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So here is a disclosure about image credits of our website This is one kind of statesman also from our side. If you have any objection feel free to ask us or ask us to remove any photo as below direction.

There is no copyright image in our Staple Search website. Some of we did purchase from stock images and maximum we are using in under creative common copyright license via their representatives.

Product Image Credits

Product images are obtained through either the Amazon Product Advertising API, other affiliate networks, or the manufacturer themselves.

If you wish any photo to be removed from our website, for any reason, please feel free to submit the request via our Contact Us form, and we will gladly do so immediately.

We are trying to add relative photos and images to visualize our articles. If you have any suggestions about these format, you can give us suggestions if you have any.

Are You A Photographer?

If you are a photographer and wish to share your photo by our website, feel free to send us. Just write us via our contact us form. We will reply you as soon as possible. If possible, send us your work sample. Also send us your one pdf copy CV as an attachment. Or if you have any website or portfolio page, send us the link. So we can see your works.

Don’t forget to send us your work charges. Because we like to know your demand to purchase your work. Also don’t be sure, we must purchase your works. Only if we like your works and your work price is okay with us, we can purchase. So before send your CV, work samples, you need to know that.

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