Math wallpaper Ideas for A Classroom

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For ages, a math classroom has not been a fun place to be. To many students, a math classroom is the worst they could be in. However, this can be changed to make the math classroom appear more fun and exciting. This can be achieved through the use of math wallpapers to decorate classrooms. The following are some of the ideas that can be used for math wallpapers to make math classrooms fun for children.

Math wallpaper ideas

Chalkboard Mural

A chalkboard mural can be used to implement two ideas.  The teacher can choose to cover the entire wall in a classroom with a chalkboard wallpaper which can still be used as a chalkboard. This gives you a lot of space especially when you are used to spending a lot of time going through your examples. It can also provide pictorial assistance that can be used by the students to understand more.


This math wallpaper idea enables the teacher to install simple concepts, formulas or calculations that can easily be grasped by the children. These ideas can be displayed in a beautiful manner that makes it appear fun. This math wallpaper enables the students to understand the basics of the topic visually easily. And if you think it is hard for you, then you can check check the fraction calculator.

I Love Math Mural

This mural helps the student to develop a positive attitude towards math. This mural should incorporate designs that exclaim love for math or a topic. When students see this wallpaper and keep saying it over and over, it embeds in their brain and eliminates the negative attitude towards the topic or math.

Half and Half

The teacher can consult with to give simple formulas a colorful look of creativity. This can be done by putting on the wall wallpapers full of formulas and fun drawings. This idea can especially be used in lower level classes to motivate the children to engage the teacher and develop a good attitude towards the topic.

Exciting Mural

This is an entertaining way of not only engaging your students but also making them not boring. This involves multiple drawings and colors. To make the classroom more exciting, the students can use the mural to play games that will enable them to jog their minds and remind the students of what was taught in class. It’s also an efficient way of remembering formulas taught in class.

Simple Accent

One of the simplest ways of making math fun is the use of an accent wall. This will help the student to capture formulas and used as a visual aid for those who have a hard time capturing ideas. The teacher should for opt for the cheaper and the removable and reusable wallpaper. This will enable other ideas to be used on the same wall.

Word Mouth

This is a perfect math mural that can be used to showcase different words about a certain topic in math. This will serve as a reminder to enable the student to remind things that were taught in class.

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