Why Read to Your Kid This 10 Must Read Children Books?

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Before say our researched 10 must read children books, we want to say something about our parents. Some parents would argue that reading to your small kids is a complete waste of time because they hardly understand what you are saying. A pure waste of time and resources! But then, why do parents talk and sing lullabies to toddlers, yet they do not understand?

The logical thing to do would be to wait until the child can comprehend your words. Perhaps carry your lullaby tunes as well. Is it of any value reading books to your kid? Well, yes it is!

must read children books

Why Need to Read Books of a Kid?

Reading books to your baby is an effective way of building the neural language connection of their growing brains as well as boosting cognitive development. Intelligence is at the top of every parent’s wish list for their kids. That is why most parents invest a great deal of time in looking for the best affordable school for their kid and also one whose teachers’ performance is outstanding. But as a parent, one can also boost their child’s learning potential by simply making sure that books are part and parcel of their toddlerhood and preschool life.

A study done by Rhode Island Hospital involved two groups of eight -month -old babies. One group was exposed to reading as often as it could get while the other one was left out. The study later showed that since childhood the group that was being read to showed improvement in their receptive vocabularies by forty per cent while the other non -reading group showed an improvement of only sixteen per cent. Later on, parents were advised to start reading to their children from infancy by “The American Academy of Pediatrics.”

Ages and Stages to Read

If you pick toddlers, it is clear they cannot understand the logic of stories, but they enjoy the different colors and focus on faces and patterns that trigger their brains. Apart from reading, singing lullabies and other songs with rhythms meant for babies usually tends to sooth them.

Children who are between four to six months may start to show some interests in books. They may pick a book, hold it for a while but end up either dropping or putting them in their mouths.

Once your kids have grown older and are now between six to twelve months, you may notice their preference to certain pages, pictures or colors since they have begun to understand that pictures are symbols of certain objects.

How and When to Read to Your Kids?

Taking time to read books to your kids requires no special skill but only your presence and theirs. It is important to keep it short but do it often.

Reading books to your baby helps set routines. For example when they should sleep; you can read a book as the two of you enjoy each other’s company and attention as you cuddle which makes them feel loved, secure and warm. Apart from that, feel free to choose other times when to read as well depending on their level of alertness, perhaps after feeding them or when you are bored because of both of you being kept waiting. Do not hesitate to carry a book in their diaper bags.

Choice of Books of a Kid

When faced with a choice of which books to get your kids, go for ones with clear pictures and repetitive texts that have rhythms. Those who are at a tender age are active listeners, therefore, read them books with songs that rhyme. As they grow and start getting curious to look at things, search for those with simple pictures and patterns so that they can ask what they are or what they represent. You can also choose books with varying textures. In case they have a tendency of eating books, go for those made of vinyl or cloth.

When you notice their likes to some specific ones or specific pictures and pages, try to bookmark them.

Importance of Book Reading

Importance of Reading to Your Child

Reading to your baby has far much more benefits than just language development. Some of the benefits that your child can get include:

  • 1. Helps Build a Stronger Relationship Between Both of You

    Reading books to your baby helps improve how the two of you bond and relate together and gives them a sense of well-being and belonging. This sense of belonging not only boosts their confidence but also gives them some feeling of intimacy and giving them your attention as well will help him/her grow fast and smart. In addition, as they grow older and start to play and be all over exploring his or her environment, sneaking a book somewhere in between their playing schedule will also help calm them down and create some fun time for both of you to spend reading together for leisure. You might also find it helpful that reading sometimes helps calm down a child when he or she is restless and grumpy.

  • 2. Improving Their Communication Skills

    Taking time to read books to your kids will help improve how healthy they relate with other people and how well they can express themselves. They do so by observing how you read and present stories to them as well as how different characters in the story interact and relate with each other. With time they will gain good communication skills.

  • 3. Learning Basics of Reading a Book

    Reading is a skill, therefore, it must be taught. There is no one child who is born with natural instincts, knowing that texts are read in a certain way or the fact that images and words are distinct and separate. Through parents reading books, children area able to learn the basics of book reading, that different words represent different sounds and thoughts, one reads from the left heading right and you find more stories once you flip a page. John S. Hutton a doctor and a lead author of Pediatrics published a study saying that reading books to your baby helps build their brain networks that will help him/her later when they are transitioning from verbal to reading.

  • 4. Learning Speech Skills

    When your kids listen to you read books to them for example, they will start reinforcing some basic sounds that form a language. If you are keen enough you might even notice them imitating some of the words that rhyme or when he or she is a little older, trying to pronounce some words from the books. Make the effort of being around them to help them build critical speech skills.

  • 5. Growing Logical Thinking Skills

    A child acquires thinking skills when you read to him/her. He is able to learn how to exercise logic, grasp abstract concepts, understand causes and their effects and discern good judgment hence be able to differentiate between good and wrong.

  • 6. Improving Academic Excellence

    In January 2013, a study that was published in the Perspectives on Psychological Science showed that interacting with your child through reading would boost their IQ level by over six points. When your child later attends preschool, chances of him performing better are higher. Stories also have a great potential of building their imagination and improving listening skills.

  • 7. Improving Concentration and Other Disciplines

    When you introduce book reading to your kids, they may become distracted during the story sessions, don’t give up! Frequently reading books to your child with time will improve their attention span, a skill that nurtures their concentration level, boosts comprehension and ability to store things longer in their memory.

  • 8. Embrace Perception that Reading is Fun

    Reading to your kids builds a fun reading culture that will help him or her enjoy and even make time for reading, unlike the norm perception held by many that reading is stressful or viewing it as an obligation. When a parent makes effort to spend time and read aloud to their kids throughout their toddlerhood and preschool, kids grow up knowing that reading is a skill worth learning.

  • 9. Dealing With New Experiences

    When your child is faced with a new unfamiliar situation like the first day in a new school, reading to them books with such experiences would help relieve them off anxiety and other uncomfortable feelings.

  • 10. Mastery of Language

    Beginning to read to your kids at an early age will improve their chain of knowledge. This knowledge built from time to time will help them master the foundation and basics of the English language.

Top 10 Books A Must Read For Your Kids

Some few examples of books that each and every parent ought to make an effort to read to their kids include:-

Top 10 Must Read Children Books

1) One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish by Dr. Seuss (1960)

Seuss books, always dropping bombs one after the other! This book particularly tells a story about a girl and a boy who got amazing creatures as their pets and also friends. It is a good simple book with rhymes and for those readers who are still learning to read that are between four to five years and the colors will still fascinate the younger ones.

2) Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak (1963)

This book shows the unconditional parental love that puts it among the top ten lists. It narrates a wild adventure one of a child going by the name Max who is sent to bed hungry by her mother after threatening to eat her. But her next move makes all the difference (read to know what happens). A true masterpiece book with only ten sentences, your kid would not want to miss this one!

3) Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl (1964)

Willy Wonka’s a great inventor comes up with an amazing factory that makes chocolates. He offers to open the factory’s gate and lets in five lucky children to enjoy. All Charlie needs is a golden ticket, and the fun could be all his. An interesting book to help boost your kid’s concentration day after day as it leaves him or her very anxious not knowing Charlie’s next plot.

4) Where the Sidewalk Ends by Shel Silverstein (1974)

A good book filled with poems that range from silly to serious that would best suit pre-schoolers. The non -essential poems inside this book make it a perfect one for reading aloud. Silverstein has a gift of understanding silliness and also wishes that kids often have.

5) Chicka Chicka Boom Boom by Bill Martin Jr., John Archambault, and Lois Ehlert (1989)

An interesting book composed of fun rhyming tale that features music and voice by Ray Charles. It helps kids learn alphabets A to Z without even their knowledge as they climb and fall off the coconut tree inside the book. Also, the covers have a colorful depiction of upper and lower case letters that come in handy in allowing your child to master the basics of English language.

6) Don’t Let the Pigeon Stay Up Late! by Mo Willems (2006)

It is a funny book which imitates most of the kid’s silly behavior that will leave children laughing at the pigeon and themselves as well.

7) Llama Llama Time to Share by Anna Dewdney (2012)

This book has a touching story, one about sharing. It tells one of the possible outcomes if Llama refuses to share her toys with a new neighbor.

8) Dane Tashima Bully by Laura Vaccaro Seeger (2013)

It is a book that stirs up the emotion of forgiveness after characters tease each other in only twenty words!

9) Monsters Love School by Mike Austin (2014)

This book is meant to fascinate kids as is characterized with colorful monsters joining a school for the first time -Monsters Love School. It touches on fears that children are faced with sometimes. For example “Monster Blue” is scared that no one may like him or he might get hungry. But with time, children realized that it was not as bad as they had thought it would be.

10) One Family by George Shannon and Blanca Gomez (2015)

This is a playful book that consists of counting showing that one’s can imply a single thing or also refer to a collection of items viewed as one, for example, a crayon box (made of eight crayons) or a bunch of bananas (made of five). Shannon instills the virtue of appreciating one’s family irrespective of their race, gender, age or number.
As a parent, it is important that your spend quality time with your kids irrespective of their age.

Conclusion: Must Read Children Books

Reading books to your kids will help them develop better, increase your bond and also improve how they relate and communicate with other people as well as building a good academic excellence basis for them. Try to take advantage of those books that you can also borrow from friends and libraries above what you have in your library. Kids are good at learning through copying so do not forget to pick a book also for yourself! So as a parents you can take a decision to read your kids these must read children books package.

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