How to Care for Your Shaved Bald Head – The Most Useful Tips for a Healthy Scalp

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There’s something so beautiful about being bald, isn’t it? Maybe it’s because you don’t feel the need to spend time and money caring for your hair and making sure it looks healthy, shiny, and smooth.

But hold that thought; just because there’s no hair on your head doesn’t mean you don’t have to deal with conditions like dry/flaky skin, ingrowths, and sunburn. Whatever the case though, how to care for your shaved bald head is definitely way more convenient, easier, and quicker than how to care for a head full of hair.

Care for Your Shaved Bald Head

So let’s find out the most useful and effective tips to keep your bald head looking the best. But before that, allow me to cover some basics.

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Shaving the Head Bald
Prepping is a part of every process. You should prep before you shave your beard too you know. This means you have to prep your scalp as well before you shave off all your hair.

The rule of thumb is to shave after your shower, hot or warm water shower. Because what steam does is opens up your hair follicles for a quicker and easier shave. If you wish to go bald completely, use clippers for buzzing your hair down first. But you can skip the clippers if the length of your hair is very short.

However, if your hair isn’t short, then it’s time to take your shaving cream and apply it over your hair for softening them up. What shaving cream here does is reduce irritation and allow you to perform easier glides.
As for using the razor, follow the direction of your hair growth. Start with the sides, then the top, and finally move to the back. Don’t forget to rinse the razor once every 2 to 3 passes.

Once all your hair is gone, wash your fresh bald head using warm water. This helps in getting rid of all the shaving cream. And then wash with cold water for closing the pores. Now, what to put on the head after shaving? It’s time for you to bring in that gentle, non-alcohol aftershave balm of yours and lather it on.

Common Skin Issues That May Arise After Going Bald

Sometimes bald head maintenance includes dealing with skin conditions as a result of shaving the head. So it’s very important, at such times, to protect the scalp by using the right kind of bald head care products. But what are these conditions that may or may not occur?

When you don’t give your freshly shaved scalp the care it demands, preventing flaky situations is impossible. The outcome of this is dandruff

Acne Breakouts
The thing about scalp acne is that it’s nothing like the face or body acne. Scalp acne occurs as a result of hair follicles clogging and forming red bumps.

The sun projects harmful rays, I hope you know that. These rays are very much capable of frying your bald head quicker than a hotdog during summertime.

When you have head hair, it protects your scalp from potential allergens. But when all that hair is out of the picture, there’s no protection. So allergens are bound to get attracted to your scalp.

Razor Burns
These are only common if you wish to shave your head without any expert or professional guidance. Or without the use of the right kind of products, both during and after shaving.

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How to Care for Your Shaved Bald Head

#1 Shampoo and condition your shaved head

You may not be able to see the tiny hair on your head. But that doesn’t mean they’re not there. So keeping that in mind, show some love to those little creatures.
Then there’s also no denying that dirt and oil build up on your bald head. This means it’s important that you shampoo your scalp during your shower. And if you’re shampooing, then you have to use a good moisturizing conditioner after that for keeping your head free of flakes.
Please don’t think that you can use a body wash or soap for washing your head. It may seem like a more convenient or easy option. But soaps and body washes produce an unwanted drying effect. So it’s better to choose and use hair-specific products.

#2 Sun protection

Shielding the scalp from sun exposure is often a neglected piece of advice. Burnt and bald do not make a pleasant combination just by the way.
The thing about hair is that it keeps your scalp protected and warm. But when all of it is gone, there’s not any insulation left. This means you have to take the weather into consideration. When cold, the beanie becomes your bestie. And when hot, apply a sunscreen or wear a hat.
How about on cloudy days? Even in that weather, you could end up with a scorched scalp. So no matter what, always use sunscreen on your head, neck, and ears.

#3 Moisturize and stay hydrated

It’s only natural for your scalp to become rough and dry with sun exposure. Be it in the summer or winter months!
The best thing you can do is drink lots of water for hydrating your skin. And also don’t skip applying a moisturizer specifically designed for sensitive skin.

#4 Scalp massage

It’s what they say, rub your bald head and it’ll bring good luck. That is true in this context. Meaning if you massage your scalp, you’re stimulating blood circulation and encouraging hair growth. But how to go about it?
Use your 10 fingertips to apply mild pressure on your head. Move the fingers around the scalp; from the forehead region and the crown all the way down to the neck. And if you think you’re not doing a good job, then that’s what loved ones are for. Try to convince them into believing that rubbing your shaved bald head might bring them some good fortune.

Why Being Bald Is the Best Thing for You

Being bald saves money and time
No doubt, your visits to the barber are going to be less frequent. Another thing you would be saving your money on is buying all kinds of different hair products like shampoos and conditioners.
And by saving time, I mean not having to waste your precious minutes every morning styling and drying your hair after every shower.

Being bald boosts metabolism
Male pattern baldness is a thing. And the culprit behind it is high testosterone levels. But you know, more testosterone in your body increases your metabolism rate. This means you get the opportunity to maintain a healthy weight as well as develop muscle. In simple words, losing hair actually helps in losing all that belly fat too.

Being bald might just save your life
Let me explain. The connection between prostate cancer and early balding is not false or uncommon. So if you bald completely by choice, you’re actually preventing the development of prostate cancer. But that’s only if you’re exposing your shaved scalp to more sun exposure, with sunscreen of course.
What sun-derived Vitamin D does is minimize the negative impact of prostate cancer. So if you’re outdoors, your chances of developing prostate cancer are much lower in comparison to those who spend more time indoors.

Final Note
So you’re not really bald, you’re like a solar panel. Experiencing hair loss at an early age or later in life is not such a pleasant or joyful experience. But you what is, shaving your head bald on your own. Just think of the time and money you’ll be saving if you do it right.
It’s true that not every man is going to look like Dwayne Johnson, Jason Statham, Vin Diesel, and other such male celebrities. But you are indeed going to feel more confident about yourself.
This post was created by a team of dermatology professionals at Skincare Top List, who, needless to say, are very adamant about using the right types of products for skincare and haircare.

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