Types of Hair Straightener – Hair Straightening Brush Guide

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Hair straightener has become the thing of contemporary era and every modern woman owns it in her fashion wardrobe. When you go out to buy these products in the market, you find bewildered to the fact that there are so many options to choose from. You may not even have wondered about the types of hair straightener that is available at your disposal. Depending upon their type or shape or even the materials used, there are various kinds of straighteners that can be found. But the question is how to make the right choice?

If you have given a thought to buy a good hair straightener, you have landed at the right place. Here is your complete guide to buy a good straightener.

When you have thought to buy a straightener for your hair, one of the best available tools is this one. It requires less investment and offers maximum amount of styling. This is indeed one of the most versatile hair tools, given that it works well for almost all kinds of hair types. From wavy to curly, thin to bouncy- hair straighteners are for all kinds of woman out there. When choosing from the Types of Hair Straightener, there are a few things you need to consider. Let’s get started with this explanation.

Thin or wide straighteners

Depending upon the volume of your hair, you can choose which type hair straightener would be most suitable for you. This is simply depending on the fact whether you have volumanised hair or the thinned hair type.

Thin hair straighteners are good for the hair type that does not have much volume. Also, they can work well to give you curly or beach wavy hairstyle. Thin hair straighteners can be multi-purpose, for that matter.

The wider hair straighteners are often good to give you faster straightening with lesser effort because they cover more hair strands than the thin rods. However, do not expect your wider straighteners to give you much of curly effects since they aren’t meant to suffice that purpose.

Straighteners with glass or metal plates

Yet another fact that determines the Types of Hair Straightener is the material of plates. The price of a hair straightener is heavily reliant on this factor. Whether it is a glass plate or a metal plate, you will find the prices changing and reflecting in their types strongly. What are the main features in these types? Read on to understand.

For a very valid reason, you will find that the prices of glass or metal plates are often less. This is because of the following reasons-

These types of hair straightener are not healthy or good for the hair.

  • The straighteners with metal or glass plates do not work faster because they take much time in heating. Quick styling in strenuous with them because they take longer to heat.
  • When the glass or metal plates get heated there is no uniformity. This leaves your hair damaged because uneven heating across the plate leads to creation of hot spots.
  • Another important feature to consider here is that the glass or metal plates are often coated with paint, which tends to peel off or chip after some time.
  • This can create pulls, snags or tears on your hair, leaving them damaged.
  • Glass or metal hair straighteners are often not recommended because after continuous use, they make your hair look unhealthy and dull.

Straighteners with ceramic plates

These types of hair straightener are commonly found and used because of their features. These straighteners heat up quickly and evenly. This means that as soon as you plug them, they get heated up and you may start hair styling almost instantly. This saves your time, offering faster and easier styling. Also, the plates heat up evenly, which does not leave hot spots on them. The hair looks shiny and healthy, even after styling with the flat iron.

Titanium hair irons

One of the best types of hair straightener are the ones with titanium plates. These are the strongest types of straighteners and the excellent ones to choose from. This is because they are-

  • Strong
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Quick
  • Offer even heating

Titanium Hair Straighteners are the best choice because you don’t get tired holding them due to their light-weightiness. Also, this material occurs naturally and so, the heat is maintained across the plates evenly. Titanium hair irons are safe to use and even during fluctuations, they do not have a harsh effect.

Straighteners with tourmaline plates

One of the newest kinds of hair straighteners are the ones with tourmaline. This material is also found naturally and heat up quickly. This offers fastest heating and one can move quickly over strands without repeated efforts. The hair looks healthier and better styled with lesser damage from heat. This is the latest innovation in the realms of hair styling and is also a little expensive among the types of hair straightener.

Digital irons

Digital irons are also on the expensive side and they come with digital depiction on the edge of the iron. The temperature, heat and the duration can be chosen accordingly. Also, they have the auto turn off feature once the ironing rod is heated beyond the level.

FAQs: Know the answers to your common questions

Q1: Which is the best iron to purchase?

A: The best types of hair straightener are the ones with ceramic or titanium plates. These are safe on your hair and cause lesser damage while styling. They make your hair look even, smooth and shinier.

Q2: Which types of hair straightener are best for the curly and frizzy hair?

A: Among all kinds, the ones with tourmaline plate are the best suited for your hair type. This is so because they heat up really fast and do not require much effort. They can give you effortless and faster styling.

Q3: How can I protect my hair from damage before using hair straighteners?

A: No matter which types of hair straightener you are using, a little damage to hair is always around. If you need to style your hair, prep your hair for the same. Keep your hair protected with heat protectant that is easily available in the market. Massaging your hair with this protective gel or liquid can keep your hair safe from heat.

Q4: Which flat iron is commonly used by professionals in the salon?

A: The most commonly used irons in salons is either ceramic or with tourmaline plate because they offer faster results with less use of heat. These types of hair straightener are common among professionals.

Q5: How do I straighten my hair evenly?

A: For effective results across your hair, it is important that you partition and section your hair well. Start styling from the root and take your flat iron until the roots. This provides even and clean straightening.

Conclusion: Types of Hair Straightener

No matter which types of hair straightener you choose, the ultimate deciding factor is always your budget. However, one must also keep the hair quality into mind. It is vital that you consider the effect that the styling irons leave on your hair. This is vital for the long term.

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