How Do You Make Your Baby Like You?

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My Two years old baby doesn’t like me as like as he likes his mother. He is perfectly content with others, but when I try to grab or hold him, he starts crying. What can I did? Well, here is the solution of how do you make your baby like you?

Sounds familiar, right? If you are worried about the matter that your baby doesn’t like you that much, it shows that you are a concerned parent. But we understand that you want your baby to like and laugh with you so much and it hurts a lot when he doesn’t.

Such problems worried us so much and we ended up finding effective solutions to this problem. After talking with a few couple of parents, parenting experts, and baby physicians, we have found some crucial reasons behind that.

Here in this content, we have listed them down with effective solutions to the problems. We expect, after going through certain procedures mentioned here, you will get into the joy of your baby child like never before.

So let’s start with some questions and answers-

How Much Concerned Parent You Are?

Ask yourself that are you try enough to be a careful and good parent? As per the medical science says, babies are not likely at all to communicate with unknown or less familiar faces. So, if you aren’t providing a few hours of attentions or interactions to your baby, I bet you should think it over again.

Make Your Baby Happy

Are You The Primary Caregiver?

We know parents have to stay busy warning the bread. That’s obviously necessary to do. But things work in a different way if you have a newborn child angel in your life.

You have to always try to be the very first person whom the baby plays with. Such interactions will turn your baby to get informed that, you will be always by him.

How to Make Your Baby Liking You?

Give The Attention Your Baby Deserves

Being ignored is one of the cruelest things that hurts. And as per a baby’s concerned, ignorance hurt their emotion a lot. Frequent ignorance by parents can turn a baby into a gloomy and dull child.

So apart from all other regular works, take a few hours of leisure where all of your attention will be focused on your baby. Such priority will definitely pay off when you will figure it out that you are his favorite person to be with.

Don’t Give Up Turning Away

You can’t expect to explain your importance to a two months old baby, right? So his rules are simple. He will turn away from the persons he doesn’t like. If you are a sufferer, you have faced the same situation too.

But as an expert, I strongly recommend you not to give up on this. He will turn away from you for 5 or 10 times. But if you can somehow hold him in your arms, that’s an EUREKA!

Respond to His Invitations

Another good chance to get the love from your child is to respond to its invitations. He might invite you to play and run with him. Don’t be a busy parent by that time.

Join your kid in playing, gossiping and even thinking. This will never let him feel alone. He always keeps it in mind that, no matter what, are the person who is always with him.

5 Signs You Baby Starts to Like You

1. Turning Towards You

Did you know that babies can hear their mother talking even before it is born! Amazing, right? As their hearing mechanism starts to form right after 20 weeks, they start listening to their mom’s voice.

So, from the very beginning, they are used to hear momma’s voice and naturally, they like to do that. So, if your voice or face makes the baby turn towards you, then you can be sure that everything is going fine and your baby likes you a lot.

2. Melting In Your Arms

You can’t always know that is the baby likes to hear, play or see you. But there is something you can always feel. You can feel the baby melts and relaxes itself when you take him to your arms.

Holding up the baby with comfort and if the baby likes it a lot, you can be pretty sure that he’s enjoying your company. You can sense the taste of motherhood or fatherhood only then.

3. Making Eye Contacts

Baby’s doesn’t have too many ways to express and connect himself with parents. So it expresses a lot of its feelings with eye contacts. You can feel the truth of mu words if you have ever felt the baby gazing deep into your eyes.

Apart from affection, newborns learn and acquire a lot of things with eye contacts. Even it tries to copy your facial expressions and anything you do.

How Do You Make Your Baby Like You

4. Cooing and Babbling

Babies are done with learning how to smile in around first 2 months. As he is done, he starts to make some chat with you. It’s definitely not like a usual human to human conversation. But you will definitely like the way he tries to express himself.

Those babbling or coos are nothing but breathy vowels. But still, if the baby tries to communicate with you in such a way, be sure that you are on his favorite list. As a baby starts to communicate verbally and you are the person he is trying to do so with, you are a lucky parent.

5. Of course, Smile

It’s hard to find a person whom heart doesn’t swell with a newborn baby’s smile. Its pretty thing to look at that can even make a clinical mother’s heart happy.

As it’s an early medium of communication to a baby, be sure that the baby is trying to interact with you. A smile in return can turn the baby to like you even more! A smile in return of a smile means you are cementing your relationship with the baby.

Conclusion: How Do You Make Your Baby Like You?

You might think that what’s there with your wife and not in you that your baby likes about. Well, here is the answer. Firstly, your wife can breastfeed him. Secondly, she has months of practice in baby care. And lastly, she understands the baby’s needs even before the baby itself does.

As you don’t have any of these three, it’s a hard nut to crack. But, thanks to our expert team. They have written the entire article above targeting those parents. Hope this content might be great help to you to a better relationship with your baby.

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