What Skills You Need for A Perfect Outdoor Camping?

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I had just been around from a camp two days ago. It was my first outdoor camping. Thank god! I was in the midst of a bunch of experienced people who were highly skilled in surviving. Who knew that Outdoor Camping would require so many skills to survive?

Skills not only ease the camping but also prepare you for further challenges. You can never know when life takes a turn, and they come in handy. Therefore, they are often termed as survival skills. Let’s have a look at some of the skills so that you may not face the same difficulties as I faced there.

Setting Up a Tent for Outdoor Camping

This is probably the first thing to know before heading off for a camp. If you buy a tent, you’ll find instructions for it. But only reading them won’t give you a clear concept. Better, learn from someone experienced. Attaching tent poles, erecting tent frame, these need an expert hand to teach.

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Choosing Campsite

The area you select should fulfill the following requirements before pitching the tent.

  • Even and soft surface.
  • No rocks, debris and damp ground.
  • Away from the wilderness.
  • Close to water source.

Choose an elevated ground to prevent water pooling while it’s raining.

Starting a Fire

It may remind you of that time when people used to start a fire by striking two rocks. No, you don’t have to do that. There are smarter ways nowadays for starting a fire within a few seconds with much less effort.

Camp Fire

Matches or lighters are enough. You will also need tinder like wood, strips of cardboard, fire sticks or wax.

There are different styles of building a fire according to your need in the Outdoor Camping. A tepee fire and lean-to fire are for cooking. Cross-fire and long-cabin fire are long lasting. Learn each of the techniques so that you can apply them for different purposes.

When you are dealing with fire, safety comes next. Take sufficient precautions and keep fire distinguisher near you. A bucket full of water reduces risks.

Crossing River

Having river crossing skill is an advantage. You don’t know what’s on your way and when you have to move to the other place. It demands to have river crossing skills. Carry a hiking stick with you. Wear boots instead of walking barefoot. Watch out for shale, rocks.


In a campsite, you can’t cook as you do it in your kitchen. The best way is to learn cooking with minimum tools and ingredients. Learn some simple recipes and practice them in your kitchen. You can take canned food and stove with you.

It would be wise to engage the environment more. Know how to identify edible plants. Try to use leaves, fruits, vegetables, seafood for cooking found near your campsite. If you know fishing and hunting, that would be a significant advantage.

Water Purifying

When you are camping outdoor, you can’t take a huge container of water with you. Therefore, you must know how to clean water from river and streams.

Most campers use iodine tablets. Iodine and chlorine are two chemicals most commonly used for water purification. Again, you can boil water if possible or take portable water filter with you.


This skill is another must. Before going for Outdoor Camping, learn how to read a map, the signs especially when you are camping alone. Also learn to determine directions observing stars’ position, the shadow of trees, etc.

Your wristwatch can act as a compass on a bright sunny day. Place it on a flat surface pointing the hour hand towards the sun. The midline between the hour hand and 12 o’clock indicates the south.

Learn how to navigate weather using sun and moon halos.

Thawing Sealed-meat:

When you take canned food with you, you want to eat them with full content. If you don’t release the seal, your meat or fish will be dried because of sucking out of the juice. So pierce a few small holes to break the vacuum.

Tying Various Knots

It’s very effective to know various techniques of tying knots and when to use them. For example, reef knot, sheet bend, clove hitch knot, bowline, etc.


Apart from the basics, knowing the following tricks will keep you ahead. These are- How to-

  • build a fire without matches like using a mini straw.
  • put out fire safely.
  • make a torch.
  • Store food safely outward.
  • treat wounds using natural ingredients.
  • make plasters or bandages in woods.
  • survive in severe winter.
  • make emergency rain shelter.
  • Split big logs with an ax.
  • keep the ax head rust free.
  • dry GPS, camera and other electronics using rice in case of accidental soaking.
  • make emergency hook using can tab or others.
  • make bamboo arrows and slingshot.
  • clean a fish or a bird or a rabbit.
  • What to do if you get lost.

Final Words

When you tend to do something daring like the hunting, the fishing, the camping or any, from that the Outdoor Camping is the best option. Again, you can’t have the darn pleasure of camping unless you have some fundamental skills. Don’t run the same mistake as I did, heading for a camp knowing a little about it.

Skills mean freedom. You can plan for an outing now and then without waiting for someone to come with you. Being on a trip, you can camp outside instead of searching for a hotel and save money. Skills ensure your safety as well. I hope this article will dare you to have an adventure now.

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