5 Surprising Ways That Replacement Windows Can Save You Money

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As we labor through another hot and humid summer, we can’t each help but fear receiving your cooling bill in the mailbox each month. What’s even worse yet? It’s the fact that we know that after a brief break from the high costs of running your air conditioning, we will soon encounter heating bills that will run just as high to beat the frigid temperatures of winter.

Does this sound eerily familiar to you?

We reached out to the team of Zen Windows, experts in window replacement in Boston, MA, for their input on this topic. Read on to learn the expert’s advice on how energy efficient replacement windows can save you money.

Replacement Windows

An Overview of Energy Efficient Replacement Windows

You might be wondering about the answers to two questions.

First question. Why are energy efficient replacement windows so much better than your current windows?

Here’s the answer to that first question. Today’s energy efficient replacement windows reign supreme over old units because of their inherent efficiency. That efficiency is so great an improvement that you will be stunned at the savings in energy costs. The investment you spend on windows will save you in utility costs from the day the installer leaves your home.

Second question. What is the technology that elevates the efficiency of today’s windows over past models you might have had?

And here’s the answer to the second question. The technology which makes energy efficient windows so much better than older units is the two-pronged approach they take in protecting you from the elements. They are engineered to block hot or cold drafts (depending on the season) from entering into your home from the outdoors. Additionally, they seal the air conditioned or heated air into your home and prevent it from leaking.

Five Ways Energy Efficient Windows Save You Money

Here 5 ways energy efficient windows save you money. So you can check these ways to get better performance from your PC.

1. Savings on the air conditioning and heating of your home

As previously stated, you’ll save money on your heating and cooling bills moving forward after installation. What you might not know is how drastic the savings can be in reality. Here’s an example from Energy Star. Their experts report that if you replace single pane windows, you can save between $126 to $465 annually. Some variables affect this estimate, including the size of your house and the climate where you reside.

2. Decrease the money you spend on routine window maintenance

If you have original or old single pane windows in your home, they are most likely framed with wood. Every year or two, you are probably performing pesky routine maintenance to keep those old units steady in the frames. You might spend time scraping away at the old paint, digging out old caulking and replacing it, and painting the frames and trim. All those materials cost you money every time you perform this maintenance.

3. Save on cost of maintaining and/or replacing your HVAC system

Your heating and air conditioning is just like any other mechanical equipment around the house. The more you utilize it, the more wear and tear occurs on the system itself. Energy efficient replacement windows mean that your residence will remain draft-free and adequately cooled or heated. Therefore, your system will have less demand for usage. In turn, your entire system will need less frequent repairs and possibly remain in service for years longer. This fact alone could save you thousands of dollars in the long haul.

4. Save on the amount of money you’ll spend on replacement flooring

Your interior floors—whether carpet of wood–is subject to the damaging UV rays of the sun each day! Have you ever moved a chair or couch from next to a window and found that the flooring beneath appeared brand new? That happens because the chair shaded that area. Therefore, its original color held up better. Older windows do not offer the save ultra-violet protection (if any at all). New ones, however, provide you low-E glass to shield your flooring from the damage of those UV rays.

5. Reduce your homeowner insurance premiums

Some homeowner insurance companies offer discounts for enhanced security measures. These may include specific window locks and shatter-resistant glass. The discount for shatter-resistant glass could increase substantially if you live in a region prone to hurricanes or earthquakes. Ask your insurance agent about qualifying for such discounts before you sign your contract for a window purchase. While the cuts might be nominal, they can add up over several years.

How Can I Tell if I Really Need New Windows?

Give your windows a quick inspection. It’s an easy DIY, once you know what to look for. Here are a few signs:

  • Foggy – condensation forms between the panes of on the inside of the window.
  • Cracked glass
  • Frames have cracks or rot
  • Mildew around the windows
  • Locks don’t function
  • Windows are difficult to open and close

The Bottom Line

Energy efficient replacement windows are an investment, indeed. However, you will see substantial savings over the next several years to offset the price of the units. Immediately, you’ll earn the peace of mind that comes from knowing you’ve enhanced the comfort—and more importantly—the safety of yourself and your loved ones.

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