Traxxas LaTrax Rally Car Review – 4WD RC Rally Car, 1/18 Scale

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No matter what the age is, the mind always feels young to all. Keeping that in mind, Traxxas LaTrax Rally Car just combines the most accurate and efficient features of a RC car.

It goes with togetherness and exceedingly reasonable price to you for having fun. And of course, it is fully lump together and prepared for a race.

In addition, homes, malls, Offices, sidewalks, and community playground are the best site for your next racing experiment. Its influential motor with all-wheel drive as well as completely autonomous check immediately converts the world at your feet into a racetrack.

Furthermore, this 2.4GHz efficient radio controlled system will usually extend your race along with long ride times while playing.

Whom This Traxxas LaTrax Rally Car For?

Almost all can play but teenage has the priority as the user of this car. The persons who are in the age of 8+ are able to handle the car effortlessly. They soon feel the love with Traxxas LaTrax Rally Car.

Traxxas LaTrax Rally Car Specifications

  • Chassis: Plastic
  • Scale/Size: 1/18th
  • Wheelbase: 6.5″
  • Weight: 19.5oz w/battery
  • Motor: 370 Brushed
  • Bearings: Plastic Bushings
  • Tires: Slicks
  • Battery: LaTrax 5-cell NiMH – 1,200mAh
  • Part Number: 75054

Features and Benefits

  • Tires and Wheels

    Tires and wheels are important and they allow you to run your car smoothly. In order to have fun on all types of surfaces, the glossy tires are shaped in a specially framed soft compound. It delivers the perfect blend of slip and grip to drift through turns and shred the stretches. In addition, the tires are workshop glued to 12 spoke and the bass is 1.7″. Rally wheels are awesome for its authentic look.

  • Control Capacity

    The LaTrax Rally is just to have all-wheel drive and its all-out traction. Also, its control on a variety of surfaces is just awesome. Steel focus driveshaft conveys the power to the front and back distinctions. With the entire controlling unit in hand, the user can almost taste the real driving experience.

  • Fully Auto Suspension

    The fully auto suspension lets each wheel to adsorb the jerks without affecting the rest wheels or distressing the balance of the model. Upper chamber and even Lower control arms link are there to afford the exact geometry for greater management and control.

  • High Capacity of 6-volt NiMH Battery Pack

    LaTrax Rally takes in an iD-equipped 6V NiMH heavy battery and it is convenient to AC wall outlet charger. Moreover, this effective pack usually features with heavy-duty assembly including 16-gauge wires and Traxxas. All you need are 4 AA alkaline batteries.

    The Add-on TraxxasiD chargers can use auto-detection. TraxxasiD well-appointed batteries and optimized charge settings ensure unmatched charging safety. Micro Receiver LaTrax’s 3-channel uses 2.4GHz of technology for long range and dependable performance. Lifetime Electronics Warranty from Traxxas.

  • Bell crank Steering

    It has the best turning response. The inner front wheel turns so smooth than the outside front wheel. The LaTrax Rally in the tenure of practices within two steering bell, it just cranks on the chassis to multiply the speed of the servo and provide the precise geometry for the steering angle.

  • Weather friendly Electronics

    The LaTrax Rally’s has been good for its friendly weather electronics. No matter it is while you drive through rain, wet patch, mud, and snow. Furthermore, it is just out of waterproof, moisture, dirt, and debris.

  • Easy Battery Access

    This heavy duty battery compartment just holds 6-volt (included) and 7.2-volt (optional) battery packs. The battery while in partition makes it easy to remove and install just like a snap. You may need keeping extra charges batteries for hours of playtime.

  • Unmatched Customer Support and Parts Availability

    You will have incomparable Traxxas maintenance that offers the most wide-ranging product support based on the industry. It just provides unrivaled parts accessibility. LaTrax parts services are available nearly 2000 dealers worldwide.

  • Smart body design with cutting edge graphics.
  • Body mounts are adjustable.
  • Waterproof, all-weather electronic speed control.
  • All direction move and braking control.
  • Sports, training and racing mode driving.
  • Powerful 370 brushed motor.
  • Includes LaTrax 6V 5-cell NiMH battery pack and wall outlet charger.
  • 4-wheel fully independent suspension.
  • Speed control and receiver are securely fastened to chassis.
  • Battery holders are quick to hold and release.
  • 2.4GHz powerful transmitter.
  • Low battery indicator.
  • Internal antenna.
  • 1/18 Scale 4WD Rally Car.
  • Seat is very low to the ground, so be careful where you run it.
  • Not excited with having a car charging system instead of a wall charger.
  • Works best on flat surfaces. This thing tears it up on a basketball or tennis court.
  • Backup motor and mine gear are torn up but amazing car fast and fun to drift.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Question

  • Question 1: How do I get the car nearby?
    Answer: You can browse our website to the details
  • Question 2: Is it suitable playing in green grass playground?
    Answer: No, better you can drive on pavement.


Traxxas LaTrax Rally car is speed control entirely waterproof for driving fun in all conditions. This high-performance is packed with remarkable specifications in order to confirm the utmost level of quality and support, including Warranty.

If you’re looking for very first Rally, or add a new toy on your store, or you want to offer a Rally to your teenage nephew or niece, this cool new sports car may be a wonderful gift. After all, the Traxxas LaTrax Rally car is a great and fun concept for adding your enjoyment.

Finally, you can take a look for driving this Traxxas LaTrax Rally car!

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