How to Choose The Best Running Socks

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When you are a sports-person, just about everything you choose for your training period can be important. If you think of it, even things as small or minor as socks matter. For a runner what is the most important body part? Of course, the feet. After all, as rigorous as the training would be, the last thing you want is an uncomfortable pair of socks.

How to Choose The Best Running Socks

So, it is pretty fair if you are looking to buy a good, comfortable pair of running shoes. There are several factors that contribute to the comfort factor of a pair of socks. The material of which it is made of, the padding, fitting, etc. By getting some good sets of socks, you can be sure of the comfort in every step you take.

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Features making best running socks

After all, what features in a pair of socks would make it the best pair of running socks? Do we absolutely need to bother about something like socks? These are actually some of the most common questions, and they are fair enough too. It may be tough to see through, but is a matter of logic- will you be able to run better and faster with a padded, fit and comfortable socks or with a slippery, blister-causing pair?

Here is what you are looking forward to by getting the running socks.

It might be hard to believe for some. As hard to believe as it may seem, good running socks can add to the comfort of your foot while you are up for a run or are training. Choosing good-quality running shoes will be any day more comfortable and helping than wearing some random socks that slip from beneath your foot or, even worse, leave your feet in blisters.

Branded and quality running socks will be perfectly fit your foot. When you run, you totally don’t want your socks to be either slipping or to be too tight.

Somewhat better performance
The question repeats- socks and performance! Seriously? Well, there are theories that suggest wearing compression socks can reduce the vibrations that running impact causes. True or not, you can see trying yourself. After all, the results can vary from person to person. One thing is sure- you can, of course, run better with a pair of comfortable socks than in any other case.

Points to consider while choosing the best running socks

Material/ Clothing
The toughest part of any socks is the odour that it produces. Most socks, unless chosen correctly or washed after every wearing, literally stinks. The best call would be choosing the right material.

The last thing you want is stuffing an old piece of cotton socks between your foot and your expensive sports shoes. One of the reasons that cotton socks are least recommended is because of the fact that cotton actually absorbs a lot of sweat as you run. This only ends up causing blisters, but can also add a whole lot of discomfort to your running or training.

The material you choose needs to be such that it would produce minimal odour. Wool, especially Merino wool, is one of the most recommended materials for running shoes. This is because woolen socks produce the least odour in addition to being able to regulate temperature. Moreover, it moves moisture instead of absorbing the sweat and causing you discomfort. In fact, you can often wear woolen socks multiple times before you wash them.

Length of the socks:
The length of the socks you choose may not matter that lot. However, this decision is more or less personal. You may have to try crew length, half as well as knee length socks before figuring out which one are you the most comfortable in.

Cushioning/ padding:
The obvious benefit of cushioned socks is that there would be the least chances of you ending up with a paining foot. You know the feeling of walking or running with pads beneath your foot!

For the athlete or runners who are extra conscious about the comfort and well being of your foot, there are socks with medical properties as well. There are some brands that offer socks with anti-blister properties to take additional care of your fee. Blisters can be really, really uncomfortable and painful for anyone. Running with blisters would be just tremendously painful. They can seriously affect your speed and overall performance. There is no wonder why people choose materials that are least prone to causing blisters.

Rockay Accelerate running socks: the best of running socks

For those who have been wondering which brand offer socks that check all the points mentioned below, this is the one. Rockay Accelerate running socks is one of the best running socks you can go for. We can’t appreciate enough for the care that the manufacturer has put in making these amazingly comfortable socks.

Rockay absolutely cares about the durability, comfort and performance factors. Just about everything about Rockay Accelerate running socks is perfect.

Made from natural merino wool, these Rockay socks are amazingly durable. A great advantage of these running socks is that it has some of the best available moisture wicking techniques available on the market. It’s not just us who are saying this, but every one of the testers and users who has tried these socks.

Another great thing about the Rockay Accelerate running socks is that it comes with some anti-blistering properties. This feature can be extremely useful for athletes who are more prone to getting skin irritations, blisters or such. In addition, even after a long day’s practice, your feet would feel relatively alright, given that the heal and toe of the socks are sufficiently padded.

It is pretty much impossible that you will ever find these uncomfortable or not fit you. Rockay is thus a high-performance sock for runners who are really serious about keeping their feet alright and performance just the best.

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