Why You Need to Know About Types of Lawn Sprinklers?

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Understanding the categories of lawn sprinklers is a task no one can afford to miss. Using a sprinkler for lawn irrigation is the most effective step to take for keeping the garden in a healthy condition. Learning about the Types of Lawn Sprinklers would help you select the right sprinkler system for your lawn which would consequently prove fruitful for the healthy green surroundings. Selecting the right sprinkler system is the next major factor to consider once you decide to have a lawn/ garden.

First of all, we need to consider the following factors-

  • The size of lawn- Do you have a small, medium or a large size lawn?
  • Watering area- Do we need to water a particular space in the garden, for example, some flower beddings or a larger area?
  • Type of soil- Does the lawn have different types of soil requiring different types of water level?
  • The shape of lawn- Is the lawn grown on the flat ground, on slopes or on the irregular shape of ground?
  • Watering the non-turf areas- Do we require to water the non-turf area too?

Types of Lawn Sprinklers

Once we find out the answers to the above questions, it becomes easier for us to find out the right sprinkler type from amongst the varieties of sprinkler systems available. There are few major categories in which the sprinklers are divided into. Let’s have a brief understanding of each through below points-

 Fixed Sprinklers-

Also known as stationary sprinklers, these sprinklers work well for the small areas. These have holes on the head which throws water around. However, these cannot cover the large areas. The sprinklers require low water pressure and are highly inexpensive as compared to other sprinklers. Also, water is thrown in large volumes and quite unevenly through these. Therefore, it is important to keep an eye on the sprinkler and move it to the next section of the garden once an area is done.

 Rotary Sprinklers-

The rotary sprinklers have multiple arms which have sprinkler heads at the end. The arms rotate in circle as the water is turned on due to the water pressure. Thus, water gets sprayed in full circles which help in the even coverage of large and open areas. A rotary sprinkler is an ideal deal if you have medium to large size garden in which these sprinklers can be accommodated. It is suitable for watering the flower beds and shrubs as well.

Oscillating Sprinklers-

These are mostly preferred to cover large areas without low hanging trees. These sprinklers spray water like a handheld fan- moving back and forth and cover a rectangular area. However, the spray pattern is adjustable to water even smaller or narrow points. These sprinklers suit best for watering in calm weather (like in the early mornings) since the day’s heat might result in water evaporation in larger amounts whilst the watering process. These are also ideal for newly seeded areas and for clay soil lawn since the spraying process is rather slow through these.

 Impact (Impulse) Sprinklers-

As the name suggests, these sprinklers have a powerful watering system. These require high water pressure and spray the water through the sprinkler arm with a powerful water stream. They are good for spraying large areas and spray water in the circular as well as in the semi-circular pattern. It is best to avoid watering flower beds, shrubs, and such other delicate flora with these as they can be damaged by the strong water flow.

 Portable Sprinklers –

Portable or traveling sprinklers are the best bet if your lawn is of an irregular shape. It has wheels and travels a cord or garden hose which is to be laid and set throughout the garden. The sprinkler has two arms with sprinkler head at the end and travels slowly along with the cord. The arms rotate in a circular motion throughout the journey to spray water. We can adjust the arms to change the diameter it would cover to spray the water. These self-propelled sprinklers are well designed and quite an expensive deal.


As far as the types of lawn sprinklers are considered, it is not apt to pick any type on the basis of good ratings and reviews. It is essential to finalize the sprinkler which fits best to your lawn watering requirements. For example, oscillating sprinklers are considered efficient for the lawn but if you have a small size lawn then it would not be a good deal. Thus, selecting the sprinkler which actually aids in the maintenance of lush green lawn should be considered.

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