Signs and Symptoms That You Need Replacement Windows

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Due to the high cost that comes with it, many homeowners tend to put off the idea of replacement windows as long as they can while opting for window repair instead. However, the real point they’re missing is that those DIY repairs might be costing them even more money in the long run.

Window replacement sounds, at least on the surface, to be a great way of living a good but cheaper life by avoiding unnecessary extra costs associated with constant window repairs and higher energy bills. Scratch deeper, and you’ll find it costs you more.

We reached out to the Zen Windows team, who specialize in replacement windows in Georgetown TX for guidelines on how to assess if your windows need replacement or if a fixer-upper will do.

Here are seven indicative signs that your windows are crying out for replacement:

1. Condensation on Your Windows

Condensation is not usually a major cause of alarm, but again it depends on which part of the window it occurs on. If you always see condensation between your window panes, the seal is likely broken.

Too much moisture is not suitable for your health as well as your house. It might encourage the rotting of your window frames or even molds, which can pose health hazards. Replacing your windows could equip you with a permanent solution to such menace.


2. Your Windows are Letting in Cold Drafts

A cold draft flowing into your house during cold seasons is an indication of worn out windows that can no longer provide insulation. And as a result, your furnace will be constantly be operating up to warm up your house which, of course, means higher energy bills.

Want to cut down on your energy bills once and for all? Window replacement could be your real solution—look for the Energy Star seal!

3. Operational difficulty

Usually, windows are made to open and close smoothly without causing one to break a sweat.

If you always use a lot of force to push or pull your windows, then it’s probably because your windows are worn out.

Such windows don’t usually close correctly and therefore replacing them will not only give an easy time while operating them but also improve home security.

4. You are Forced to Listen to Outside Noises Even When Your Home is Closed Up

One satisfying benefit you should be getting from your windows is a peaceful home – free from outside yapping and hurly-burly. Your window(s) depriving you of such a relaxing environment is a clear sign that they aren’t in good shape.

To solve this matter and claim back your peace of mind, consider replacing your old windows with the modern soundproofing ones.

5. Your Older Frames are Decaying

Well, windows are never meant to last forever due to the fact that they’re always exposed to extreme weather conditions. This, therefore, means there will come a time when you’ll definitely need window replacement, and decayed window frames are a perfect indication of such times.

6. Leaks from the Rain

Imagine coming back home after a long stressful rainy day only to be greeted with a pool of water on your floor. Sickening, isn’t it?

Whether your windows leak as a result of a broken seal, poor installation, lack of overhangs or deterioration, it all indicates that your windows have become out of square. Perhaps replacing them might be your best option.

7. Very Old Windows

Oh yes! Old automatically calls for replacement. You can’t possibly overlook how a tired, old window devalues and makes your house unsightly. Everyone knows that curb appeal gives the house strong selling values, and this is every investor’s priority.

Just think about it.

Instead of wasting a lot of cash trying to revive your lifeless windows, invest in window replacement which will not only improve the aesthetic value of your house but also save you money in the long run.

Final thoughts

Window replacement offers a lot more to just giving your house the curb appeal. There are various types of advanced modern windows, from high-performance to energy-efficient windows, which efficiently cuts down on your energy wastage and saves you money.

Repairing your windows will come in handy when it comes to salvaging some of your window problems, but will not provide a lasting solution. Therefore, whenever your windows give you telltale signs for replacement heed them and dive straight into the action. After all, window replacement is your only permanent solution.

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