6 Essential Quilting Tools for Beginners

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Most appropriate and easy words to explain quilting are “Sewing of Quilts.” Quilts are essential bedding. They are high in demand.

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How Do You Sew A Quilt?

There are various machines for quilting purpose, but it can be sewed by hand too. It surely is a long process, but some people love to do it. You can start quilting by a needle and thread, but with the invention of tools, there are some tools for quilting.

You can buy them all for successful quilting. But getting your hands on the right tool is very important. 

How Can I Find the Right Tools for Quilting?

If you have just developed the interest of quilting and are looking for Essential Quilting Tools for Beginners, then you have come to the right place. Before starting our list, I must warn you that quilting requires patience and constant motivation.

You cannot sew a quilt in just one night.  Let’s begin our list of 6 Essential Quilting Tools for Beginners.

Essential Quilting Tools for Beginners

1. Rotary Cutter

Once you know all the measurements of your cloth, you can start cutting it with rotary cutter nicely. You don’t have to put any effort into it, and it is very easy to use. It brings neatness and efficiency to your work.

There are various sizes of rotary cutter blades available in the market. The common sizes are 18mm, 45mm and 60mm.

The bigger sizes of the disk are used for cutting heavier materials while the smaller 18mm disks are used for fine cuts of smaller materials. 45mm is the most versatile size for beginners. It is very easy to use and a must-have tool for quilt maker.

2. Scissors

Scissors is always a partner of a quilter. They keep it in their arms approach. It is usually used for snipping loose threads.

Due to its small size and comfortable grip, it gives precise cutting. It is always a useful tool since its invention.  

3. Iron and Ironing Board

Quilters always need the good iron for quilting to press out any crease or folds in many-layered clothes. These irons have different features as compared to iron used for simple single-layered clothes. Especially, beginners should make themselves familiar with these irons. The features best iron for quilting include

•    Steam Power
•    Heat change control

Reliability is also a feature. You don’t want it to leak or spit water.

Any iron with these features can be considered as best iron for quilting. My research says that Oliso manufactures the best iron for quilting. They include all the features in their irons. 

An ironing board is also essential that can bear with the heavy weight of the cloth. It should remain stable and let you iron the cloth with ease. 

4. Quilting Needles and Thread

Quilting is all about needles and threads. It is the most fundamental tool for quilting. There is a needle with different sizes. It depends on the layers of the cloth. If you are working with a cloth of four layers, then you need a longer needle. There is no other way than sewing it. It may be by hands or by a machine. Don’t even think about gluing or stapling it. It sounds so funny. A man is gluing a quilt instead of sewing it.   

5. Quilting Ruler

A quilt has very defined measurements. The difference of 2 inches can cause an untidy structure. Quilting ruler is very useful for this purpose. You can mark accurate readings and have your perfect sewed quilt.

For beginners with less experience, it is very helpful.

6. Sewing Machine

A hand stitched quilt has its class. But there is no shame in quilting by machine. You can have a sewing machine if you want to work efficiently. Maybe you are starting a business, and you want to have a beginner level set-up.

A sewing machine is very handy and reduces effort as well as time. There are different models of sewing machines. Some machines can handle the load; they are specially built for the business purpose. There are smaller machines for domestic purpose as well.

No doubt that it is a very efficient machine, but a person who has a hobby of quilting usually prefer doing it by hands as he has no rush of completing the quilt and is only doing it for peace and mental satisfaction.

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