SZJJX Remote Control Car

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Do you now how to give fun to your kids? Before read the article you can see the SZJJX Remote Control Car to know the way perfectly.

Kids want to enjoy all the time. They always want to play whenever they can. They need a companion for their enjoyment. For thousands of years, various types of toys are helping kids in their playing and excitement. When the wheel invented the revolution in toys also occurred. From then the toy car becomes the main attraction for the kids.

As a result, the toy car has gone through many upgrading. First came the electric cars that had the power to drive itself. These toy cars run on the batteries. Then came the remote-control facility that has changed the view of toys. But it didn’t stop just there. Still, development of remote control technology for toys cars is going on.

One of the most advanced and affordable car that is still in the market is SZJJX RC Cars Rock Off-Road Vehicle Crawler Truck. But, as a toy, it has to be safe for the kids too.

this remote Control car has been designed to be the safest for the kids. Its features are so realistic that even grownups can enjoy their time playing with them.

Whom is This Product For?

SZJJX Car has quality assurance. It is a standard product with nontoxic materials.

  • It is mainly for kids older than 5 years old. Because someone has to operate it with care..
  • Grownups can also play with this material as this has some advanced features.

SZJJX Remote Control Car Specifications

  • Material is Used: PVC
  • Average Speed: 25 kph
  • Charging Time Needed: 2.5 hours
  • Remote Control Details: 2.4 GHz wireless remote controller
  • Control Distance: up to 50 meters
  • Battery Details: 3.7V 500mAh Battery
  • Remote Battery Details: AA 1.5V battery (2 Pieces)
  • Function: Forward/backward, turn Left/right, limb
  • Car Size: 22 *14 *7.5 cm
  • Remote Control Size: 15 * 12.5 * 6 cm
  • Package Size: 45 *10 *32.5 cm
  • Item Weight: 0.8 kg
  • Weight of the package: 1.2kg

Features and Benefits

  • Best Quality Materials

    Materials that is used in making the whole package is best of its quality. The RC is well screwed and made of very durable plastic. The car is made with high-class PVC. For PVC, it becomes more crash absorbed and Rough Rider.

  • Best Design

    The design of this car and the RC are very unique. IT is very comfortable as well. The RC is well carved. So, it doesn’t make any uncomfortable feeling while operating.

    The design of the car is durable too. Its design helps it to be more shock absorbent and strong. It is actually designed after the design of racing cars.

  • Advance Wheel Technology

    The four wheels of the car have special technology each. Each of them has separate suspension spring. So, the car can ride a very rough road without any problem. It also makes it good shock absorbent.

    The tire of the wheel good gripes. So, this makes it very easy to climb even hills without any problems.

  • Water Resistance

    This car has waterproof feature. For this feature, it can be ride even in the water area. So, no precaution has to be taken for the water problem.

  • High Speed

    It’s extremely powerful motors give it about 25 km per hour speed at max. The motors give such strong torque that almost no obstacle can stop it. No matter what .it does matter even if it is mud or water or dust.

  • Long Remote Control Distance

    It can transmit and receive signals up to 50 meters from the remote. So, anyone can control the car from a big distance.

  • Strong Battery

    It has a strong and durability battery life. For 500mah 3.7v battery it can run about 20 minutes with full speed and then about 15 minutes at normal speed. Besides it only takes 2.5 hours to fully charge.

  • The car’s color is very bright. So, it can be found very easily.
  • The body of the car is made with high-class durable PVC.
  • Comes with a package included the rechargeable battery.
  • The battery is very strong that it can supply power for about 20 minutes continuously.
  • Needs only 2.5 hours to fully charge the empty battery.
  • Max speed of 25 km/hr. can be achieved if the battery is fully charged.
  • Each of the wheels has separate suspension spring to maintain load and run in the rough path.
  • Has a large distance of signal coverage?
  • RC well builds and well screwed.
  • The package is not suitable for kids under 5 years.
  • The RC’s battery is not included in the package.
  • Some consider the battery life is low compared to its charging time.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

  • Question 1: Is SZJJX Remote Control Car is really safe for kids?
    Answer: Yes. It actually is. But you have to see the car, though. Because with its max 25km/hr. speed it can hurt anyone pretty hard.
  • Question 2: Is there any risk from the materials of the RC and car?
    Answer: Not at all. The SZJJX RC Cars Rock Off-Road Vehicle Crawler Truck is made of high-quality PVC. It is not that toxic. And the RC is made of good quality plastic. So, they are not a threat at all.
  • Question 3: How heavy is the package?
    Answer: The whole package is about 1.7 pounds only.
  • Question 4: Is it suitable for grownups too?
    Answer: Yes. The SZJJX RC Cars Rock Off-Road Vehicle Crawler Truck is suitable for any age.


This car Rock Off-Road Vehicle Crawler Truck is actually a great RC car. Its extreme speed can entertain people of any age. Despite having some little cons SZJJX Remote Control Car is actually a pretty great toy. So it is actually suitable for people of any age. Besides, it has pretty good selling ranking too.

Its price is also in affordable range. So if you are going to buy a best RC car I would recommend SZJJX RC Cars Rock Off-Road Vehicle Crawler Truck will be your best deal ever.

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