5 Ways You Can Use Social Media to Keep Healthy

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It was estimated that in 2017, 69 percent of Americans were on at least one social networking platform. With the proliferation of technology, the percentage must be higher today, and this shows that social media is a great tool for communication and connecting. People are also spending a significant amount of time on social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others.

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Although social media has its share of disadvantages such as promoting a sedentary lifestyle due to sitting long hours while online, it can be used to stay healthy or promote a healthy lifestyle. Below are some ways you can employ social media to maintain your wellbeing and that of others:

To Help You Join Health-Promoting Groups

Did you know that besides using Facebook and other social sites to stay in touch with your friends and relatives, you can use them to link up with the local community? If you want to join a jogging group, a hiking group, or any other, you only need to type the thing you are looking for into the Facebook search bar, for example “walking group,” and the name of your area, town, or zip code. You will get several options from which you can choose. You then need to send a request to join. Such fitness groups or support groups help to reduce stress, enable you to share experiences and compare notes, access resources, train together, and other benefits.

To Get Information on Healthy Living

If you think about anything in the line of health and fitness, for example workouts or recipes for heathy dishes, chances are you will find videos on YouTube or information shared on various social platforms. However, you should be cautious not to be too fast to trust the information you find on these sites. You must verify the authenticity and reliability of the people or groups giving the information.

Accessing Various Products for Your Wellbeing

Most companies have a presence on various social platforms like Facebook and Twitter and use their profiles there to market their products. You could also find various people, especially brand influencers, sharing different products that worked for them. Experts also have social media profiles where they share information on an array of products, procedures, and so on. You can easily buy the products through the vendors’ social media pages or visit their websites, for example Steroids Evolution.

Keeping You Accountable

On the downside, social media photos of food, especially those which invoke cravings, may lead to weight gain if those who see those posts end up eating those foods recklessly. Conversely, some people have managed to attain their health goals by creating food journals where they post their healthy foods. By journaling their feeding habits, they can keep themselves accountable, thus achieving their goals. These journals also act as records for future reference and can also be shared with others to help them.

Tracking Your Progress

Social platforms like Instagram allow users to share photos and short videos, especially those taken using phones. Over time, you will have so many photos of yourself and if you are trying to lose weight, those photos can show you how your body has transformed over time. This can be a great way to track your progress other than the scales and give you the impetus to continue with the weight loss journey.

Besides the above ways, you can use social media for coping with stress by watching amusing stuff or reading or watching inspirational material that boosts your mood. You can also use social media to connect with experts such as dieticians or fitness experts.

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