How to Use a Vibrating Foam Roller – Updated Guide

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The fitness craze is on fire nowadays. And well, it is fair enough though. Everyone should have the urge to stay fit. But then, with fitness comes a good load of real work and a pretty lot of soreness and muscle pain. Not those who are just beginning, but even those who regularly workout experience severe pain after some sweaty workout sessions.

How to Use a Vibrating Foam Roller

So some innovative companies like Triggerpoint introduced vibrating foam roller, to all of us fitness enthusiasts’ relief!

What is a vibrating foam roller?

Before we head on, here’s a small intro for those who are new to the term vibrating foam rollers. These are massaging tools for relaxing sore and tired muscles during or after a workout or a generally tiring day. If you know the usual foam roller, a vibrating foam roller is just the same, only with a motor to activate vibrations. Turn the switch on and the massager would deliver rapid pulses that would amazingly help in dissolving the soreness of your muscles and relaxing you. These massaging devices actually increase the flow of blood to those sore places and activate tissues. No wonder why the product is gaining so much attention from all the fitness enthusiasts!
It certainly qualifies as one of the best forms of self-myofascial release. The best part is with these tools like Triggerpoint vibrating foam roller, you have options to set the vibration intensity depending on your comfort and pain. Due to intense vibrations, most users find these generally more effective than the traditional foam rollers. Another great thing to count on it, there isn’t really any downsides or side-effects of using these- just use correctly though!
Above all, foam rollers are absolutely economic when compared to traditional myofascial release.

How to use a foam roller

If your question is how to use a foam roller then you are in the right place. If you are using the normal foam roller, it would largely be using our body’s response to pressure as a way of relaxing the muscles. Thus, it would mostly work by exerting pressure you’re your sore body part on to the foam roller. In case of the vibrating foam rollers, the vibrations will work as an icing on the cake as your body reacts to the pressure.
Thus, mostly, using the foam roller involved simply being in such a position in which the sore parts of your body is working in pressure against the foam roller. The body’s natural response to pressure would trigger and you will feel relieved at the end. Wondering the best ways to use a foam roller or a Triggerpoint vibrating foam roller, here are some of the best uses! Read on!

Acupressure all by yourself
It’s one of the simplest yet most effective uses you can have of a foam roller. Simply lie down and get your body in such a position in which one of the pressure points of your body are against the foam roller.
Let’s get you a starter- lie on your back with the Triggerpoint vibrating foam roller behind your neck. Keep your legs half folded and lift your hips, making a bridge position. This will exert pressure on all those pressure points on the back of your neck, relieving much of that neck pack and maybe a bit of shoulder pain too!

Yoga add-on
You can use a foam roller in many of the yogic positions. Here are some:
Plank: Here we are talking about you being in the position of the plank only with the foam roller beneath your palm. Thus, you’ll be exerting most of the upper body weight on the foam with your hands.
Seated stretching: While you are in a position with legs stretched in front of you, you can keep the foam roller beneath your foot (feet), hands or knees, depending on the stretching that you are doing. Just remember that wherever you are placing the foam roller, there should be pressure exerted on that spot as you stretch.

Balancing workouts
Foam is of course somewhat unstable. So in addition to being a pretty good pain reliever, they can help you with some of your basic balance practising positions as well.
Here is a starter for you- try adding foam roller with your crunches. Lie on your back as if you would for crunches, only with the foam roller stuffed between the floor and your back, a bit about your hips. Now balance as you do your crunches! Not only will this somewhat add on to your balancing skills, this will be even more effective on your abs!
Note though that the vibrating foam rollers come pretty dense in comparison to the normal foam rollers. You can still use it for diverse balancing exercises like with doing lunges with your back leg pointed and sliding on the foam roller.

Just lie down
If not anything, or after everything, just lie back in a relaxed position with the foam roller on your back. See how relaxing it would be!

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