Traxxas RTR 1/10 Rustler Remote Control Car Review in 2021

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Have you any interest to take part in a competition of RC car race. Then, you need an RC car of an appropriate feature. Therefore, the best option you have is Traxxas RTR 1/10 Rustler.

You can get all the possible and important outlooks here within a very relevant price. Even you needn’t worry about the battery management and the capacity of the charger also.

So, if you would be a beginner and have no experience about RC car racing, then throw away your hesitation. And simply rely on this best rc car Traxxas RTR 1/10 Rustler.

Whom is This Traxxas RTR 1/10 Rustler For?

Well, this product is especially relevant for the beginners. Because it’s very easy to operate. Furthermore, the product will be –

  • Appropriate for the persons’ who want to be an RC racer.
  • Perfectly relevant for users’ who have electricity limitations.
  • Nice for an experienced RC operator also.
  • Best for amateur operators.

In addition, buyers from all over the USA, as well as the whole world, will enjoy its shipping facility.

Product Specifications

  • Dimension—17.5*13*7.5 inches.
  • The weight of the item is 7 pounds.
  • You need 4 AA batteries here.
  • You will get it as a Number-1 selling 1/10 racer.
  • Titan 12-turn 550 motor is available here.
  • XL-5 Waterproof Electronic Speed Control and Traxxas High-Current Connector.
  • Traxxas 7-cell NiMH battery and iD technology.
  • 4 amp 12-volt fast charger.

Features and Benefits

  • High-Speed Vehicle

    Well, it’s a very fast car. Because it possesses a strong motor of 12-turn. You can run it almost 35+ mph as average.

    That’s why you can easily use it in competition and it’ll surely return back your expectation.

  • Charging Facility

    As you’ll get here a 7-cell battery, it’ll give you the best possible service for a long time. Again, a highly capable charger will also ensure a fast charging.

    So, you’ll get Traxxas RTR 1/10 Rustler always work in service. And you’ll hardly get it fade. If you have insecure about the charging facility, Traxxas RTR 1/10 Rustler will be a great solution for you. You never feel helpless about the fast losing of charge here. Also, you can restore the charge within a few mins with the powerful charger.

  • Waterproof Electronics

    You’ll find here a waterproof facility in electronics and motor. It is competent for all weather both muddy and snow.

    So, you can take part in all kind of competitions in all types of tracks. Even it’s also easy to control in all types of the environment also. That’s why it’ll be a great asset for you in the race if you are a beginner. Also, there is a lesser opportunity to damage it in a watery environment. Therefore, rely on it. And don’t feel any tension about charge while taking part in a competition.

  • Brushed Motor

    A brush motor will give you a great working service within a smaller weight. No doubt it’ll be effective for racing. You’ll get this facility in Traxxas RTR 1/10 Rustler also.

    Suppose, you want to participate in a race in a muddy and undulant track. Then a heavy motor will make your vehicle heavier. That’ll make your car in an unstable situation. A great possibility of damaging your car will be available then. In that case, brushed motor will be great for you.

  • Easy to Control

    You can get here a two-wheel drive. Another two wheels depend on these two wheels. You know, it’s so easy to control a two-wheeler individual vehicle than a four-wheeler.

    As a beginner, easy controlling will be very important to you. Obviously, it’ll be too hard to control a four-wheeler car for you. Then, Traxxas RTR 1/10 Rustler may be a great option for you. So, to control your RC in the competition properly, rely on this.

  • Strong Radio System

    A strong radio system ensures a strong day-long driving. Traxxas RTR 1/10 Rustler is giving you a 2.4 GHz radio system. So, you can get an all-day driving facility here.

    The control among your vehicle mostly depends on the radio system which it possesses. In this case, the most powerful radio system of this vehicle will ensure a greater control of you on it.

Pros and Cons

  • A great facility of fast charging within only 15-20 minutes.
  • 35+ mph average speed will give you a quite faster speed.
  • Only 7 pounds of weight will ensure the facility to move it easily.
  • Aggressive rear tire ensures greater power on the ground.
  • It has a steel gear and Reve-Spec Slipper Clutch for an easy to control.
  • Greater lasting of battery facility is available.
  • It’ll give you 2.8 inches of a wheel which is large enough to control and run the car more swiftly.
  • The seat Traxxas RTR 1/10 Rustler is a bit lower but you can easily get rid of it by running it one corner.
  • It doesn’t have stability control but it is greatly flexible.
  • It’s comparatively too lower in weight but that’s why it is easy to control.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

  • Question 01: If I want to give this as a gift, should I charge this ahead for a long time?
    Answer: No, producers make it always ready to go.
  • Question 02: Can I use other batteries as a backup?
    Answer: Yes. Of course, NiMH 2941 X, 2951 X or 2961 X may be nice alternatives.


Imagine, you want to give a nice birthday gift to your favorite one. Then Traxxas RTR 1/10 Rustler will be a stylish choice for you. This vehicle is less expensive in price. I’ve also got it as a gift on my birthday two years back. It is giving me a nice service since then.

Long lasting without defect is a great benefit of this product. So, I can bet that you may take it without any hesitation. It will also be a great asset if the user is an amateur in RC vehicle. The user will easily get himself into the kingdom of RC through it and keep himself pace with it. Really it’ll be very enjoyable to him.

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