Northeastern US, they can usually grow in the pine trees during summer or in hemlock, balsam fir, and oak tree in the later part of the year. Yes, in the Southeast, it is common in hardwoods like oak, poplar, and maple. Due to the sensitive nature of chanterelle mushrooms. One must grow them by mimicking their natural habitat in the wild.

Tips # 02: Proper Soil

Use the proper soil

Chanterelle mushrooms ideally grow in a soil which has low nitrogen level. One must bear in mind that when growing chanterelle mushroom. It is essential to test the soil that is placed near the potential tree in which to grow it. The area must have a well-drained soil and with a low level of pH.

Chanterelle mushrooms in Grass

Chanterelle mushrooms grow well in a soil that has a good drainage. Thus, you might need some garden sprinklers when watering them.

Tips # 03: Ideal pH Ratio

The ideal pH must be between 4 and 5.5

A very helpful tip emphasized by experts is to test the pH level of the soil. If it ranges from 4 to 5.5, it is perfect for growing chanterelle mushrooms. And if the pH of the soil is too high, sodium chloride will make it lower. If the pH is very low, which is too acidic for the plant to grow, then adding lime will raise it.

group chanterelle mushroom wood cantharellus cibarius

This is a chanterelle mushroom which survives in the grass and moss with a soil that has the right pH.

Tips # 04: The Best Time

Chanterelle mushrooms are best grown in July

chanterelle mushroom

A chanterelle mushroom can grow and survive even in summertime.

The weather is one of the elements to be considered in growing chanterelle mushrooms. If it is planted during warm weather such as that of July and it is most likely to survive.

Tips # 05: Loosened Soil

The soil must be loosened

The soil must be raked. Or tilled using the appropriate garden tillers in order to become loose and hospitable for the growing chanterelle mushrooms. It is very true that they cannot survive in a well-compacted area. Hence a very high degree of care must be observed. So their habitats must not be disturbed and that they will keep growing again every year.

raw wild mushrooms chanterelles basket dill

Chanterelle mushroom is best served if is fresh or cooked within the day after harvest. As a result its best.

Tips # 06: Spread Measurements

Get chanterelle mushroom, break it wholly apart and spread it all over the whole area

Chanterelle mushrooms produce a lower level of spores as compared to other mushrooms. Due to this, gardeners cannot usually save them in a container. They are typically difficult to reproduce. The best thing to do is to break up the whole chanterelle. Spread its bits around the loose soil to scatter the spores still naturally confined in the mushrooms. After that, the bits must be left undisturbed. It might take years for this plant to develop but once it does, it will continue to come out again every year. So its nice.

chanterelle mushroom gills

This is the photo of the gills or spores of the chanterelle mushroom. It’s typically very small.


These are some of the methods used by experts in growing chanterelle mushrooms. It might be a bit tricky. But it is worth a try since this plant has a lot of nutritional value. Growing chanterelle mushrooms needs ideal habitat. Which must consider the proper trees, the proper weather and the suitable type of soil. If you have these three components, you no longer have to seek fertilizers to grow this mushroom successfully. It is probable to nurture the growth of chanterelle mushrooms at a suitable setting. Near the home, if all the conditions are attained.

So many articles say that it is difficult to grow it in a garden. Or at a house backyard. Since there are numerous measures to consider when growing this plant. Many gardeners fail to cultivate this exotic type of food in voluminous quantity and sell it in large numbers on the market. However, using the correct methods and in time with the right weather, gardeners can still try to grow these crops. And possibly be successful so long as all the conditions are met.

Thank you for reading this article. And I hope you found these tips in growing chanterelle mushrooms useful. If you like to impart this knowledge with family and friends, you can share these tips with them by clicking the share buttons!

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    I live in Indonesia, where is hard to find this kind of mushroom. But Chanterelle grow in our land, under eucayptus trees. Well, that’s years ago. And now I kind of interested to grow it, so I will try to find it again and hopefully succes to do it, because those Eucalyptus tree are still there 🙂

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