How to Decorate Your Lawn This Christmas Season?

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For those who are eager to decorate their landscape garden with Christmas decors this coming holiday season, I think this article is right for you.


You’re too excited for the upcoming Christmas season, right? And you know, it is the best time to pull out those old outdoor Christmas decors and think on what to do with them. You might have so many ideas in mind, but how will you get started?

That’s why this post could of great help to you as I will discuss some of the most important things to consider once decorating your lawn for Christmas season. Continue reading fellas!

How to Decorate Your Lawn This Christmas Season

Things to Consider When Decorating Lawn for Christmas Season

There are different factors to bear in mind as you decorate your beautiful lawn. Some of these factors are the following:

Deciding on a Theme

Don’t you think it’s better that you only have few related outdoor Christmas decors than having too many of unrelated ones? It is your decision whether you want to be more traditional or modern. Bear in mind that mixing themes isn’t a great idea. So, a nativity scene and Santa in front of the lawn isn’t an excellent option.

You should also note what the closest neighbors are doing. If they are interested in having Christmas lights that are visible from outer space, then you could take the high road and make a subtle yet extraordinary display. In order not to clash with the holiday kaleidoscope that surrounds you, consider the use of all one color.

Picking the Lights of Your Choice

There are the majority of house owners that would use mini lights as these lights have lower voltage, sparkle and could come in a variety of colors and prices too. You only need to beware of the cheap sets since they might not last long. And these lights also come in LED.

For traditional lights, picking the C7 or C9 could be great. They have large sizes that make them bright and visible. C7 bulbs are over two inches, and the C9 bulbs are over three inches long which also come in LED.

You can also opt to the use of icicle lights wherein you can hang from the roof and are available in both bright and multi. For bushes and trees, net lights might be considered.

If you are tired of untangling strings of lights, why not prefer the rope lights? Most of them are about 18-feet long and could come equipped with cable ties and mounting clips for easy hanging.

Indeed, there are ample numbers of Christmas lights that you might use once decorating your outdoor place.

Determine the Number of Lights Needed

First, you can check the lights that you already have whether they are all working. Aside from checking the bulbs, test the wires too. If there are exposed or frayed wires, then you need to buy new ones now.

But, you need to decide whether how many feet you would need to light up all the areas in the lawn that you like to decorate. And don’t forget the measurements for length and width.

Choose the Right Outdoor Christmas Lawn Ornaments

You might consider inflatable lawn ornaments which are becoming more and more popular these days and also a lot easier to store compared to the traditional large yard decors.

It is also nice to consider the holographic Christmas décors since during the day the holographic design would add Christmas cheer to the outdoor decorations. And the lights will bring the decorations to life.

Another option is the sculptured illuminated decorations which are designs made out from rope lights. These might be found in a multiple of classic designs such as nativity scenes, Santa, and reindeers. As for subtle addition, you might have the outdoor topiary which focuses less on the color but more on the natural setting.

Put the Plan Together

Once planning, it is best to bear in mind that less is better compared to more. Take note that it is your goal to convey the spirit of Christmas and so avoid making your lawn look like a miniature theme park.

So, sit down and plant out the design. You can draw a rough sketch of the home and yard and draw in where you might want to place the lawn decorations. Indeed, planning will let you put up the Christmas outdoor decors a lot faster when the time comes and will lead to a better overall design.


There you have it! You need to bear in mind those things mentioned above once you are on your way to decorating your lawn for the upcoming Christmas season. Make your lawn something that will convey the real meaning of the Holidays!

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