Maisto RC Rock Crawler Review – The Best Radio Control Vehicle Toys

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Don’t get fade up having a remote control vehicle at your hand from now on. Because Maisto has brought up for you the taste of off-road driving within a reasonable price- Maisto RC Rock Crawler vehicles. If you are in search for an inexpensive R/C vehicle, then this toy graded radio controlled Maisto RC Rock Crawler Remote Control Vehicle is sure to be listed at the top of your list.

So why it is called the best off-road driving vehicle? Because of the tri-channel small transmitter and two powerful motors, you can easily drive this car in hilly areas, rough terrains. Also, long lasting battery and controlling the vehicle for a longer distance adds a specialty to this rc vehicle.

It might not perform like the hobby-grade monster rc vehicles. But if you have the comparison according to the budget then this Maisto RC Rock Crawler Remote Control Vehicle is fully worth buying.

Whom is This Maisto RC Rock Crawler For?

This Maisto RC Rock Crawler Remote Control Vehicle has a very slow speed of just 5 MPH. So it can be great for both kids and adults, but not so great for speed loving people. Remote control enthusiast people often love faster speed and tight circles. They won’t get it here.

But this vehicle can be surely a great buy for people who loves driving on hilly and rough terrain without any difficulty.

Maisto RC Rock Crawler Specifications

  • Dimensions: 12.5 in x 7 in x 8 in
  • Weight: 2.9 pounds
  • No of Motors: Two motors
  • Tires Type: Ultra grip TPE tires
  • Types of Batteries for Vehicle: 6 AA
  • Types of Batteries for Controller: 2 AAA
  • Max Speed: up to 5 MPH
  • Battery Life: 35 minutes
  • Controlling Range: Over 50 ft.
  • Responsiveness: 75%

Features and Benefits

  • Well-Graded Design Design with Durable Body

    Maisto Rock Crawler Remote Control Vehicle has a light weight of 2.9 pounds. Though lightweight but still has a tough body as it is vac formed body. This ensures the vehicle getting less damaged while being crushed with anything.

    Also, this 12.5 inches long remote control vehicle comes with a moderate size. This size allows you to drive at the off-road more easily. If the size is large it faces many impediments which they have to pass through.

  • Longer Battery Life

    This remote control vehicle has a longer battery life of 35 minutes while fully charged. This vehicle requires 6 AA batteries and the controller requires 2 AAA batteries. These batteries ensure longer battery time for playing you vehicle.

  • Easy to Control

    It comes with an easy controlling facility. The steering that comes with the vehicle is compatible for younger kids to control easily. The most attractive feature of this vehicle is that you can control your vehicle from a distance over 50 ft.

  • Slow Speed but Easy to Climb

    This vehicle has a speed of 5 MPH. It is lower than many remote control cars in the recent market. Though being slow it is highly efficient for climbing in the off-road drive. If you want to travel through a slope, then you will get more advantages with this Maisto RC Rock Crawler Remote Control Vehicle.

  • Advanced Tires

    It comes with advance designed and engineered tires. It has a TPE tires to provide ultra gripping facility to the vehicle. This ultra gripping facility helps you to climb your vehicle through rough surfaces, hilly areas.

  • High-quality Suspension for Better Driving Experience

    It is equipped with the articulated suspension at both front and rear sides. This high-quality suspension prevents you from being damaged by crushing. So you can drive your vehicle in a rough manner if you want.

    Also, this vehicle is equipped with world class tri-channel transmitter. This allows three people to play simultaneously if they have their own Maisto R/C vehicles.

  • Lightweight but is made of sturdy material.
  • High torque batteries.
  • Faster speed on smooth hard surfaces.
  • Frequency selecting facility.
  • Comes with very flexible axles.
  • Has large and soft tires.
  • Wide number of variety in color.
  • Easy to drive on hilly areas and rough terrain.
  • Enhanced durable capacities allow preventing your vehicle from minor crashes.
  • Full suspension helps to prevent large damages.
  • Best for an off-road ride.
  • Though it runs slowly on grasses but has higher speed on flat surfaces.
  • Doesn’t come with much climbing feature.
  • Won’t support you to drive this remote control car in the rainy or windy weather.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

  • Question 1: Is the vehicle faster enough?
    Answer: No, the vehicle has only 5 MPH. But it is enough for catching a cat at your home. Mainly, the r/c vehicle is made for off-road driving. That means you can drive easily on the hilly or rough terrain.
  • Question 2: Can it run through carpet?
    Answer: Yes, it has the ability to travel on the carpet as it comes with a high-grade crawler. Not only in carpets but also it is good for every kind of surfaces.
  • Question 3: Is the vehicle has gradual acceleration?
    Answer: It mainly depends on the pressure of the lever. Accordingly, it becomes gradual or fast.

Final Verdict

Though having such low speed, it is very popular in the recent market due to its attractive design and enhanced performance. The small transmitter and superb quality controlling range make it highly preferable to younger kids and adults too.

Maisto Rock Crawler Remote Control Vehicle has a vac formed body. Though the climbing feature doesn’t work well but still it is considered the best one for off-road driving. The longer battery life and smooth controlling facility make it one of the best remote control vehicles available in the market.

Don’t miss the exhilarating offers going for this product if you looking real one.

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