How Oscillating Sprinklers Work?

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Do you know how oscillating sprinklers work? Don’t know? No problem, here is a details guide on this topic.

An oscillating sprinkler is a well-known name amongst the lawn sprinklers. As the name suggests, it sprays out the water in oscillatory motions. The back and forth movements of the sprinkler showers the water that appear as fan shape. It does not rotate or sprinkle out the water in circular motions like rotary sprinklers. The fan shape water sprays cover the area evenly in square or rectangular shape. It is water efficient and prevents the water run-off. This sprinkler is an ideal deal for watering flower beds, herbs and newly seeded lawns too. Let’s find out why.

Fundamentals of an Oscillating Sprinklers Work

Most of the Oscillating Sprinklers are made up of highly inexpensive materials such as aluminum/ metal, rubber, plastic etc. The formation includes a base, an arched aluminum/ metal tube to be used as the spray bar and other gears. The plastic base will sit still on the lawn with the sprinkler spray bar moving back and forth as the sprinkler gets connected to the water hose. Oscillating sprinkler instructions work as a guide to the user to help understand the product better.


Basic parts and functionalities

  • Base- This is made up of a molded yellow plastic. It has two arms to stabilize the sprinkler over the ground. It is strong enough to house all the gears, motor and maintain the position during sprayer bar’s oscillatory motions.
  • Sprayer bar-This is an arched metal tube having holes over it. When the water flows into the oscillating sprinkler through the hose, gears make this bar move back and forth while it showers the water out of it.
  • Cam- This is usually a heart shaped black plastic attached to the adjustment knob. The cam regulates a consistent water coverage and prevents the slow movements of the sprayer bar at the ends.
  • Adjustment knob- This knob is attached to the sprayer bar that allows a user to adjust the watering pattern through sprinkler. This means the user can adjust the knob to water either in full motion or only left, right or even middle position. The oscillating sprinkler instructions provide the possible number of adjustment patterns with each sprinkler.
  • Turbine- Turbine may consist of several gears as well which regulate the slow-motion of the sprinkler. These gradual water sprays help in deep soaking of water by the turf
  • Water Hose point- Water hose attachment point is independent of any gear and sits on the outer of the device to ease attachment or detachment of water pipe.

The working of automatic sprinklers

The sprinkler irrigation system is simple to use and understand when it comes to the oscillatory sprinklers. The modest structure allows water to travel to the sprayer bar which sprays out water through the holes over it. The gears including cam control the spray bar movements making them consistent and gradual. The sprayer bar movements can be adjusted through the adjustment knob. The full motion sprayer bar would cover a rectangular shape of the lawn. The user can adjust the knob whenever required. It can be adjusted to spray only the middle, or right or left and such other area and direction as required.

Advantages of an Oscillating Sprinkler

The sprinklers with oscillatory motion has many advantages. The major ones are mentioned below-

  • Even water distribution- With consistent spray arm movements, the sprinkler waters the lawn evenly. It is able to water the large areas which makes it ideal for large gardens and lawns.
  • Suitable for delicate flora- The light showers are suitable for watering the flower beds and shrubs. It doesn’t cause any type of damage to those delicate green beings
  • Multiple watering patterns- The sprinkler has an adjustment knob that allows change of watering pattern. The user can change as many as 59 patterns in some top sprinklers models of as per the requirement
  • Waters the lawn deeply- As per the Oscillating sprinkler instructions, the sprayer bar stays for few seconds at a point and slowly moves towards the other direction. This gives time to the grass to absorb water properly and deeply into the roots
  • Inexpensive built- These sprinklers are priced effectively and are much reliable

Oscillating sprinkler at a glance

These sprinklers do not require much of a setup or installation headaches. However, lawn watering requires a proper research and planning. For example, watering must be done early morning before the heat breaks out or between 4pm-6pm. The calm weather would prevent the water evaporation, especially through this sprinkler. Also, Oscillating sprinkler instructions recommend using these sprinklers on areas without low hanging trees. If you wish to maintain the healthy greens in your lawn, you must start the proper watering from day one.

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