What is A Zero Turn Mower? How Does It Works?

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Before getting into the technical part of this “What is A Zero Turn Mower” blog, let me ask you- What is the best possible method you have in mind to clean your lawn or garden?

what is A Zero Turn Mower

Well, you are not the first person to thinking of it. People had been using various methods of lawn mowing since ages. Here are some old school solutions people use to do-

  • Spraying chemical over the lawn premises.
  • Excavation of the lawn grasses.
  • Layering on the lawn grass.
  • Solarizing and soaking with water.

These methods were quite okay in between 80’s or 90’s. But long gone are those days while you have to plan and work weeks long just to keep your garden good. In 2021, we have got extraordinary devices like zero turn lawn mower to do the hard job of cleaning out the grasses and weeds. And that’s what we are going to talk about in this blog.

Introducing Zero Turn Lawn Mower

To do this job with the minimum effort a zero turn mower can be the best solution. They are the most efficient mowers at different circumstances. Having some extra functionality they have become different from the ordinaries. There capabilities of movement towards any direction and smooth controlling system have made them the best machine for both home and commercial purposes.

The most noteworthy characteristic of this machine is their swiftness and compatibility to add attachments. Since invented they are satisfying the users being their best lawn assistance.

Today I’m here with a broad and concealed discussion on this machine for you.

What is a Zero Turn Mower and How Does it Works?

A zero turn mower is one of the standard riding mowers which turning radius is zero or effectively zero. This is called zero turn radius because, the drive wheel scan be turned independently as each of them are powered by hydraulic motors. As a result one can turn reverse while the other is forward. This cause something like a top spinning in one place.

In 1949, Warrensburg and Swisher first invented these type of mowers. Since then they are very popular for cutting grass on lawns.

It’s faster than the ordinary riding mowers and costs more than those. All the present times models run on four wheels. The front couples are relatively smaller than the backs. Some models are available another extra wheel. This wheel is mounted just behind the driving seat.

In the operation process the driver controls the large drive tires, instead of controlling the swiveling tires. Yet they can move at the opposite direction.

The mower can pivot around a point that is situated between the drive wheels as well as can pivot around other driving wheels keeping that one in a stationary position. This is most noteworthy that this can turn a circle of any radius. Reverse operation can be accomplish by causing both wheels to rotate in the reverse direction.

All the mowers of this family uses hydraulic speed control system for each of the wheels. They are available in both commercial duty and homeowner styles. These are available with various engine powers and fuel modes like, Gasoline or Diesel.

Reasons to Choose A Zero Turn Lawn Mower for Your Garden

Zero turn mowers are more efficient than the mower tractors. There are several vital reasons behind that. Some are-

  • They are faster than the other types of mowers. Therefore they saves you time to trim obstacles and grasses.
  • Zero turn mowers come with controlling handles rather than the driving wheels. As a result they are easy to drive. Consequently they require little expertise.
  • Another great advantage of them is you can add attachments with them. You can add portable trolley as well as grass collector with them.
  • This is most noteworthy that these type of mowers are the best while working on sloppy area. As the wheels are independently moveable they are more efficient in this job.
  • If there is any obstacle in the mowing line it’s difficult to work in such condition with ordinary mowers. But zero turn mowers can move along any circular path of any radius. Therefore they are the game changer at such circumstances.

How to Start With Your Zero Turn Mowers

As a zero turn mower doesn’t come with a steering wheel you must have a little expertise to work with this. For beginners I have made a short list on its operating process. Here you go-

  • At first read the operator manual from the manufacturer well.
  • Gather proper knowledge on the controls of that mower.
  • Make a recognizing survey of that place that you will be mowing.
  • Give a test drive with that mower.
  • Grasp all the controls with your hands and feet.
  • Next engage with the parking brake and disengage the clutch.
  • After that pulling the choke knob and throttle lever crank the engine.
  • Slowly push the controlling handles equally so that the mowers starts to move along a straight line.
  • You can turn the mower at left and right using the opposite control stick.
  • Pulling the arms backward you can move the mower back.
  • Make sharp turns by moving your one arm forward and another backward.
  • See for obstacles and learn how to avoid them easily.

Why Zero Turn Mowers Are Costly?

May be it’s a commercial or home type zero turn mower; it’s built for durability and user friendliness. They have separated motor for each wheel which allows them to move independently along the circle of any radius. Another fact about these mowers is they are compact than the ordinary mowers. Yet they have more functionality.

For all of these reasons, the manufacturing cost is higher than the traditional tractor type mowers. Consequently the price is higher than the others.

Best Uses of Zero Turn Mowers

Because of having some extra functionality zero turn mowers are very efficient at various circumstances. They can run through any circular path of any radius. As a result you can work with them on ground with vertical obstacles like trees.

The wheels are independently movable therefore you can work on sloppy ground with them. Another best application of them is you can add attachment with them to make your work cleaner and tidy. You can also add grass collector with them.

Most of the mowers fail to work on both slopes of narrow road. But adding some attachments with zero turn mowers this problem can be easily solved.

And the most noteworthy fact about these mowers is they are the faster than other. Therefore when you need to get your work done quickly there is no alternative of them.

Any Question on What is A Zero Turn Mower?

From the elaborated discussion above this thing is clear that a zero turn mower is an essential machine to run the mowing process smoothly. They are time saver and master mower where there are any obstacles. Moving capability is amazing if compared to the other mowers.

But the only one problem with this is this machine is expensive than the others. Yet for master performance there is no alternative of this machine.

Like zero turns. Then pick one that is suitable for you.

Happy mowing!