Millennial Kids: How Can Parents Ensure Their Safety

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Child safety has always been the biggest concern for parents of all the generations. But millennial kids’ parents have to deal with this issue more than parents of previous generations as they are facing new safety challenges. There is so much going on, at such a fast pace, that sometimes it becomes difficult for parents to grasp the situation.

Millennial Kids

  • Now parents not only have to approve real-world friends of your kids but also have to keep an eye on online friends.
  • That hooligan living next block might not be the only one bullying kid, there could be so many more on the internet.
  • Parents not only have to filter out the television channels but also have to keep online activities under the radar.

And the list goes on!

The aggravating safety situation of their kids is agitating many parents, and they are looking for advanced ways to ensure their kids’ safety without disrupting their normal life’s patterns.
Here are given some ways which you can use to ensure the secure life of your kids:

Parental Control Apps:

The best way to cope with the issues tossed by technological advancement is to cater them with technology. And this is what many parents are doing!

Parents who believe that prevention is better than cure go for parental control apps and software. This is essential because most of the children don’t like to share their life with parents, which leaves them in a tunnel. You don’t know what they are doing, and it is not alright! But parental control apps will keep you informed of your kid’s online activities even if they will not share with you.

Here you can find how to track a cell phone without them knowing so you can protect your child.

Digital Media Literacy:

The basic problem with millennial kids is that they are shoved in a media-rich environment without teaching them ways to handle such media enriched scene. They get overwhelmed with so many usages of digital media that they are not able to differentiate between the positive and negative aspects of the media usage.
It is essential to develop media literacy skills in children so that they can learn the right media usage. This will help them to learn:

  • What they should share online and what they should hide?
  • How can they cater to the cases of cyber bullying?
  • Whom should they trust and make a friend?
  • Which information to trust and which to let go?
  • What to see and what not to see?
  • How should they protect their digital identity and remove digital footprints?

These are very basic things which children should know. Developing media literacy skills can help to make children aware and lessen the safety risks associated with digital media usage.


It is not possible to keep children away from digital media when there is an excess of digital media, and its access is also not an issue.

Though media literacy can increase awareness in kids, this is not an ultimate way. There are so many online temptations and webs set by the predators to catch naive children. Besides training and counseling of your children, you also need to keep an eye on your children to avoid them becoming prey of predators.

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