How to Choose the Best Women’s Hunting Boots

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Hunting is a sport with numerous benefits to men and women and can be enjoyed alone, with family or friends. Because you are always on the move outdoors trapping and monitoring traps, you get to exercise your body muscles. The activity is also therapeutic because of the adventures of exploring different terrains, water bodies, and forests. What’s more, you also get a good source of low-fat protein meat.

Your hunting footwear will influence the success of your hunting expedition. Female hunters just like men hunters need to find hunting boots that match their hunting needs. You need the right hunting gear to take you to where the prey is.

Sometimes some of the areas are usually almost inaccessible, and they include marshlands, swampy regions, thick brushes, and mountainous terrains.

Therefore, when buying your hunting tools and gears, it is essential that special consideration is given to choosing hunting boots. The right hunting boots should keep you safe and comfortable.

The Habitat of Your Prey

You need functional shoes. You may want to consider investing in the best fishing shoes if you are doing moose, duck or geese hunting. If your hunting expeditions take you to wet areas like a lake, river or swamp, chances are very high that you will wade through swamps, marshes or creeks. Fishing shoes are designed with good traction, breathability, comfort, draining capabilities and drying capabilities to handle water.

But if you are hunting in wet areas and you don’t want to get wet, then you need to buy extra tall boots or waders. But other hunting areas may not need such high boots. A good inexpensive pair of camouflage boots that is not necessarily waterproof will suit forested and woody regions that are not wet.

The habitat of deer, elks, sheep or mule is steep, tough and ascending terrain. If you are hunting any of these, you need boots that can manage such a terrain. If the hunting area is mountainous or involves some hiking, then look for hiking boots or boots that are designed for extreme mountainous regions.

The Weather

Hunting boots need to be able to protect you from the elements (heat, cold and wind), if necessary they should be waterproof, and the boots should also keep you warm in cold water or cool in warm weather. Therefore, you will need different types of hunting shoes depending on the season.

If you intend to be hunting during all seasons, then you will need at least three types of boots, namely Late Summer-Early Fall Hunting Boots, Fall Hunting Boots, and Late-Season Hunting Boots.

Late Summer-Early Fall Hunting Boots will need to keep you cool from the heat, therefore, select breathable, lightweight and waterproof boots. Your hunting boots for the fall season need to have moderate insulation and should also be waterproof. Late-Season Hunting Boots should be heavily insulated and should also have a good liner that traps heat.

Hunting Style

If your hunting involves a lot of walking, then you need a sturdy pair of boots that is lightweight, has good traction, is breathable and has a solid sole. You also need shoes that have resistance to abrasions. Modern inventions in materials have seen the weight of boots being reduced to a bare minimum. Look for the lightest boots that still meet your hunting needs.

Snake-Proof Boots

Please research to find out if your target hunting spots harbor any venomous snakes. Also, find out the population of the snakes and also what species of snakes to expect. There are many hunting boots in the market designed to protect your feet from venomous snake bites. If you cannot get accurate information about whether there are snakes or not from where you will be hunting, then it is better to be on the safe side and invest in snake-proof boots. Remember to take other protective measures like carrying a first aid kit with anti-venom.

Your Personal Tastes, Preferences and Budget Allocations

As a woman, your hunting needs, personal tastes, preferences, and budget will determine what color of boots you will choose, style and what brand of boots you will eventually settle for.

There are a variety of brands in the market that will address all hunting conditions that female hunters are likely to encounter. The focus of most brands is mainly functionality and durability and not aesthetics.

Other Factors to Consider

Be sure to check you’re fitting so that you get the right fitting boots. Boots are tricky because they are stiff and not stretchy. Also, as much as possible try to get boots that do not require breaking in. But if they need breaking in, use them around the house before wearing them on your hunting day. Also, make sure you pick the right kind of socks to match your hunting boots.


As a woman hunter you should be able to find perfect footwear to enable you to hunt wherever you dream at. Unlike before, in the recent past manufacturers have designed many feminine hunting boots that are sleek without compromising on functionality. Apart from being lightweight and functional, ensure that the hunting shoes or boots will not cause sores on your feet, ankle or any other part of your legs by acclimating them.

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