What is the Ideal Hair Straightener Temperature?

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Hair styling and flattening hair is so in these days that we tend to do it almost on a regular basis. About a decade ago when straightened hair came into being, everyone jumped on this fashion bandwagon without a thought. Every hair type is different and everyone should get the temperature of their flat iron right. So, if you had never wondered about it, let us tell you that it is actually a thing that will determine the quality of your hair to a great extent.

If you are unable to adjust the temperature and worse enough, do not even know the brand of your straightener; you are probably playing with your hair in the worst possible manner. There is a reason why some hair look fried, frizzy and split despite being straightened.

The right Hair Straightener Temperature plays a paramount role in hair quality while ensuring that the styling never goes out of your daily regime. To explain further, keep reading on.

Importance of Ideal Hair Straightener Temperature  Adjustment

the Ideal Hair Straightener TemperatureIt is vital to ensure that the temperature of flat iron is set right. Ironing your hair at lower temperatures keep it protected and offer better styling. Ideally, a temperature of less than 300 degree is perfect for ensuring that the hair look good enough. One must notice that every hair type has a different temperature setting to be followed.

Apart from the right temperature, make sure that you use ceramic plated flat iron so that the temperature is distributed across the rod evenly. Investing in good quality and branded flat irons is therefore vital because ultimately, this is going into your hair.

There is a reason you have umpteen split ends and need trimming so often. You may not have realized that you have been doing styling wrong all your life. so, what is the ideal temperature for your hair? Let’s find out.

The ideal temperature

This is important! Your hair should always be done at an ideally low setting. As mentioned already, this should be about 300 degree and below. That being said, this is just a generalized temperature setting that you must have. Otherwise, to have a perfect Hair Straightener Temperature, you need to find out the type or quality of your hair.

This works more or less like your skin type. Different skin types have different requirements. So does the hair type. However, a surprising observation here is that most of the people do not know the type of their hair. Before you learn about the right temperature for your hair, find out what kind of hair you have.

For finer hair

The temperature for this hair type should be low. From 120-180 degree at the maximum is the right temperature to follow, provided which category your finer hair falls into. If you have finer, but fragile hair, the ideal temperature should be 120 to 150 degrees. For finer, but strong hair, a temperature of 150 to 180 degrees is most suitable.

You must start ironing your hair at the lower setting, going up gradually. You must see that most of the flat irons come at an auto setting. Read the manual carefully to find out how you can adjust the heating up of iron.

For Healthy hair

We talk about the normal or healthy hair now. We take it that you have cared for your hair enough to have a normal hair type. Keep them healthier by ensuring that you use hair protecting gel or serum before ironing your hair.

With minimal caring before straightening, you can get great styling and without much damage. The ideal heating temperature for healthy or normal hair should be 190 degrees, gradually going up to just 210 degrees.

For Thick hair

Thick, extra curly and coarse hair require patience while styling because things do not come easy here. Such hair types require higher temperatures. However, a general perception among people is that thick hair can tolerate almost everything. But, one must protect such hair type from excessive heat because it is generally believed that these kinds of hair require excessive heating. Tourmaline and ceramic plates can help you achieve ideal styling with Hair Straightener Temperature of just 230 degrees and lesser hair damage.

To solve further queries, read on the frequently asked questions of most of the consumers.

FAQs- Here’s the answer you are seeking!

Q1: How can I adjust the temperature of my flat iron?

A: Well, this totally depends upon the brand of flat iron you are using. Most of us are so excited to use out new product for styling that we often forget to read the manual. Remember, almost all flat irons come with auto temperature setting. Read the manual in your box to adjust the temperature according to your hair type.

Q2: What is considered the most-damaging hair temperature?

A: For almost all brands, going beyond 400 degrees Fahrenheit is too much of damage to your hair. For that matter even 300 degrees is too much. Make sure that whenever you are styling your hair, start with lower temperatures and increase gradually. But, do not ever go beyond 400 degrees.

Q3: Which kinds of flat ironing rods offer ideal heating?

A: The best kinds of flat irons are ceramic or tourmaline. Heat on these plates is evenly distributed and so, it doesn’t leave your hair uneven or damaged.

Q4: Even when I follow the right temperature rule, my hair looks damaged. Why is this?

A: You are probably doing the wrong things. Remember, temperature is everything when you are styling your hair. But, what about prepping your hair before that? Do you ever do that? A good hair protectant is vital to nourish and guard your hair from damage. Use a good gel or serum that can protect your hair from damage.

Q5: Why does my hair look frizzy despite a proper straightening temperature and protection?

A: One of the most common mistakes that most of the women are doing is plucking their split ends without realizing that it is actually causing damage. Do not pluck or pull your split ends without a proper treatment. Frizz may also be caused due to other reasons. Consult a good professional stylist in your nearby salon for the same.


We have explained here that ideal Hair Straightener Temperature can work wonders for a great styling. Following right instructions and nourishing your hair effectively before your begin using flat iron is a key player. Stay stylish, but before that, stay healthy for great looking hair!


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