10 Inexpensive Home Upgrades – Home Renovation on a Budget

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The most home renovation comes at a huge cost but can make a big difference in how your home looks. However, there are certain ideas, that can give a whole new look to your home, that too on a budget. So, if you are looking for ways to renovate your home in an affordable way, look no more. Here we have a list of inexpensive home upgrades that are pocket-friendly.

1. Paint Your Walls

Painting your walls with a new color is the best thing you could do to upgrade your home. It will not only cover up all the marks and scratches that have been caused by years of use but also change the entire look of your house. Besides painting the exterior walls, consider painting the inner walls too for a cleaner look.

2. Add Windows

Windows are an important part of any house and accentuate its look in several ways. Having the right window in on the right wall will not only beautify your rooms but will provide ample natural light in every corner to make your rooms look spacious. If you already have a window, consider changing the blinds to create a new look. Adding more windows and skylight will allow fresh air to circulate in your house.

3. Organize Your Space

Organizing your space and rearranging furniture is another great way to upgrade your home. It will change the look of a certain room while creating more space for cabinets and storage. Throw away items that you no longer need and store rest on shelves. Always have a separate place for your power tools so that you can store them safely and securely. You can make your DIY shelves and cabinets to increase your storage area.

4. Create A Deck Area

A relaxing deck can become a great addition and an attraction to your home. All you need is a little time and some high-quality tools to build a deck in your house. Plan the size of your deck before you proceed so that that it can fit your existing construction.

5. Play with Flooring

Flooring is another integral part of any construction and should be maintained properly. If there are too many flaws in your flooring, you may consider replacing it completely to upgrade your rooms. If replacing the entire floor seems too expensive, you may consider laying sheets or simply painting the floor. Go for hardwood flooring for increasing the appearance as well as durability of the floors.

6. Don’t Forget the Roof

Similar to flooring, the roof is another area that you can work upon for a home upgrade. Maintaining the roof is important because it not only protects your home from extreme weather conditions but also provides a beautiful look to your house. Therefore, replacing your roof with a new one will make your home look new and beautiful. If complete replacement is not required, you may just repair the damaged areas of it.

Home Renovation on a Budget

7. Add Another Story for Storage

If you have a single story house, you can create a second story to upgrade your home. Probably you need some extra space for kid’s rooms or a reading room or a simple storage room to organize your entire home. Building a beautiful second-floor room or rooms will be advantageous as well as appealing.

8. Design Your Kitchen

We cannot forget the kitchen when it comes to inexpensive home upgrades. You can rethink the entire design and make it more useful and functional. Create space by removing old and unused items. Add cabinets that you can easily make with the help of a bunch of power tools. Change the flooring if it is worn out and paint the walls to beautify the space.

9. Inexpensive Bathroom Ideas

Replacing the old tub with a new one will make your bathroom appear clean and new. You may also change the design of your vanity and use a modern or traditional style instead. Add more lights to your bathroom or build windows to make it bright and spacious. Don’t forget to install low flow faucets to save water.

10. Change Upholstery

Simply changing your upholstery will increase the appeal of your home. Usually, same upholstery is used for years which becomes a bit boring. Dressing your old sofa in a new fabric will surely make your home more exciting. Also, replace drapes and other upholstery around the home.


In addition to the above inexpensive home upgrades, you may also consider working around the basement to create space and utilize it. Clean it away and have a workspace where you can create new ideas for woodworking to keep yourself busy while creating interesting pieces. All you need is a workbench and a few power tools.

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