Luxury Sports Watches: How to Choose the Right Style

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Luxury watches are expensive commodities, however they are an investment which is quite worth it. These watches are highly labor-intensive to manufacture and require a superior level of craftsmanship.

Fine watchmaking is certainly a treasured skill as a watch is an extension of one’s personality. Therefore, it’s imperative to choose a watch style that has an immaculate design and complements your attire.

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Background on Sports Watches

In the late 1940s, a Swiss watchmaker tweaked the design of the conventional wristwatch. The watch had a clear face and a prominent date display. Also, it allowed “flyback” complication which meant you could time laps without resetting the chronograph all over.

Distinguishing between various luxury sports watches is relatively simple than choosing a watch style as you only need to know for what purpose you’ll be using the watch for.

Factors such as its outlook and feel are also important. Generally, sports watches are activity-oriented therefore they are designed to be more sturdy and robust.

Tips on Choosing the Right Luxury Sports Watch

With so many variables while choosing a quality sports luxury watch, it gets quite intimidating at times. However, we’ve listed down a few basics that you need to consider before making your purchase.

The Budget

Just like purchasing any commodity, having a sound budget is a key. There are multiple major brands out there with extensive ranges in watches and their price.

Therefore, you need to note down your budget accordingly. You can save up for a couple of months as you want your watch investment to be worth it.

Luxury Sports Watches become a part of your personality, therefore, don’t compromise on the quality due to the low budget.


With multiple brands in the wristwatch industry, the competition is quite fierce. However, if you have never purchased a luxury watch before, do your due diligence beforehand.

Ask your friends and family about their experiences on the quality of a brand. Also, you can take help from online reviews of different brands and their watches to know that you’re making the right investment.
Don’t go for high-end brands if you don’t have such a budget for your watch.

The functionality of the Watch

Sports watch vary in features according to their potential activity usage. Therefore, you need to pin down why are you buying a sports watch in the first place?

If you travel a lot, you’ll prefer a watch that has a separate time-zone dial. You want something that is business casual. However, it should have some rugged outdoor characteristic to it as well.

If you are a professional diver, then you should choose a watch that suits best to the marine environment. It should be water resistant to at least 500 meters.

Moreover, the pressure change protection mechanism should be included in the watch as well. A diver watch should be indestructible and should be able to withstand ambiguous environmental changes.

Most sports watches for men are designed to cater to the high-speed application as men treasure the thrill of speeding. These watches have fly back chronograph complication which is certainly perfect for rally driving.

The chronograph can be reset and restarted with a single push in these watches. Also, most brands prefer to make these watches Retro style so they can go with formal attire as well.

Aesthetics of the Watch

Although the functionality of the sports watch is a key differential between their different styles. However, like a wristwatch owner, it’s imperative that you buy a watch that looks aesthetically pleasing to you.

You can go with a classic design, a field watch or an aviator watch; the choice is entirely dependent upon you and what you prefer to wear on your wrist. Don’t let other people dictate you on your choice or follow a current trend for the sake of it.

Trends tend to die out so as a luxury watch is an expensive investment; you need to make sure you make the right call.

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